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Zimmerman, Trayvon Martin’s Killer, Not Jewish

News reports routinely identify him as ‘Latino’ or ‘Hispanic’

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I’ve heard the question asked enough and seen it asked enough over Facebook and what-not that it seems worth answering: no, George Zimmerman, the man who shot and killed Trayvon Martin in Sanford, Florida, near Orlando, late last month, is apparently not Jewish. The case has become a national sensation because Martin was an unarmed 17-year-old who posed no threat while at the same Zimmerman has yet to be charged with a crime, ostensibly because he is protected by the concealed-weapon and “stand your ground” self-defense laws on Florida’s books; there is much indication that Zimmerman, a neighborhood watch captain, was unduly fearful of and aggressive toward Martin because of Martin’s race. For much more on the case, I recommend this Mother Jones primer and John McWhorter’s take.

So, no, contra the nutcases and despite having a father named Robert Zimmerman, Zimmerman appears not to be Jewish: he is uniformly identified as “Hispanic” or “Latino.”

Speaking of Robert Zimmerman, there is an eerie resonance between the names (and more) “George Zimmerman” and “William Zanzinger.”

The Trayvon Martin Killing, Explained [Mother Jones]

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A hispanic-looking person can easily be a jew, as there are two basic kinds of jews.

Sephardic jews are genetic jews who emigrated to the Iberian peninsula after Jorslem was demolished by the imperial roman troops in 111AD. They had very much inter-married with hispanic people, before the christian reconquista of the spanish and portugal lands cleansed the area of muslims and jews.

The famous composer Ludwig van Beethoven was of spanish-jew (merrano) expatriate heritage, for example.

Ashkenazi jews (white jews) are non-genetic jews: they are descendants of kazarian rawhide merchants, whose king simply adopted judasim for political reasons, as his country was wedged between christiandom and early islam.

Askhenazi are known for their high IQ level and white skin and a lot of genetical illnesses associated with centuries of close-cousin intermarriages, that were made necessary by the limited jewish population in isolated european ghettos.

Askhenazi jews detest sephardic jews, who have less IQ and have darker, arabic-like features. This is very real intra-racial racism, however the jewry, as a whole, even more detests arabs, because the ancestor of all arabs, Ishmael was the first-born natural son of Abraham, from the womb of lady Hagar.

The sephardic Mordechai Vanunu was harassed by askhenazi jews for his darker complexion, which made him realize how much judaism, as a whole, harasses the oppressed palestinian arabs. This made him publish about the secret zionist nuclear bomb manufacturing programme at Dimona, for which the Mossad kidnapped him and he spent 18 years in prison. Vanunu continues to support the palestinian cause to this day.

    dsarah3 says:

    What planet did you come from?! Jews are of all races and colors! Ashkenazi Jews are as “genetically” Jewish as any other Jewish person! You can verify this via the tests that were done all over the world to identify Kohanim (the priests of Israel who are directly descended from Moses’ brother Aaron). Ashkenazi Jews DO NOT detest Sephardic Jews! Sephardic Jews DO NOT have lower IQ’s! That is absurd. You must be an Arab spreading toxic nonsense.

    I could cite all kinds of examples as proof but your statements are so ridiculous that they don’t deserve that kind of attention.

    “The famous composer Ludwig van Beethoven was of spanish-jew (merrano) expatriate heritage, for example.” You example is a lie Guido Faulkes Here is beethovens real info to correct your lies.

    House of birth, Bonn, Bonngasse 20, now the Beethoven-Haus museum

    Beethoven was the grandson of a musician of Flemish origin named Lodewijk van Beethoven (1712–73) who moved at the age of twenty to Bonn.[2][3] Lodewijk (Ludwig is the German cognate of Dutch Lodewijk) was employed as a bass singer at the court of the Elector of Cologne, eventually rising to become Kapellmeister (music director). Lodewijk had one son, Johann (1740–1792), who worked as a tenor in the same musical establishment, and gave lessons on piano and violin to supplement his income.[2]
    Johann married Maria Magdalena Keverich in 1767; she was the daughter
    of Johann Heinrich Keverich, who had been the head chef at the court of
    the Archbishopric of Trier.[4]
    Beethoven was born of this marriage in Bonn. There is no authentic
    record of the date of his birth; however, the registry of his baptism,
    in a Roman Catholic service at the Parish of St. Regius on 17 December 1770, survives.[5]
    As children of that era were traditionally baptised the day after birth
    in the Catholic Rhine country, and it is known that Beethoven’s family
    and his teacher Johann Albrechtsberger celebrated his birthday on 16 December, most scholars accept 16 December 1770 as Beethoven’s date of birth.[6][7]
    Of the seven children born to Johann van Beethoven, only Ludwig, the
    second-born, and two younger brothers survived infancy. Caspar Anton
    Carl was born on 8 April 1774, and Nikolaus Johann, the youngest, was
    born on 2 October 1776.[8]

    Beethoven’s first music teacher was his father. Although tradition
    has it that Johann van Beethoven was a harsh instructor, and that the
    child Beethoven, “made to stand at the keyboard, was often in tears,”[2] the Grove Dictionary of Music and Musicians claimed that no solid documentation supported this, and asserted that “speculation and myth-making have both been productive.”[2] Beethoven had other local teachers: the court organist
    Gilles van den Eeden (d. 1782), Tobias Friedrich Pfeiffer (a family
    friend, who taught Beethoven the piano), and Franz Rovantini (a
    relative, who instructed him in playing the violin and viola).[2] Beethoven’s musical talent was obvious at a young age. Johann, aware of Leopold Mozart’s successes in this area (with son Wolfgang and daughter Nannerl), attempted to exploit his son as a child prodigy, claiming that Beethoven was six (he was seven) on the posters for Beethoven’s first public performance in March 1778.[9]

John says:

I am somewhat disturbed by the suggestion that you can’t be Hispanic or Latino and Jewish as well. The reasoning behind declaring Zimmerman non-Jewish may go beyond this, but no other evidence for the assertion seems to be provided by this article.

