Obama Immediately Passes Israel Test

Obama’s support for Israel holds firm during Pillar of Defense

Buried October Surprise? Iran Shot at U.S. Drone

The news comes days after Valerie Jarrett was said to be involved in Iran negotiations

Spinning the Jewish Vote

A bruising election keeps bruising

Daybreak: The Last 30 Days of the Campaign

Plus Jack Lew as Secretary of Treasury?

Where Does Netanyahu Stand Now?

A letter from Tel Aviv on the impact of Obama re-election

Religion and Identity in the 2012 Elections

A new American  portrait emerges

Obama Finds the Promised Land Again

Republicans expand their control of the House of Representatives

Tracking the Forbes 400

A look at the political contributions of America’s wealthiest Jews

Nate Silver Wins Today’s Election

How the statistician has permanently changed the polling game

Sundown: Where Will You Be Tomorrow?

Plus Syrian fire hits IDF jeeps near the border between Israel and Syria

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