AIPAC Gets Name-Dropped On Page Six

Pro-Israeli lobby makes important social headway

Israeli Coalition Jockeying Continues

With nine days to go, things are getting interesting

AIPAC Member Sanctions D.C. Waitress

Wearing a Code Pink shirt will only get you 10%

John Kerry Roasts Turkey

On his first trip abroad, the new secretary of state criticized Erdogan’s comments about Israel. It’s about time.

Taking Capitol Hill With AIPAC

Amateurs lobbyists jaunt to Capitol Hill

Pro-Israel Lobby Overlooks Israel’s Top Films

Why didn’t AIPAC screen The Gatekeepers or 5 Broken Cameras?

The Orthodox Go to Washington

The rise of Orthodox Jews at AIPAC is an indicator of the community’s growing political involvement and influence

What Judaism Says About Drones

Jewish tradition is weighted definitively against pacifism. But does that mean drone warfare is kosher?

AIPAC University

Why the most important people at the policy conference might be the students

Kosher Food Trucks Park at AIPAC

Delegates report the food at this year’s policy conference isn’t half bad

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