Graffiti Scrawled on Monastery Near Jerusalem

Monastery walls vandalized with anti-Christian and anti-American epithets

Haredi Protest at Beit Shemesh Construction Site

Police arrest 14 ultra-Orthodox protestors who claim the area is a burial site

World War XX

Some disheartening news for the fairer sex.

Md. Suburb Nixes Beit Shemesh Partnership

Today, it’s Montgomery County; tomorrow, will it be something relevant?

Too Big To Ignore

Today on Tablet

Sundown: Israeli Blogger Interrogated

Plus king of the condoms, Van Halen on MacDougal Street, and more

High Noon: Génocidaire Clears Syria

Plus ‘Israel Firsters,’ the Americans of Beit Shemesh, and more

High Noon: Egypt and Israel Nailing It Down

Plus U.S. pledges Iran attack past ‘red lines,’ and more

Anti-Women Protests Come to a Head

Netanyahu condemns spitting, but his coalition could be threatened

Kitchen Aid

A philanthropic effort helps low-income immigrant Israeli women build small businesses by cooking the dishes they know best. It’s a good program, and it’s delicious food.

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