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More Thoughts on Zimmerman (Who Isn’t Jewish)

What we say about Trayvon Martin’s killer, and what it says about us

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George Zimmerman.(AP/NYDN)

My post last week on the likely non-Jewishness of George Zimmerman, Trayvon Martin’s likely killer, clearly struck a chord. A profile that ran over the weekend confirmed that he isn’t: no matter the surname, and whether or not (as many news reports had it) he is Latino, the Zimmermans are faithful, zealous Catholics. The article also noted that Zimmerman’s ambiguously ethnic appearance as well as that surname lent themselves to precisely such speculation: “His father is white, neighbors say. His mother is Latina. And his family is eager to point out that some of his relatives are black,” the Washington Post reported. “There may be no box to check for George Zimmerman, no tidy way to categorize, define, and sort the 28-year-old man whose pull of a trigger on a darkened Florida street is forcing America to once again confront its fraught relationship with race and identity.”

I think the smartest comment on my post came from “Marc” (and, no, it wasn’t me). “Wow—I think this whole conversation says a lot about us,” he said. “Of course, the knee-jerk reaction to his name by us Jews is understandable. You never want to see ‘one of the tribe’ do something so egregious.” Or as a friend of mine put it to me when I first published the article, “This”—that is, this need to know (and deny) that Zimmerman is one of us—”is how we know we’re still a minority.”

Of course, there are more dangerous ways to be a minority. You could, for example, be a black kid wearing a hoodie.

Who Is George Zimmerman? [WP]
Earlier: Zimmerman, Trayvon Martin’s Killer, Not Jewish

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For Zlota says:

Crown Heights?

bennybenben says:

How is he not Jewish exactly? Because he’s Catholic? Does that disqualify him? Or because he might be Latino? What’s the criteria being employed here…?

Trish says:

Yes, I think being a practicing Catholic disqualifies him.

Frank Messmann says:

A racially precise word for George Zimmerman would be “mestizo.” But describing him as that is probably politically incorrect since I suppose it carries pejorative overtones.

Mike says:

What nobody’s mentioned is that under our legal system this guy has the presumption of innocence. It may turn out that he is guilty of the the crime he will eventually be accused of, but that’s for a jury to decide. New facts are coming to light that clearly show the case is more complicated than how it has been reported so far.

JCarpenter says:

The presence of an armed neighborhood watch is troubling to me. The police are trained for confrontation; deadly force is the last resource; if a cop is involved in a shooting, he/she is put on restricted duty and is subject to internal affairs investigation. Is that protocol applied to neighborhood watch?

How could GZ not be Latino if his mother is? This “white Hispanic” nonsense is a first. Will we ever see “brown Hispanic”? I doubt it.

And Trayvon wasn’t just a black kid in a hoodie, nor the adolescent of his pre-teen photos the media prefers. He was a black 17-year-old standing over 6 feet tall with gold-capped teeth whose Twitter nom de plume was NO_LIMIT_NI**A, in other words, a punk.

The real story is the Rush to Judgment before the facts are known. Since Jews have historically been used as scapegoats, we should be extremely careful not to do it to other people, regardless of whether or not their last name sounds Jewish.

Phil N says:

How many times must that demagogue Al Sharpton make false accustions in support of racial hatred before we ignore him. He has lied and promoted racial hatred anti-Semitism in the past. His actions have caused people to die in the past. The real outrage is that this man is taken seriously as a “civil rights” leader and has been given an hour to spew his hatred on MSNBC.

To provide an idea of what people may think of a black male wearing a hoddie, you may want to read:

“Educators’ and Non-Educators’ Perceptions of Black Males: A Survey” published in the Fall 1995 issue of the Journal of African American Men by Herbert L. Foster, Professor Emeritus, SUNY/Buffalo,

G Shapiro says:

In the end, it does not matter what the race of George Zimmerman is. He took the law into his own hands, stood over a 17 year-old child (yes, child), and shot him in the chest at point-blank range, while this child begged for his life. There never will be any justification for what GZ did.

BTW, Mr. Stanley – even if Treyvon Martin had gold-capped teeth and stood over 6 feet, does this justify his murder? What was this child going to do, fight back with the bag of Skittles and the Arizona Iced Tea he was carrying?

