Anti-Anti-Semitic Fundamentalism

Canary Island turns the fight against hate into a secret witchhunt

Cruelty & Perversity: Postprandial Reflections on the PEN Protesters

The grim satire of the ‘Charlie Hebdo’ controversy, in context

Obama: Denying Israel’s Right To Exist as a Jewish Homeland Is Anti-Semitic

The president draws a line in the sand in his latest interview

The Forbidden Films of the Third Reich

Nazi propaganda: show it, or bury it? A new documentary takes on the question.

A Vaccine Against Anti-Semitism

As parents, we protect our children against everything from measles to polio. How do we inoculate them against bigotry?

Crimes Against Jews on Rise in Germany

Anti-Semitic offenses climbed over 25% last year

Attack on Jewish Bookstore in Barcelona Thwarted

Jihadist terrorist cell, a recruiter for Islamic State, planned bombing, beheading before arrests on April 8

PC Thought-Bots Embarrass Themselves With PEN Boycott

What’s really at stake in awarding a character prize to the French satirical weekly?

South African Student Body President: ‘I Love Adolf Hitler’

Line between anti-Israel activism and anti-Semitism thins in Johannesburg

Jews, Muslims, Liberals, PEN Boycotters, Beware: Voltaire Is Laughing at You

Is the enlightenment philosopher having a moment?

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