The Irritable Man

Why Harlan Ellison’s personality overshadows his classic science fiction

Was This Man a Genius?

The twisted mind of Otto Weininger

Yesterday’s Hero

Fifty years after the publication of Exodus, is it time to let Ari Ben Canaan go?

Take a Hike

Dan White’s adventures on the Pacific Crest Trail

The Good of A Bad Man

How Stanley Elkin hit his stride

Writing in the Dark

Why an Orthodox novelist shuns Orthodox publishers

What Happened to Mary Berg?

A young girl’s account of the Warsaw Ghetto was a big success. Then the diary—and its author—disappeared.

Forbidden Fruit

Judith Katzir on the lives of Israeli women, both real and imagined

The Ha-Ha

What’s in a joke? Jim Holt finds out.

The Student Who Wouldn’t Go Away

How a bumbling immigrant from Kiev became a literary sensation

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