Should We Forgive General Grant?

A historical debate hatches in New York

Sundown: Edging Toward 2013, Fiscal Cliff

Plus Art Modell, Judy Freudberg, and the oldest synagogue in America

How We Freed Soviet Jewry

Twenty-five years ago today, a rally of 250,000 people changed the fate of Jews worldwide. An oral history.

Have Obama and Bibi Made Up?

If the past few weeks are any guide, it looks like the open feud between Jerusalem and Washington is over

Where Does Netanyahu Stand Now?

A letter from Tel Aviv on the impact of Obama re-election

Why I’m Voting for Romney

The Republican’s vision—based on choice and dignity, not dependence—is why Jews should support him

Daybreak: Clinton Takes Blame for Libya Attack

Plus Knesset dissolves (itself)

Ahmadinejad’s Strange U.N Speech

The Iranian leader went a different route yesterday

Sundown: Bibi Rails On America’s Iran Policy

Plus Obama and Netanyahu to miss each other in September

World Jewish Population Grows, Slowly

One in every 514 people in the world is Jewish.

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