Why Anthony Trollope Is the Most Jewish of the Great English Novelists

Happy 200th birthday, you ‘hair-oil using, false-jewel wearing, tailorish non-gentlefolk.’ You’re one of us.

Teen Confesses to Maryland Synagogue Vandalism

Police arrest 18-year-old for defacing Congregation Shaare Torah over Passover

Gunshot Fired Outside Nashville Synagogue

No injuries in Monday attack; security heightened at Jewish institutions

Is Zionism Racism?

Israel is not a normal state. Here’s why.

My Favorite Anti-Semite: John Galliano, the Spark of Godliness Within a Flawed Human Being

The disgraced—and atoning—fashion designer is doing some of his best work. What’s a hater to do?

Maryland Synagogue Vandalized With Swastikas

Congregation Shaare Torah defaced during Passover holiday

Jewish Power and Jewish Powerlessness

The psychic toll of Jewish privilege being so cyclically linked to victimization

I Probably Won’t Share This Essay on Twitter

Some thoughts on being Jewish in contemporary polite society

Q&A: ‘Mad Men’ Creator Matthew Weiner Talks LA Jews and the American Dream

And things Jews overhear while passing for white people

The DeBoer Tendency: How Progressives Belittle Violence Against Jews

The five stages of anti-Semitism denial, as it relates to racism and the concept of ‘privilege’

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