Obama Finds the Promised Land Again

Republicans expand their control of the House of Representatives

Berman/Sherman Face-off: The End of an Era

There’s a generation gap coming in the Jewish Democratic political ranks

Footage of the Sherman Berman Rumble

A sad moment for all of us

Daybreak: Biden and Ryan Debate Iran and Syria

Plus Sherman v. Berman: a rumble of the  Jews?

Feinstein Up, Rothman Down, Shmuley In

And Berman will have another chance at Sherman (Oaks)

Sundown: Crazy Like a Fox, or Maybe Just Crazy

Plus Hebrew Hamas, the Hezbollah threat, and more

Congressional Jew-Count Plummeting

Jews in the House are leaving in droves

Who by Fire, Who by Redistricting

Census casualties could include up to four Jewish congressmen

Sundown: Israeli Marriage Inequality

Plus politics Valley-style, a pro-Israel symposium, and more

Two Jews, One District

Sherman and Berman vie for Sherman (Oaks)

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