Parsing an Israeli McDonald’s Ad (and Burger)

President Obama and the Big America Burger

Sundown: ‘We Will Keep Going’

President addresses Boston memorial, anti-Semites push conspiracy theories

Daybreak: Obama Failing on Iran, Israel, Guns

But here’s Cynthia Ozick on the Belieber question

Behind Obama’s Turkey Win

How Bibi Netanyahu handed the American president a big trophy—and got what Israel wanted all along

A Very Israeli Take on Obama’s Speech

Ori Rosen, an Israeli student, writes in to weigh in

Full Video of the Obama Jerusalem Speech

Plus a surprising video from the ADL

Daybreak: Obama Exits Stage East

Plus two tourists, including an Israeli, are kidnapped in Sinai

Sundown: Israel Toasts President Obama

Meanwhile, chaos in Syria takes a major Assad ally

What Hasn’t Obama Said to the Israelis Yet?

We’ll know in a few minutes

Daybreak: Gaza Rockets Fired, One Hits Sderot

Plus Obama says settlement freeze shouldn’t be a precondition to peace talks

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