How (Not) To Stop a Bully

Emily Bazelon’s new book argues that bullying comes in different forms and so should its antidotes

Building True Acceptance

By helping gay kids, synagogues and Jewish schools can make the community better for all of us

The Wheels on the Bus

Karen Klein and the lessons of the schoolyard

How To Stop a Bully

Even as the Harvey Weinstein-produced film Bully falls flat, Jewish schools are trying new programs that do more than simply raise awareness


Comment of the Week

Born To Bully

Instead of preaching kindness, we should realize, as the Bible did long ago, that we’re all bullies—and that the best advice is to give in to that reality

Anti-Bullying Provisions Extended to Jews

The Civil Rights Act now applies

Today on Tablet

Our Kurdish brothers, making ‘It Gets Better’ better, and more

Get It Better

Bullying is wrong, but so are facile solutions

ADL Suggests Anti-Bullying Measures

Picks its battles wisely, for a change

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