Haaretz Editor Stands By Gaza Coverage

Aluf Benn reflects on this summer’s war and its impact on the Israeli public

Daybreak: Hamas Shuts Down Election Plans

Plus German intelligence official resigns, and more in the news

Sundown: Israeli Energy (Literally)

Plus more power to Bibi, and more

Sundown: Bibi Agrees to Obama’s ’67 Premise

Plus, Arab League considers Security Council, creepy Breivik surgery, and more

Last Post of the Week About This Stuff

I swear


This week in Israel: borders are breached, a truck runs amok, Netanyahu tests the waters, Barak stands accused, and rabbis fireproof the Sabbath

Nakba Day 2011 –> Third Intifada?

Quote of the Day

Sundown: Obama’s New Muslim Outreach

Plus a Jewish baseball milestone, Larry King’s bagelry, and more

The View From Israel

Officials enter radio silence, watch events to the south anxiously

Sundown: U.S. Ambassador Takes on Syria

Plus go hug an Armenian! and more

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