George Zimmerman’s father’s letter also says George was ‘raised in a multi-racial’ home – which suggests he is actually only half-Hispanic or half-Latino.

If we follow Orthodox law, and assume the likely non-Hispanic parent has the last name Zimmerman, that would mean the mother is less likely to have been born Jewish. But maybe she converted?

Race has absolutely no bearing on Religion, and I am really disappointed with the apparent presumption here that it does.

John says:

Guido is correct, of course, that one could be a Sephardic Hispanic Jew of several generation descent. Longfellow’s poem A Jewish Cemetery at Newport testifies to a Hispanic Jewish community with long history in America.

But beyond that, anyone can convert. The Tribe of Israel does not exclude anyone based on race.

Marc Tracy says:

of course there are Latino Jews, etc. My point was that news outlets have clearly reported on his ethnicity, and routinely report it as “Hispanic” or “Latino.” had their reporting led them to Jewish–even Hispanic Jewish–they would have reported that.

John says:

A better argument is that this newspaper article

states that Robert Zimmerman has stated his son was an “altar boy.”

martin says:

so are you saying a hispanic cannot be jewish?

My best guess is his father is Jewish-????? and his mother is Latina-?????. That would explain the surname and the fact that he’s described as Latino. Quite simple really.

    You guess is uneducated and you happen to be wrong Ben.The name zimmerman in America is overwhelmingly christian not Jewish learn some facts idiot!

Just read John’s comment. That makes it highly likely he has a Catholic mother and a Jewish father and was raised Catholic. I can’t tell you how many families I’ve known that are like that. There’s even a slang term for children of mixed Catholic and Jewish parents: cashew. (Sorry if that’s considered offensive. I’ve never heard it used in a derogatory fashion but you never know. I find it to be cute and amusing.)

My last post. I promise. Zimmerman is most likely ethnically (at least in part), but not religiously, Jewish. Whether he’s Ashkenazim, Sephardim, or other, is impossible to discern, but there aren’t too many gentiles floating around with the last name Zimmerman.

Having said all of that, it’s also possible that Zimmerman is an Americanized form of the German Zimmermann in which case he isn’t Jewish at all. Let’s hope that’s the case for the sake of Jewish and African-American relations.

That’s about all there is to say about the matter.

    Actually moron millions of Christians around the world including in the us are named Zimmerman.Most zimmerman’s in the USA are christian.

Lynne T says:

Folks — The surname Zimmerman (one “n” or two) simply means that back when the great census was undertaken, the patriarch of George’s family was engaged in the trade of carpentry in either a German or Yiddish speaking community somewhere in Europe.

Funny coincidence though that this man’s father would share both given name and surname with the decidedly Jewish composer of “The Lonesome Death of Hattie Carrol”.

Lynne T says:

And Guido Faulks’s commentary is as racist as the racism he charges against Askenazis. Yes, for sure, there’s an element amongst Askenazim that is bigoted toward not only non-Askenazic Jews but between Ashkenazic communities. And while I don’t know a lot of Sephardim or Yemenite Jews, I would expect there’s similarly dim views held of the “other”.

The problems Mordecai Venunu ran into probably had more to do with his general conduct and attitudes towards others than any victimization he may have suffered at the hands of his Askenazic co-religionists. He ain’t terribly popular with his fellow Sephardim back in his home town and Vannunu’s “defence” for having violated the code of confidentiality he agreed to — that his employers should have known he was a security risk — suggests a pretty warped personality.

Jewish father and Catholic (hispanic) mother.

    Catholic white German American father and non white Hispanic mother actually retard.

Zimmerman may not be Jewish, but he isn’t uniformly identified as Hispanic. The police department identified him as a white male. Hispanic is no more a race than Judaism is.

Mordichi says:

It’s an important question because if he does qualify for Israeli citizenship he can be in Tel Aviv right now and Israel will not deport him. It happened a few year back in silver spring md.

Zimmerman Name Meaning: Americanized or Jewish spelling of Zimmermann. George Zimmerman is part of the tribe. Let us support him against this public lynching and rush to judgment. The anti-Semites are really coming out against him.

    German Jews have two nn at the end of their name ira. the first president of israel was named chaim weizmann does that mean he was a German christian??Having two nn at the end of your name is not a religious distinction moron.mann is the german spelling of the word man.Millions of non Jews in America and elsewhere have names that end in man.Many jews including myself have names that end in nn so you are just plain ignorant on the subject.Plus moron it’s anglicized not Americanized to shorten a German name from two nn to one n.

