Lena Dunham or Ayatollah Ali Khamenei? A Quiz.

Were the following statements made about the Girls creator or Iran’s Supreme Leader?

Smelly Little Orthodoxies of Iran’s Left

The anti-Israelism and anti-Semitism of Iranian intellectuals is especially troubling for one former comrade

Hassan Rouhani Takes Office, But Not Charge

How to usher in a new old era in Iran

Sundown: Ayatollah Dismisses Direct Talks

Plus drones come front and center

Daybreak: Bibi Proposes Housing Solution

Plus, Abbas declares emergency, Beck goes really tasteless, and more in the news

Personal Revolution

Iranian, American, Jewish: Reflections on a complicated life

Daybreak: Decreased Support Stateside

Plus Khamanei nixes talks with sanctions, and more in the news

The Immigrant

Trita Parsi, the second pillar of the U.S. Iran lobby, wants to the be the public face of Iranian-Americans

Day 13 in Tehran

Mousavi reported under house arrest; Israel might get its way

Day Twelve in Tehran

Protests, bloodshed, and intransigence

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