Cancer, As We Know It

Our coverage of the illness is raw, inspiring, scientific, sad, historical, and familial. Have a look.

Facing Death

‘I don’t believe in you, “salvation,” I never have and I never will. And very soon I won’t even be.’

The Jewish Lessons We Can Learn From a 10-year-old With Cancer

Maya Rigler beat cancer once; now she’s fighting again and raising money for research

‘There is No Time for Anything Inessential’

Oliver Sacks’ deeply moving essay about having terminal cancer

What’s Love Got To Do With It?

Israel Story, Episode 6: No valentines, just a fatwa, a shidduch, some tears, and some laughter

A Son’s Song For His Mother

A moving tribute during Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Study Yields Sobering Results for Jewish Women

All Ashkenazic women may carry genetic mutation linked to breast cancer

Camp Offers Sick Jewish Children—and Their Families—a Vacation From Illness

For two weeks at Camp Simcha every summer, campers aren’t kids with cancer or kids with cerebral palsy. They’re just kids.

Rabbis Shave Their Heads For Cancer Research

More than 70 reform rabbis to participate in pediatric cancer fundraiser

Breast Cancer Survivor Michelle Arbel Helps Other Survivors Feel Whole Again

The Israeli entrepreneur’s prosthetic nipples allow women to regain confidence in their appearance and avoid additional surgery

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