George’s father married a Shiksa hot Hispanic. This is not unusual, especially boys whose Jewish mother emotionally abused them. I know. I speak from experience. George is the child of Zimmerman(a member of the tribe). George is his son, and for the sake of the father, we need to support the father’s quest for justice for his son.
This nonsense about a child of a mother or a father not being a Jew is sexist. In the Torah, it was the father’s seed, because the men had a strong attraction for the Shiksa when they would go visiting their neighbors in Canaan and bring back the woemen as their wives(plural). READ THE TORAH. Today,in the 21st century, we secular Jews don’t care, if one parent is Jewish, the offspring is(unless he converts to being a Republican).

    I doubt YOU’RE Jewish, “Ira”

    Stop the phony “we” business.

    You’re not Jewish if you mother is not Jewish unless you convert.

    Zimmerman is a overwhelmingly German christian name and george zimmerman’s dad is a German /American christian period .

    Kyle L Clayton says:

    Sorry but I’ve met way too many Jewish Zimmermans in my own home town. While I submit that Zimmerman is a German name I dare to add that there are plenty of German Jews still living in Germany as well as America. But since this particular ZImmerman is on trial it’s not surprising that the Jewish community would suddenly make him Hispanic because his mother is. As if lineage and geneology don’t come from the father. Too funny.

      MikhaelMeir says:

      Whether you’ve met “too many” Jewish ZImmermans in your hometown is irrelevant. The Zimmerman surname is indeed common among Jews of Central and Eastern European roots, but not exclusive to them. Many non-Jews of German descent also have this name. It’s an occupational surname, indicating that someone’s ancestor was a carpenter, qaa trade that Jews as well as non-Jews angegaed in. There are actually more non-Jewish Zimmermans, notwithstanding that all the Zimmermans you know are Jewish. It may well be that George ZImmerman’s father has partial Jewish descent in his family tree, but there is nothing to indicate that is so. He is in fact, a practicing Catholic. . For all we know, Zimmerman may have Sephardic Jewish ancestors on his multiracial Peruvian-American mother’s side too–but even if he does, it wouldn’t make him a Jew. He is an American Catholic of mixed ethnic background, and nothing indicates that any of his recent ancestors were Jews.

        Kyle L Clayton says:

        Spoken like a true JEW. Instead of acknowledging that you have some bad seeds among your people you would go out of your way to say he is NOT a Jew at all or at least not a pure blooded Jew. “It may well be that George ZImmerman’s father has partial Jewish descent in his family tree, but there is nothing to indicate that is so.” That is funny in itself. And IF he is a practicing Catholic that would make him a Messianic Jew. You “Chosen” people make me laugh with your holier than thou mindset. Zimmerman’s father is a JEW. George Zimmerman himself told the police “I AM A JEW, AND I AM PROUD OF IT”. He went on to say “MARTIN IS AN ANTI-SEMITE”. Even he knows when it comes to the legal system to play the Jew card as they have cornered the entire legal system in attorneys, Judges, and Supreme Court Judges. Jews make up 2.5% of America’s population and control 33% of the Supreme Court vote. Not to mention the Zionist control of the Media and the banks. You should be proud of this TBH. But instead you will call me anti-Semitic for bringing up simple facts. Now stuff that in your hat and call it macaroni.

        Elisa says:

        Thank you! My first husband’s name is Zimmerman and he is as Jewish as the pope. Zimmerman is Jewish usually when it’s spelled with two “n”s at the end, and sometimes not even then. It means “Carpenter” in Old German diction. There’s not a drop of Jewish blood in my ex-husband. I can’t believe people are saying this. We also had German Catholic friends by the name of Weiss. Not every Weiss and certainly not every Zimmerman is a Jew! Gimme a break!

Marc says:

Wow – I think this whole conversation says a lot about us.

Of course, the knee-jerk reaction to his name by us Jews is understandable. You never want to see “one of the tribe” do something so egregious.

Turns out he wasn’t Jewish (whew!). Can’t find any details on his father and where he got the name (whether German or Jewish) but he GZ was raised Catholic and the father was in the military.
Whether he has some Jewish “blood” or not, he is NOT Jewish, case closed.

I think you would be hard pressed to find many Europeans who don’t have ANY Jewish blood in their veins. Do we count them amongst the tribe? I don’t. Zimmerman nor not, he is not Jewish.

By the way, I think the whole Sephardic vs Ashkenazi nonsense is nuts. As a light skinned, red haired and freckled 5/8 Polish descended Jew, I’ve felt plenty of stares from the typical dark haired, brown eyed Ashkenazi Jews – “Are you sure you’re Jewish?”
German vs Polish Jews, Syrian vs Iranian, Moroccan vs everyone else .. every group has it’s own sub-group superiority complexes.
Let us not let it get in the way of Eretz Israel.

Marc says:

Ira – how do you know George’s father was Jewish? Can you post evidence?

You have absolutely no facts, you moron, and you’re the first result on a Google search.

Rev. George Brooks says:

This appears to be Jewish website, so naturally they are trying to make this murderer non-Jewish. But my Jewish sources in New York and Florida say that he is, but that he is not really that religious. While his father is certainly Jewish. So either way, the Jewish community are naturally supportive of him, and are going to try like hell to keep him out of prison. And Jews do not want much to made of any Jewish-black problem, because they are still sucking the blood out of black people, as they have been ever since slavery, which they also made money from. But myself, and other blacks are calling for him to be “crucified.” — Rev. George Brooks

    You sources are some crack whore named shawanda and a crack dealing gang member name dashawn!!! “rev” brooks hilarious !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

F. Hewman says:

He is not White either.

