Today on Tablet

Two ways to spend December 25th

Today on Tablet

Our anniversary, Kirsch on Hitch, and more

Tablet Magazine Celebrates One Year

These are a few of our favorite things, part 1

Today on Tablet

Bow down before the king, and more

Today on Tablet

Breaking Passover in style, the ‘linkage’ problem, and more

AIPAC Round-Up: Israel to NATO?

Plus, Chuck wants his money back!

AIPAC Conference Begins Softly

A new president, a hard push for hard sanctions

‘The Millionaire Matchmaker’ Comes to NYC!

Bravo’s resident Yenta on the next season

Tablet Writer on ‘Guardian’ Podcast

Hoffman discusses Rabbi Leib Tropper

Today on Tablet

Iran’s nukes, not afraid of Tariq Ramadan, and more

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