Mr. Zimmerman should have been taken into custody IMMEDIATELY – hair, blood, fiber samples and fingerprints should have been taken, and he should have been interviewed by the police. AND he should have been relieved of the weapon used to kill Treyvon. This is standard police procedure, and law enforcement failed miserably in their duties.

Nick Jackson says:

Dick Stanley: Please stop being racist. I know that seems crazy, even hyperbolic in this context, but how can you honestly argue that the shooting of a 17 year old unarmed kid is justifiable because he is, and I quote, “a punk”? And why are you so focused on seeing more recent photos of TM, when we really should be asking for photos confirming these “injuries” sustained by GZ who is apparently in hiding, with the only picture of him after the “beating” being a police shot of him with no visible injuries whatsoever. Maybe if you were less focused on TM being a “punk” and more focused on the facts of the case pointing towards murder, we could all take your comment as something other than an ignorant racial hate speech.

Sara Goodman says:

Looking at his face, one can be sure he is not Jewish nor even of Western origin. Not a pleasant-looking lad by all means and his closely-set eyes are filled with evil and hatred. To keep away from such a hostile-looking creature is the wisest thing to do.

bullvant says:

g. shapiro has more information than i heard so far on any news program unless he psychic.

Nano thermite says:

911 was done by jews.

jew judges, police chiefs, and policemen

are too many corrupt MADOFFS and ROMAN POLANSKYS.

Most jews are corrupt, ie most corrupt race.

Nano thermite says:

All lying neocon racists are jews and BUSH racist, CHENEY RAciST, murderous bastards

This article in like Seinfeld..a whole lot of talk about nothing.

Marty says:

“This”—that is, this need to know (and deny) that Zimmerman is one of us—”is how we know we’re still a minority.”

Of course, there are more dangerous ways to be a minority. You could, for example, be a black kid wearing a hoodie<<<<<<

Marc Tracy: Really? Read what Mikhail Muhammad of the "New Black Panthers" has to say:

"We investigated and we found out the facts that Trayvon had been assasinated by a wicked, white beast, who today is talking about he's a Hispanic. And so we're not going to go along with that. We don't care 'cause his father's a Jew. He's a no good Jew

This from the organization that wants Zimmerman "dead or alive". You may not think he's a Jew, Jewish law may say he's not Jewish but if his father has Jewish genes this racist group thinks he's a "now good Jew" and wants him "dead or alive".

Aside from the whole sad affair… Most American Jews are unaware that many “Jewish-sounding” last name are actually fairly common among Germans (and German-Americans that did not anglicize their last names). Profession names like “Zimmerman” (carpenter) are one such category (unless it’s a uniquely Jewish profession like Schechter/kosher slaughterer).

Similarly, not every “Resnick” (Russian for butcher), “Portnoy” (tailor), … is by definition Jewish, although due to US demographics, the odds that any American with those last names is Jewish become very high.

F. Natour says:

If Zimmerman is not a racist, as they say, his family is a mix of Spanish, whites and he has black relatives.If he is Jewish or Catholic or other does not matter. The most likely scenario, given all that, is that he made a terrible mistake, first to pursue what he though was a suspect. Should have just left it to the police and simply stayed in his car. He thus has made a series of mistakes. First, a mistake in judgment, second, a mistake in reason and logic and third a mistake in taking proper action. All these have led to a confrontation. The young victim asked: Why are you following me? I am not a young man but I would be very nervous if followed like that. The victim was threatened and God only knows what happened after that, I mean, before the shot was fired.

Homer says:

Man, some of you people on this site are nuts. The Bush racists crap above. Show me one time either Bush was RACIST. You can’t. You a loud mouthed liberal who wants the world to give you a life free for nothing. Get off your lazy ass and get a real responsibility in this life. The thug did not beg for his life. Scipiro above is full of BS.

Paul King says:

If he was famous for something else then he would be claimed as part of the tribe. Just because his mother is not Jewish does not mean his father is not after all he is a Judge .

Typical Zionist games they know how to play the system in favor of them.

The game is over everyone knows they are racist profile others as lower forms of humans used for tax slaves to support another Nation before the USA and proxies wars causing conflict every way possible.

Ethel Merman wasn’t Jewish either. She was born Ethel Agnes Zimmerman; her father was raised in the Dutch Reform Church and her mother was Presbyterian. After her parents married they both joined the Episcopalian congregation at Church of the Redeemer where Ethel was baptized.