Marc says:

Rev. George Brooks – your “sources” in NY & Fla??? What “sources” are those? lol

Every source that has looked into George Zimmerman’s past indicates his mother is hispanic, he went to Catholic school, and his father was a military man named Robert Zimmerman.

By any definition, GZ is NOT Jewish. The only question is (if it really is a necessary question to ask to begin with) was his father Jewish?

Of course the important question is did GZ kill Trayvon Martin in cold blood or in self defense and why did the police in Sanford try to cover it all up.
Isn’t this what’s important?

Tony says:

His father was is lawyer and eventually became a Magistate Judge. That should answer your question on whether his father was Jewish. :-)

    Robert Zimmerman, George Zimmerman’s father, was a magistrate in the
    Virginia court system from 2000 until 2006. That is, he was a judicial
    officer, but not a judge
    and without trial jurisdiction.So tony all lawyers and judges are jewish really?Are all men named tony fat, swarthy, greaseball Italians with sauce stained undershirts?

Tony says:

They better demand Zimmerman’s passport. My guess is he’s going to make a run for Tel (A viv)

Morty says:

I know George. Only his mother is Hispanic, his father is Jewish.

Zimmerberg says:

Do you have a source proving he’s not Jewish?

    Do you have any source that proves he is Jewish other that a nazi site like stormfront?

stan says:

my late father wrote that headline.

forsure says:

George Zimmerman was an Altar boy, his dad is of German not Jewish lineage.
I do find it interesting that the hate sites like stormfront are trying to deflect blame on to the jews but it really is just half of one of their own
George Zimmerman, His Mother Is Latino and His Father Is Jewish …

Zimmerman is not Jewish says:

Why do people keep on thinking Zimmerman is a “Jewish surname”, it’s mostly a GERMAN surname. I’m German, my religion is Roman Catholic and my last name is Zimmerman, it doesn’t mean I’m Jewish. I’m tired of people thinking German surnames are Jewish. Yes some Jews do have Germanic last names because they were living in Germany for a while. As it says in this article, his family said they are devout Catholics, meaning his father is of German descent and the mother is of Peruvian descent.

Guido Faulkes is a racist says:

@Guido Faulkes. Enough with your racist crap about Ashkenazi Jews. As a Sephardic Jew your comment is disgusting. If you truly knew about Jews, you’d know that the last name ZIMMERMAN is NOT a Sephardic surname, so NO he can’t be a Sephardic Jew with the last name Zimmerman. Also, the last name is very common among Germans.

As for your racist Khazarian propaganda, DNA proves that most Ashkenazi Jews have Semitic genes mixed with European…it’s called INTERMARRIAGE over 2,000 years of Diaspora. Also, the Bible, History explains of Jews migrating to Europe during the Roman occupation of Israel. Also, I’m Sephardic, my wife is Sephardic, she is white, blond. NOT ALL Sephardics are dark and not all Ashkenazis are white, there are many dark looking Ashkenazis.

So don’t you dare take our people as an excuse to support those Terrorist “Palestinians” killing Ashkenazi, Sephardics and Israeli Arabs in war and suicide attacks. Go take your hateful Anti-Semitic propaganda somewhere else and stop using the so called “Palestinian Cause” to find a way to indirectly attack Jews. An innocent kid was killed due to racist bastards like yourself and we should respect that instead of putting your fanatic, racist beliefs into this site. Shame on you.

Michael says:

Zimmerman is a German and Jewish last name, as are many other names that are thought to be “Jewish.” One of the earliest and most influential Nazis had the last name Rosenberg. If you remember your WWI history, there was the Zimmerman note, sent by a Christian member of the German government with the last name Zimmerman.

Stephanie says:

“Rev.” George Brooks, you are clearly an IGNORANT, talking out-of-your @SS, anti-semite AND racist. Shame on you!

Jacky says:


“Hispanic” is not a race.

You can be Jewish and Hispanic.

The story about Ashkenazic Jews being “non-genetic” Jews is hogwash. Besides, all of us Jews have some ancestors who were not Jewish and joined the Jewish people. I’m of Sephardic background. Ashkenazim are no less Jewish. For that matter, Jews by choice are no less Jewish. Get over it.

Christopher Orev says:

This thread is depressingly hilarious.

Marian says:

Goodness…I opened this wondering why anyone would ever think he was Jewish. Just because of his name? Totally weird.

You folks who cling to name-identification of Jews are sure going to be confused by all the conversion going on. One fellow convert I know is named Campbell. Heh.

Marc, I’m a little confused here. Are you saying you’re “5/8ths Jewish” (you have five Jewish great-grandparents and three non-Jewish great-grandparents) or you’re “5/8ths Polish Jewish”?

Rummaging through your genealogy, you certainly appear to be 100% Jewish (thanks for leaving some genealogy on GenI).

As for this guy George, frankly the fact that the media has stayed silent on any Jewish roots he might have probably indicates that he doesn’t have any. The mainstream media has a brilliant habit of reporting various villains and miscreants being Jewish or having some Jewish ancestry (a habit they don’t share when it comes to good-looking young actors, curiously; I guess this is what she means when she says “lamestream media”).

For example, the media certainly pounced on Dylan Klebold having a Jewish maternal grandfather. And they were even gearing up to start saying that Jared Loughner’s mother was Jewish before bumping into the problem that it happened not to be true.

