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Sundown: War Game Shows Iran War No Game

Plus anti-war meme hits Facebook, Omar Sharif-stein, and more

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• A classified U.S. war game has military officials worried about the likelihood of involvement following an Israeli attack on Iran. [NYT]

• But Israelis and Iranians love each other! Or some of them do, on Facebook. Speaking of which, Happy Nowruz! [+972]

• Omar Sharif, Jr., is Omar Sharif’s grandson. He’s also gay and half-Jewish. [Advocate]

• The half-black, half-Jewish, all-American Irish dancing champ. [NYT]

• Top Obama adviser David Axelrod used the questionable term “Mittzkrieg” on Twitter today. [Twitter David Axelrod]

• Somebody should save the Baltimore Jewish Times (and also Washington City Paper). [JTA/Forward]

Fifty years ago today, Bob Dylan’s first album dropped. It included his original version of “Baby Let Me Follow You Down,” a tune he picked up “in the green pastures of Harvard University.” But that version’s not on YouTube, so you’ll have to “settle” for the Royal Albert Hall 1966 version.

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If this is an indication of US level of preparedness for an Iranian counterstrike, what does that say about the state of US preparedness to fulfill its obligations to the defense of the region’s oil? And from this “anonymous” source it is clear that after a decade of allowing the Iranian nuclear program to progress to this point, that the US never intended to confront the problem of its own creation. American strategy, if exploiting Israel to do its dirt rates that inflated word, has never been to lead, to protect its interests. And in the end, after the US loses its 200 sacrificial sailors and finally does attack, it s true strategy, to allow the world to blame Israel for the economic fallout, will see the light.

Two hundred US servicemen in order not to be responsible? But that has been in play since Bush talked tough and left it to Obama to play the game out.

Once Bush empowered Iran by ridding the mullahs of their only credible enemy Ahmadinejad has been on a roll and so has the US, towards the exit. Not just from Iraq and Afghanistan, two lost wars no doubt making the military hesitant to face yet one more; but seemingly in retreat also from the region, and just possibly its role as global superpower.
Play the script out. If the US cant even protect Arab oil from the Persians, particularly after the blunders of replacing Mubarak with the Muslim Brotherhood; with decapitating the Libyan regime and not accounting for proxies of the same Brotherhood (unless al-Qaueda prevails!) inheriting that “revolution” also; backing the insurgents in Bahrain who, if the king were overthrown would mean that massive US Fifth Fleet base would house the Iranian navy instead.
To say nothing about nuclear proliferation in one of the most unstable regions of the world; or the possibility of, since Iran is already purported to be a major supporter of Islamist terror, likelihood of suitcase nuclear devices also blossoming: in London, New York and in most cities you care to name.
But just sticking to the script of the US seeking the exit door, guess who? Turn the clock back five decades and the US defeat of the Russians in the region. This time, without firing a shot (except for the unfortunate and hypothetical 200 sailors) Russia returns. And Russia controls the global economy through oil. And Russia has Europe sandwiched between the Med and Moscow.

jake says:

I think the article has more to do with the NYtimes stance on the subject than anything else.
Israel and the US have played out numerous war games out on this (I recall one being hosted at Harvard within the last 18 months).
They all come out the same thing- the war would be devestating.


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Sundown: War Game Shows Iran War No Game

Plus anti-war meme hits Facebook, Omar Sharif-stein, and more

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