Fighting Words

Kids are exposed to many loaded terms each day, from ‘gay’ to ‘Yid’ to the n-word. Some are OK to use, in some contexts, for some people. Some are not. How can we teach them which are which?

Hear Israel

When the Weavers recorded the popular Israeli folk song ‘Tzena Tzena’ in 1950, they did more than legitimize a strain of musical culture; they introduced Israel to a generation of young Americans

You Questioned Our 100 Greatest Jewish Songs

Our musicologists answered

The Hebrew Beatles?

No. 66 on our song list marks the birth of Israeli rock

Nothin’ But a Hounddog

The King is no Big Mama

Better than Hallelujah?

Taking issue with our song list’s Leonard Cohen selection

The Guide to the List

The easy way to navigate our list of the 100 greatest Jewish songs

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