Marc says:

meed – “5/8ths POLISH Jewish”
100% Jewish at least as far back as great-grandparents.

This whole issue of “Zimmerman” I think is telling of ALL our racism on some level. People wouldn’t be searching for “Is Zimmerman Christian” if his last name was different – why the need to find out if he’s Jewish? So what if he was?

The whole thing is sad. I certain;y won’t pretend to know if Zimmerman was a racist or not, but Treyvon was absolutely killed by a kind of institutional racism that doesn’t allow for a young black man to walk through this type of neighborhood.
But innocent black men are killed EVERY DAY by other blacks, where is the outrage there? Why is this SO different? I, as a white guy, can’t walk through BedStuy, isn’t this the same kind of racism?

Not saying we don’t fight cases like this, butI think the fact his name was “Geaorge Zimmerman,” allowing an initial (and inaccurate) picture of some old Jewish renegade at a Florida condo to kill some poor innocent black kid started this firestorm.
Racist too, no?

meed says:

Well, some people who search for Zimmerman Jewish might just be Jews making sure he isn’t. Or they could be huge genealogy buffs (or both, like me!). Or some other reasons that are less nice.

What is it that compelled so many Jews to post their genealogy on that site It is like the Jewish version of RootsWeb (RootsWeb being a more WASPy site).

In fact, the fact that I couldn’t find George Zimmerman’s father on that site (GenI) probably is a good indicator that he isn’t. Hah.

Oh, here’s a great recent low point of “villainous Jew” identification in the mainstream media: In November 2006, Ronald Martin said, live on the air on CNN, about Michael Richards, after Richards’ rant, “Well, he says the things about black people hanging upside down, but 50 years ago Michael Richards would be burning in an over somewhere because he’s Jewish”.

Of course it would have been offensive even if Richards was actually Jewish. I’m not sure if the fact that he is not makes it better or worse. Anyway, Martin gets away with that but gets suspended over some tweet?!?

meed says:

“oven”, not “over”. Ugh!

BTW, does anyone remember Bernhard Goetz? He really was “half Jewish”! Raised a Christian, though.

A lot of Ashkenazim have surnames of Germanic origin, however, one should not be surprised to discover that ethnic Germans also have surnames of Germanic origin. Likewise a lot of Sephardim have surnames of Spanish or Portuguese origin which, in many cases are also the surnames of gentiles of Spanish or Portuguese descent.

(17% of Americans are German Americans, while maybe 2% are Jewish Americans– so most likely, if you hear a Germanic last name, the person is actually a gentile.)

In places where Jews have settled as a minority, they have often adopted the surnames used by the local gentile population– after all, up until the modern era most Jews traditionally used patronyms rather than surnames.

Oh yes, this is hardly the first time Guido Fawlkes has attempted to hijack a discussion thread with his anti-Semitic theories.

Jordan Hal Mosman says:

As a proud Jewish Liberal I’m relieved to hear that George Zimmerman is not Jewish. First off, it shouldn’t matter whether he is Jewish or not. Just because he is latino does not mean that latinos as an entire population should feel ashamed of being latino or that the general population of latinos are anything like George Zimmerman and the same principle should hold for jews. The principle should be understood as any group should not have to be ashamed of who they are because one bad apple belongs to that group. EXCEPT for the fact of the sensitive readiness of antisemitic elements on both the ultraright and now in these times the ultraleft as well. In fact, there is a serious threat perhaps to the Jewish Center-Left from The Antisemitic UltraLeft. But that is a discussion for another day. For dirtying the name Zimmerman alone, George Zimmerman should be fried. For there is a much better and more famous Zimmerman in the 60’s who wrote songs about civil rights and the oppression of black people, a jew named Robert Zimmerman who became known as Bob Dylan.

Df234 says:

You do know that Hispanics can also be Jewish, right? Half of the Jews in Miami are Hispanic

Jim H says:

Well that is a very clever way of skirting the question. He is “identified” as Latino! Nice! Sorry but his father is of German Jewish origin, something you could look up if you bothered. Quite a spin there Matt!

ian Zimmerman says:

Zimmerman is not I repeat not a jewish name it is a german name that is used by a german people including jewish people and non jewish people it also means carpenter

Czarkazem13 says:

Since when is “Zimmerman” a Jewish name. It’s German, as is Goldberg, Silverstein and so forth. The only difference between Zimmerman and the other German last names I posted, is that most Zimmermans are not Jewish. The msn is half white (German) and half Latino (Peruvian). Now, what this his ethnicity or religion (Christisn: Catholic) has to do with an named black teenager getting shot…someone let me know.

This is Michael Richards all over again. I think stating he’s a Jew or obsessing over his Latin heritage is to alleviate white people of their white guilt.

biada says:

He is Jewish. His father is a Jewish Judge. Mexicans can be Jewish too. Jewish is not a race. There is no such thing as a Jewish race.

    matwil74 says:

    Jews can be a race and/or a religion. But the majority of religious Jews are also genetically Jewish. DNA tests show that Jews are more closely related to Arabs than Northern/Western European whites. Do your homework, fool. 

    His father is not a judge nor is his father a Jew wrong on both charges.Robert Zimmerman, George Zimmerman’s father, was a magistrate in the
    Virginia court system from 2000 until 2006. That is, he was a judicial
    officer, but not a judge and without trial jurisdiction.

erin says:

sick of the lies? We Support George Zimmerman!
Innocent until proven guilty!
Join us!