There must be hundreds, if not thousands of Zimmermans who aren’t Jewish.

koonis says:

why the fuk is you mekkin a big deal ovah the coon nigger – there aint no shawtage – long live muthufuckahs – death to the liberal cunts !

Barry says:

Hi all do something about your GUNLAWS this willcut down a lot of the shootings it is your gunlaws is so why so many get shot take the guns away this will cut it down by 95% you cant buy handguns here in N Z so we dont have this problum here

Brendan says:

I see upon reading articles online that there is a question as to whether Zimmerman is “a Jew”. I assume this question of ethnicity in generalarises because the victim was Black and the perpetrator was not, which evokes reasonable notion of distrust between ethnic and racial groups with the likelihood that one might not unnaturally
tend to view someone of diff. ethnicity as the’other’, the ‘out-group’ but of course
killing is not permitted and surely is an extreme expression of such.
Of course Zimmerman would seem to be a Jewish name like Bob Dylan’s.
There was no suggestion that Zimmerman was from a religiously Jewish family nor that he practiced the Jewish religion that I have seen, only that he has A Peruvian Catholic mother and was rasised in the Catholic religion and his father is of ethnic Jewish ancestry and a Judge, but but most articles said the father was retired military. Perhaps the father is a retired military judge.
I am surpised that
there is so much conflicting information about every aspect of the case and the chief thing that catapulted it to national news I think was the odd apparent failure to arest and charge Zimmerman with murder
even though such a charge might be modified in the fullness of time to accomodate results from an investigation and the man I assume could have been let free after being arrested on
the determination of a judge.
Most of what I believe about police procedures is from years of intermitteant TV viewing; on TV, Zimmerman would have been arrested and booked for murder.
I hope I have not been misinformed by TV serial police dramas.

kayshkorn says:

You seem to care more that he is not Jewish –relieved more that he is not one of the tribe – than you do about the horror of the whole incident.

Marty says:


Its not clear to me who the “you” you are addressing is. What exactly is your point?

Paul King: As a matter of fact you are wrong. Jewish descent is defined through the mother.

Only the most liberal Jews would regard someone bad or good, raised Catholic who happened to have a father with Jewish ancestry as Jewish. And of course there are always the antisemites like yourself. And Mikhail Muhammad. Who are so full of hate that they really dont care about facts.

Zeeci says:

WOW , hope the papers post this well, so people don’t have nnother scape goat and give more reason to hate the Jews. As it is people are always looking for reasons to hate them. Maybe the public needs to stop their racist freakouts and just let the court deal with this. And if the Justice system is not capable of this then perhaps people should work on the courts ways instead of wasting their time hating one race or another.

marisol says:


Some askenazie jews are in denial of how many of them are non-practicers to quickly disassociate from a bad act; George’s dad is probably that: a non-practicer ‘white’ jewish guy, hence the last name. True a person that DOES NOT practice the faith is not jewish. this writer needs a serious visit to latin america, start in Cuba, Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico o Panama and get to know the tons of Zimmmermans of askenazie descend down there. Judaism didn’t have the same road in Latin America, study Sephardic Jews better. Right now the best example is Cuban-born actor William Levy, he never ‘converted’ to catholicsm! he simply knew that he was not going to make it as ‘jew’ in Latin showbiz and his wife is a ‘zealous’ catholic (mixed marriage) which is pretty normal for most latno-jews askenazie or sephardic. Either you want to accepted or not George Zimmerman has jewish lineage.
I never read in the Torah why Joseph’s sons were called ‘half jews or non-jews as their mother was an Egiptian princes.

marisol says:

You never want to see ‘one of the tribe’ do something so egregious.”

1. No one is a jew only ‘because of the lastname’.

2. I remember reading about Sacha Baron Cohen, he lived with his girlfriend before getting married and he comes from a ‘priestly’ lastname and by the way or obviously he has a very ‘ jewish orthodox’ relatives so much that they ‘pressured’ the girl to take ‘conversion’ classes. She said :
“I will definitely have a Jewish wedding just to be with Sacha. I would do anything – move into any religion – to be united in marriage with him. We have a future together, and religion comes second to love as far as we are concerned. Wikipedia

is Sacha baron cohen a jew?? I don’t think so! but money buys everything for some. I know a bunch of the tribe doing more than egragious things!

