How To Build a $100 Million Islamic Center

Legal hurdles cleared; but where’s the money coming from?

American Jewish Congress Closes Shop

Venerable group lost most funds to Madoff

Wrong Numbers

Peter Beinart’s argument about Israel and liberal American Jews is built on misread data

AJC May Merge With AJC

Headline writers rejoice

Daybreak: The Dubai Mystery, Weirder Still

Plus Israel goes to California, Weiner on “chutzpah,” and more in the news

Egypt Restores Synagogues, Secretly

Word leaks thanks to changed political calculus

Sundown: N.J. Informer Disowned By Father

Plus, Israel threatens Hezbollah

Uninvited Spirits

In his new novel, A.B. Yehoshua asks if Jewishness is something one can shed

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