Nano thermite says:

Yes his father is a German Jew. His mother is Peruvian. He’s not being arrested because the sheriff’s department doesn’t care and because this happened in Florida. Florida has had Latino/Black tension up the wazoo for years. I’ve spoken to a few people who live in Florida about this case and they’re telling me that lots of Latinos are already condemning Martin and blaming him for his own murder. Blacks want zimmermans head. Expect this to get ugly for Florida. Florida is a steaming ball of hate when it comes to racism. In Florida Whites hate everyone, Blacks don’t like Hispanics and are always weary of Whites, and Hispanics talk ish about Whites and are disgusted by Blacks. Trust me… you don’t want to be there if Zimmerman is acquitted a year from now.

The jews are ABOVE THE LAW. FBI racists and incompetentos did NOT arrest BERNARD MADOFF. YET they were running like MAD RATS locking muslims after 9-11 FALSE FLAG inside job.


They did not CATCH and indite Kerry Dunn or Lori DUNN on TERRORISM charges. They MURDERED Imam LUQMAN who was a SAINT, just like this son of a jew murdered a black kid, infact, worse by setting dogs on him.

The FBI incompetentos paid 5.8 million FINE to Steven Hatfill, but only because he was a WHITE !!!! race !!!!

This kid is a christian black so there is more an issue. If he was a muslim black the media would be QUIETTTTT !!!!

Obama is brought to BRIBE the Christian blacks and SEPARATE them from Muslim Blacks.

Honorable Minster Luis Farrakhan is totally kosher and not an IOTA Anti-semitic. The real anti-semites are the jews with criminal mindset themselves.

Many jew police chiefs and jew judges are the curse of corruption on america. I urge the remove of the Khazar Kagan.

The FACT is that 20+ jews men and women converged on DUBAI to MURDER one guy and make it look like a NATURAL DEATH. They came on many EUROPEAN PASSPORTS and the USA passports and the white racist and jewish

Marc says:

Wow, the whacks are out in full force on this one!

Jose says:

George Zimmerman’s mother is Cuban, and George Zimmerman’s father, however is a non-Hispanic white. Since he lives in Florida, and with the name it would be easy to assume that his father is Jewish, though Florida also has many people of German descent–but I couldn’t find any conclusive evidence. But, Hispanic is not a race-which is why they are still calling him white (though I assume his mother is Mixed with native population of Peru where her mother is supposedly from).

German says:

The name “Zimmerman(n)” ranks number 20 of the most common names in Germany/Austria/Switzerland and is NOT a “Jewish name”. A boy is Jewish of the MOTHER is Jewish and IF HE IS circumcised in a rabbinacal approved way.

It didn’t take long for the black community in the U.S.A. to show her antisemitism, racism and to blame the Jews.

And to Ira: you should be ahsamed.

German, you should know this. The Nuremberg Laws, as they became known, did not define a “Jew” as someone with particular religious beliefs. Instead, anyone who had three or four Jewish grandparents was defined as a Jew, regardless of whether that individual identified himself or herself as a Jew or belonged to the Jewish religious community. Many Germans who had not practiced Judaism for years found themselves caught in the grip of Nazi terror. Even people with Jewish grandparents who had converted to Christianity were defined as Jews. (U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum) German, you know that George Zimmerman’s father would have gone to the camps. If you die as a Jew, you are part of the tribe(the 6 million).

German says:

Ira, are you a Nazi? This is a serious question because you define Jews through Nazi definition instead of Jewish law.

German says:

Another question, Ira: since you prefere to define Jews through the Nuremberger Laws is it correct for you to define blacks as inferior only half-intelligent asocial subhumans as the Nuremberger Laws did?

From where did you pop up? Stormfront?

Anon258 says:

Robert Zimmerman is religiously raised Catholic, he is though the son of a German born Ashkenazi Jew, the former country court magistrate Robert Zimmerman. His mother is a Peruvian Mezito

    Your post is a complete fairy tale and you are a liar!Zimmerman’s dad is a christian of German decent not Jewish at all.His father is a devout catholic and his neighbors describe the zimmermans as very strong Catholic’s who are devoted to their church. I am so sick of you retarded Jew haters you make me want to leave the usa and move to israel.Are you goyim really so damn stupid and hateful or does the internet just bring out millions of assholes ?

frank howard says:

Zimmerman is Jewish no question. Police reports relieved that Zimmerman was going to sue Martin for ethnic intimidation. Zimmerman told police “I AM A JEW, AND I AM PROUD OF IT”. He went on to say “MARTIN IS AN ANTI-SEMI”

    the reason  they think he is jew its because they hide behind christian names to be the crooks they are.
    They are like termites working on the underground and letting others take the fall for them  for their dirty deeds . Personally I don’t want them in my country. They are like buzzerds

      profwatson says:

      Robert Zimmerman, the father, told the Orlando Sentinal “George Zimmerman is Hispanic and grew up in a multiracial family.”
      Barack Obama also has one white parent. The media never calls him a “white man.”

      ” buzzerds” I think you need a Jewish teacher to show you how to spell moron!

      Chris Douglas says:

      I agree with orkin.

     Not everything you read on the internet is true. No actual news agency has reported that.

    Zimmerman didn’t even know who Martin was when he killed him; how could he have yelled what you claim he did? You are repeating lies invented by antisemites. I’m not sure if you are one yourself, or just guillable.