3. Like it or not Religion or Faith for Jewish People comes first. That is identiy. Even Hitler knew that. Those Nazi guys never spared a jewis soul because they were ‘half jew or non-praticers jews, he just murdered all what he could.

Askenazie jews are not the only ones being or living ‘fake’ judaism or convenience judaism due to circunstances. You really need to visit Spain, Morroco, Turkey, Yemen, Goa in india, etc to have a better picture of the jewish world.

JCarpenter says:

A Germanic surname is not uncommon in a Latino community, esp. in Mexico, Chile, Argentina. Many German immigrants in the 1800’s came to the Americas, points west and south, not just to Milwaukee, St.Louis, or Chicago. Unexpected, perhaps, but not uncommon. A prime example would be found in the heritage of singer Linda Ronstadt.

    michael_mcmillan says:

    In German, Mann is spelled with two n’s. One n is only taken by Jews. Why does that matter?

      Whoa there!  You are mistaken.  In Germany, the suffix “mann” is spelled with two n’s whether the person is Jewish or not.  My mother’s family name was XXXXmann with two n’s but when her family came over to the US in 1938 to escape the Nazis after Krystallnacht some of the family members “anglicized” the name by dropping the last “n” and calling themselves “XXXXXman” instead. 

Joel says:

Bo, are you stupid. “A black kid wearing a hoodie”. I hope Jews wake the fuck up and realize the dumb white libs and angry black men they pander to do not care about the holocaust and stop selling out men who were there – when we weren’t. I hear minorities cry about persecution – what are you doing without facts? Do you even have a photo of him at 17, this ‘kid’ ?

Black kids in hoodies are victims and Zimmerman is guilty. When black kids in hoodies do commit crime, I’ll come back here to see a gigantic fucking tumbleweed. Stop judging people you don’t know and give them the chance to defend themselves.

Marty says:

Marc Tracy:

My post….clearly struck a chord<<<

Judging by the comments here I would say it struck a chord all right. Among antisemites.

Seems to me a lot of them are interested in the the etymology of Zimmerman's name too.

<<<I think the smartest comment on my post came from “Marc” (and, no, it wasn’t me). “Wow—I think this whole conversation says a lot about us<<<<

Wow-Doesn't seem so smart to me.

The only thing this conversation says about either of you is about the extent of your denial.

Phil says:

Zimmerman is Jewish according to the BBC. His father is Jewish, but was raised secular. Zimmerman’s father married a Latino who was active in community activism, and open borders.

    michael_mcmillan says:

    Zimmerman with one n is 100% Jewish. But why does that matter. He is a scumbag and should face death penalty. What his fathers religion is irrelevant.

Marty says:


Jewish according to the BBC<<<

Since when does the BBC determine who is or who isn't Jewish?

John says:

Yeah, ethnic jews never do anything “eregious” in America do they?

The Columbine mass murderers were BOTH ethnic jews who targeted blacks and christians.

This “news” article is insane.

Arthur Rosen says:

Looks to me like the victim was looking for trouble, and maybe wanted to steal a gun. Made him follow, doubled back and attacked him from behind.
Just the look on his face. he had a chip on his shoulder.

Besides, from a 911 caller, you heard yelling, fighting and alarm before the gun shots.
Where did this kid live? What time was it?
Should he have known it was agated community.

michael_mcmillan says:

His father is Jewish but who cares? Why is that relevant? Only zionist supremacists would publish an article and say “who isn’t Jewish” in it’s title.
Madoff was Jewish. Thousands of ponzi schemers and murderers were jewish. Why does their religion matter unless you are a racist and supremacist? You might believe you were chosen by god to be above everyone else but you are not. We are all just humans and descended from monkeys. Wake up!

Deena says:

Jews try to throw people off with that mother descent! —- A Child is the Race/bloodline of the Father!!! (PERIOD). The father is a ‘roman’ JEW who may have confessed the ‘catholic’ faith. – Hispanic is NOT a race!! .. Just as American is not a Race. – GZ is JEW!!! – Most JEWS consider themselves ‘white’.

Deena says:

Yes, there are some racial *Germans with ‘Jewish’ sounding last names — This is NOT the case!! – GZ a JEW!! (catholic church can’t change That)

    TheAntidote says:

    Can we just all agree that according to Talmud George Zimmerman is not Jewish, but according to genetic heritage he is partly of Jewish descent????


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What we say about Trayvon Martin’s killer, and what it says about us

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