Haman Is Dead

Against the Jewish belief in apocalypse

Netanyahu’s Father Honored at 92Y Panel

Paying tribute to Dr. Benzion Netanyahu on his 102 birthday

Gingrich Awaits Phantom Panel

Speaker gives brief remarks, pledges moving embassy to Jerusalem

Panetta Gets the Administration the Last Word

Mixes technical military talk with light schtick

Romney Contrasts Self With Obama

Slams failed engagement, pledges visit to Jerusalem

Netanyahu Hints at Action

Charming the crowd in his keynote speech at the AIPAC conference, Israeli prime minister conjures Auschwitz and Haman to make case against Iran

Passage to India

The world’s largest democracy is now the second-largest purchaser of Iranian crude. Why is the West standing by as India exploits sanctions?

Pelosi Avoids Controversy

House Minority Leader plants Democratic flag in quick speech

McConnell Shows How It’s Done

Senate Minority Leader criticizes Obama sans undue politicization

U.N. Ambassador Addresses Rabbis, Who Sing

Susan Rice stands up for the United Nations

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