    FakeOne Dust says:

    Zimmerman is a German last name.

      Chris Douglas says:

      Zimmerman is a German last name. When the jews occupied Germany they took some German names with them. Zimmerman is either half jew or half German and Zimmerman is not half German.

German says:

frank howard, even IF it is true that Zimmerman Sen. is a Jew his son is certainly NOT a Jew except you use NS racist ideology to define Jews. Do you?

Under Jewish law Zimmerman Jun. is by no definition a Jew, he is a Catholic Christian.

German says:

frank howard

>>>Zimmerman told police “I AM A JEW, AND I AM PROUD OF IT”. He went on to say “MARTIN IS AN ANTI-SEMI”<<<

You have any evidence for this claim? Show me. I don't take the word from one who uses NS racist ideology.

“The Law of Return attempts to provide sanctuary as a citizen in Israel to anyone who would be persecuted under the Nuremberg Laws. As the Nuremberg Laws did not use a halakhic definition in its definition of “Who is a Jew”, the Law of Return definition for citizenship eligibility is not halakhic, either. The Law of Return provides sanctuary to anyone covered by the definition under the Nuremberg Law.” Wikipedia.
German, it is clear that you are the “fake Jew” in this discussion. Case closed.


One can be Latin and Jewish. I’m so glad that Zimmerman is not Jewish! I’m Jewish and I have never killed anyone, and I never would, and neither would most Jewish people.

Even if Zimmerman were Jewish which he is not,I would still
I think he should have been arrested. I think a complete police investigation would never have been complete enough if black people and others had kept their mouths shut. There is still injustice when it comes to race in America and all over the world.

    the reason they think he is jew its because they hide behind christian names to be the crooks they are.
    They are like termites working on the underground and letting others take the fall for them for their dirty deeds . Personally I don’t want them in my country. They are like buzzerds

Eileen dear, Yigal Amir (Hebrew: יגאל עמיר‎, born May 23, 1970) is the Israeli assassin of Prime Minister of Israel Yitzhak Rabin. Amir’s claim that he was acting in accordance with Jewish law was rejected: “The attempt to grant religious authority to the murder…is completely inappropriate and amounts to cynical exploitation of Jewish law.”

We can see that the Jewish fundamentalists are really similar to any other extremist group. Extremism is the enemy of civilized people.

Shaun says:

Hmmm. Zimmerman…Zimmerman…nope, no way that’s Jewish.

Perception is reality. Zimmeran is perceived as Jewish by many. That anti Semite, Al Sharpton is at it again. According to a 1993 report in the Jewish Forward by legendary reporter Philip Gourevitch, Al Sharton said: “Talk about how Oppenheimer in South Africa sends diamonds straight to Tel Aviv and deals with the diamond merchants right here in Crown Heights. The issue is not anti-Semitism; the issue is apartheid. . . . All we want to say is what Jesus said: If you offend one of these little ones, you got to pay for it. No compromise, no meetings, no coffee klatsch, no skinnin’ and grinnin’.”

Based on everything we have seen and read, Sharpton never called upon the rioters to stop their anti-Semitism-inspired violence. He never called on the rioters to go home. To the contrary, he stirred them up. And three days of anti-Semitic violence became the Crown Heights riots.

Jesse Jackson, is another noted anti-Semite, and he is involved as well.

    the reason they think he is jew its because they hide behind christian names to be the crooks they are.
    They are like termites working on the underground and letting others take the fall for them for their dirty deeds . Personally I don’t want them in my country. They are like buzzerds

Jaime says:

He is a Jew, as Jews have denied Jesus because HE was not to their benefit, they are trying night and day to make him a Latino. There are Jews among the Latin Community. I wonder if he had saved hundreds of lives, Jews would be eager to make a true Jew. Sad but true, they failed to say what is his religion and for that matter of his father.

    Actually idiot from day one articles have stated that zimmerman’s father and mother are devout catholic’s and george zimmerman is active in church as well.

CuriousDave says:

So how did he get a last name that is Germanic (rather than Spanish or Latino) in origin, especially with the -man ending that usually (though not always) distinguishes the Jewish version of a name from the German version -mann?

    Man at the end of a name is overwhelmingly christian not a Jewish name. Man is a very common ending of protestant English names millions of them in fact live in the us and England .German Jews have two nn at the end of their names. The first president of israel was named chaim weizmann does that mean he was a German christian?Millions of Germans Jews and Christians alike anglicized their names and dropped the second n learn the facts retard.

Samir Halabi says:

