Shavuot | May 23-25, 2015 | June 11-13, 2016



DAWN 2010 Celebrates Shavuot

At the mystical intersection of Judaism and science

Light and Sweet

Shavuot provides the perfect excuse for a cheesecake pilgrimage

Tell It on the Mountain

A guide to all our coverage for the Shavuot holiday

Today on Tablet

Poor Shavuot, the Ortho-politico, and more

Field Study: Why Shavuot is All But Ignored Across America

The holiday is a favorite among scholars, but is it too abstract to become popular among all but the most engaged or observant Jews?

Today on Tablet

Big ball of string, a very dairy Shavuot, and more

Sandra Bernhard Discusses Shavuot

Getting ready for Dawn 2010

Blintz Binge

One woman’s search for the perfect cheese-filled pancake

Got Milk?

The complicated history of Jews and dairy

Dawn 2010: The Mixtape

Courtesy Josh Kun, of the Idelsohn Society

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