Sundown: The Conclave Picks a New Pope

Plus is the new pope good for the Jews?

Obama to Break Bread with Black Miss Israel

Dinner with Ethiopian-born Yityish Aynaw on president’s Israel itinerary

New Pope Pick May Impact Obama Trip to Israel

Should an American be picked, expect a shortened trip

Daybreak: Obama Sets Goals for Israel Trip

Plus taking another look at FDR and the Jews

Ahead of Obama Trip, Pollard Plea Grows

Former U.S. official join large petition signatories

Joe Biden Is Obama’s Iron Dome

Veep aims to inoculate from criticism on Israel

Obama and Bibi Skip the Party

With the president and the prime minister otherwise occupied, will this year’s AIPAC confab bring any results?

Sundown: After Rocky Path, Hagel Is Confirmed

Plus breaking down who got their Hagel predictions wrong

Senate Votes to End Debate on Chuck Hagel

Next up: the long-awaited vote

Sundown: U.S. Strike on Iran Possible in June

Plus the meaning of the Yair Lapid/Naftali Bennett alliance

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