What a lot of hogwash some of your commenter’s are, they describe Ashkenazi Jews as being white and of Khazari ancestry. 
The majority of Askenazi Jews have distinct Semitic features. A vast percentage of German Jews before the Holocaust had Semitic features and could also easily have passed themselves off as Spanish, Italian, Greek and even Arabic. The overall percentage of Polish & Russian Jews had Semitic features, as did the Romanians, Hungarians, Yugoslavian, Bulgarian and Albanian Jews,  In 1492 when the golden age of the Iberian Jews came to an end hundred of thousands of Jews were exiled from Spain and five years later also from Portugal, were then invited by Sultan Bayezid ll to settle in Turkey and the Balkans which was all part of the Turkish Empire, including North Africa and the middle-East. many Ashkenazi actors have taken parts of Arabs, Spaniards, Turks, and other’s in films. A genetic blood test also proved that the overall percentage of Jews from Northern, Western eastern and southern Europe including Jews from Iraq, Syria, and the Maghreb, therefore the Jews from Poland and the Jews from Iraq matched, but the Jews from Poland and the Polish gentiles didn’t match, nor did the blood groupings from the Iraqi Jews and gentiles  match either. Today it’s very fashionable when it is agreeable to certain people to state that being Jewish denotes only a religion and not an ethnic group, therefore these same people are politically trying to delegitimize Israel by emphasizing that Jews are just a religion and that they are not Semitic, therefore haven’t any right to be there, that possibly the Jews from the Arab world are the real ethnic Jews, well let me tell you that many Arabs look like white Scandinavians, and many Arabs are not Arabic but Black. If Jews are not an ethnic group why were six million slaughtered by Nazi-Germany under the orders of Hitler. Why didn’t you  people or your descendants object to the genocide being carried out against the Jewish people if as you are so adamant in repeating the same mantra that being Jewish doesn’t denote ethnicity.

    dsarah3 says:

    many ashkenazi jews are blond or red-haired and light-skinned with blue or green eyes. there are also many converts – if someone converted according to Jewish law, they are 100% Jewish – so your “definition” is ridiculous and your comment that the “vast majority of German Jews before the Holocaust had Semitic features…” is simply wrong. The Jewish people are a nation.

      You are absolutely correct in fact the majority of Ashkenazi Jews are lighter in completion, eye color,hair color and taller than the vast majority of southern and eastern Europeans.Millions of German “aryans” could easily pass as dark middle easterners and that is the truth.

    Semitic is a language grouping not a race, so how the hell can you have “Semitic features”? Millions of German Christians also were dark and short so lets cut the tired stereotypes out.

jimmy2times says:

lol why is it when a jewish person or a person thought to be jewish does something wrong, these jewish newspapers and news sites say “not jewish” like all jews are perfect and dont commit sin. I thought it was really funny when Kramer (from sienfeld) who is not a jew but thought to be beacuse of his TV role made that racist rant at that comedy gig. I remember straight away all the jewish papers were like: “KRAMER IS NOT JEWISH” lol
But sticking to the point yes Zimmerman comes from a mixed backround but is jewish on his fathers side, so get your facts straight before disowning one of your own.

    Firstly shitstick Zimmerman is not Jewish his father is a catholic of German ancestry, like 99.999% of Zimmerman’s in this world.Zimmerman is one of the most popular names in Germany and Austria as well.So why is it when a German christian name is involved in a crime mutts like you wrongly assume they are Jews???

      most Germans are not catholic…

      My last name is Schneider very common German name but there are many Jews with the last name Schneider… most Europeans last name represent what their trade was at the time of receiving their last name.. Example: Schneider means Tailor so some where back in my ancestry some one was a tailor

jimmy2times says:

lol why is it when a jewish person or a person thought to be jewish does something wrong, these jewish newspapers and news sites say “not jewish” like all jews are perfect and dont commit sin. I thought it was really funny when Kramer (from sienfeld) who is not a jew but thought to be beacuse of his TV role made that racist rant at that comedy gig. I remember straight away all the jewish papers were like: “KRAMER IS NOT JEWISH” lol
But sticking to the point yes Zimmerman comes from a mixed backround but is jewish on his fathers side, so get your facts straight before disowning one of your own.

Layton Craft says:

Modest Mouse @ The Retreat at Twin Lakes, Sanford Fla. A Casa Verde Production February 2011. -Layton Craft

Layton Craft says:

Modest Mouse @ The Retreat at Twin Lakes, Sanford Fla. A Casa Verde Production February 2011. -Layton Craft

Deena says:

‘Jew’, like All ‘races’ is determined by the Seed/Father!!! – ‘jew’ is not by faith; but by Bloodline!!! – George Zimmerman(like his father) is a jew!! – Not an Israelite, but a jew!!!

necroclerico says:

Zimmermann is so latin! A mexican surname, like Allen, Abrahamovic, Cohen or Levi. True mexican ancestors. If he was named as Gutierrez or Lopez or Navarro i would say: Ok may be Jewish ancestors….. case closed!

FakeOne Dust says:

WIKIPEDIA: Zimmerman

Zimmerman derives from the German last name Zimmermann which means carpenter. Within the United States, it is ranked as the 441st-most common surname.[1]
Zimmerman is often confused with Zimmermann. The loss or addition of the double “n” may imply many things. This may include racial, ethnic, religious or other cultural variations.[2] Many German names were often Anglicized or simplified by immigration officials upon entry into the United States. With Zimmermann the double ‘n’ Zimmermann was often seen as redundant in countries where English was spoken. As a part of routine, German names were often Anglicized or simplified later by immigrants to better fit in. Zimmerman became Carpenter for . Sometimes this was done by immigration officials upon entry into the United States when the immigrant did not know how to spell their name and that variant became the legal name.

Ir Travis says:

Any new news on this? Zimmerman’s dad, born Jewish later converted? Correct?

The whole article is based on a false premise since you can be *both* Hispanic *and* Jewish. (Buenos Aires is known as somewhat of a Jewish city like New York and Amsterdam for example.)

I wanted to thank you for this fantastic read!
! I absolutely enjoyed every bit of it. I have got you bookmarked to look at new stuff you post…


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Zimmerman, Trayvon Martin’s Killer, Not Jewish

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