Period Piece

A new anthology goes with the flow

Divine Intervention

Can religious women have their cake, and eat it too?

Words of Our Fathers

What a 1942 essay contest revealed about immigrants’ lives, in the Old World and the New

Love Thy Neighbor

What’s behind evangelical support for Israel?

Birds of a Feather

Jews dominated the once-booming ostrich feather business. A historian finds out why.

An Unexpected Leader

A politician who broke the mold (it’s not who you think)

Books That Have Read Me

The works that shaped my imagination

Politics of the Everyday

Novelist Yael Hedaya explores the daily struggles of modern Israelis

You Are What You Wear

In her new novel, Linda Grant tackles questions of identity, morality, and fashion

The Hermit of Oliphant

After the literary pioneer Dvora Baron immigrated to Palestine, she never again ventured out

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