A Dip in the Mikveh, Nearly Derailed by Fake Eyelashes, Was Vital to My Conversion

The whole idea of a ritual bath seemed foreign and too religious. But now it’s a warm reminder of the moment I became a Jew.

Getting a Divorce vs. Getting a Get

Civil and religious lines cross for one couple

The Great Orthodox Merengue Scandal

Major bike-lane player dances to a different tune

Today on Tablet

The upcoming Turkish-Japanese-American War, and more

Tropper Agrees to Leave Monsey

Disgraced rabbi may have avoided formal condemnation

Tropper Didn’t Actually Resign

Disgraced rabbi still running yeshiva

Tropper Resigns From Yeshiva

Will Monsey’s faithful ever forgive disgraced rabbi?

Full Immersion

One woman’s final step to conversion

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