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Daybreak: Obama Talks of Urgency on Iran

Plus West Bank statehood edifice collapsing, and more in the news

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President Obama (with Prime Minister David Cameron) yesterday.(Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images)

• THE “WINDOW FOR DIPLOMACY IS SHRINKING,” President Obama warned Iran yesterday. He maintained that there is still room and time, however. [Haaretz]

• THE PROSPECT OF WEST BANK STATEHOOD IS HAMPERED by economic slowdown and lowered aid, the World Bank reported. A year ago, the same institution said that economic growth helped make the case for sovereignty. [Haaretz]

• SYRIA’S MAIN OPPOSITION GROUP IS WEAKENING, with several key members leaving, accusing it of being dominated by the Muslim Brotherhood. [NYT]

• PRESIDENT AHMADINEJAD SUBMITTED TO UNPRECEDENTED PARLIAMENTARY GRILLING, in one sign of how power relations at the top are not so clear-cut in the Islamic Republic. [NYT]

• IRAN FUNDED, TRAINED, AND ORDERED 22 OPERATIVES to attack Jewish, Israeli, and Western targets in Baku, Azeri police reported. [Haaretz]

• DETERRENCE IS BEST, argues Fareed Zakaria (quoting a young Charles Krauthammer). [WP]

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willy says:

This cat will hide your hat and help you look for it. If you think Barry Sotero is looking out for the welfare of Israel think again. His allegence is to soros the UN, homosexuality, baby killing, bringing down christianity and jews and himself. Bombs away!

Hershel (Heshy) Ginsburg says:

“DETERRENCE IS BEST, argues Fareed Zakaria”

And I sure that Zakaria is willing to test his theory on every last Israeli.

Again, comparing the apocalyptic visioned Iranian leadership who fervently believe that the Mahdi, the 12th Imam will return as a result of fiery war and that his return can be hastened by starting such a war, to an atheistic European-rational USSR demonstrates Zakria’s ignorance about Iran or his ostrichism or both (and maybe MT’s too).

Deterrence is based on MAD – Mutually Assured Destruction, and as the doyen of Middle Eastern scholars, Bernard Lewis has stated many times, for the Iranian leadership MAD is not a deterrent but an incentive.

One more point: Deterrence is necessarily based on believing that you (Iran in this case) believe that nuclear retaliation is guarantied. Assuming Israel were nuked, can you imagine that Obama would attack Iran with nukes?

And even if Israel could still launch a second strike, don’t you hear Obama, Clinton & the EUniks telling Israel to act “with restraint”. I could well imagine Obama telling Israel that if it wants that badly needed aid to rebuild after being nuked, don’t retaliate. I could easily see Zakaria advocating such a position. Indeed at least one military ethicist (Michael Walzer if my memory servers me) pontificated that while it would be moral for Israel to attack Iran even with nukes to prevent being nuked, retaliation after being nuked is a no-no.

Zakria also conveniently forgets that Ayatollah Rafsanjani (whom the “enlightened” & “progressive” media labels a moderate) has publicly mused about Iran losing 1/3 to 1/2 its population in a nuclear exchange as worthwhile sacrifice to get rid of Israel. It was Rafsanjani who coined the term “One bomb country” to describe Israel.

So Zakaria & the Tabletarians who don’t have to take responsibility for their pontifications will forgive me if I decline to be their canary in the Iranian nuclear mine.


J’elm / Efrata

George One says:

Syria: Of course if the present regime falls the MB would take over. This is the case in all the Arab countries. Talk of an Arab Spring, it’s more like an Arab winter or an Arab night. If there’s something worse than a military dictatorship, it is a theocratic dictatorship.

Hershel (Heshy) Ginsburg says:

For a fuller, more intellectually honest discussion of Israel’s Iran conundrum than either Fareed Zakaria or Tablet has to offer, see Ari Shavit in Ha’aretz, here:



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Daybreak: Obama Talks of Urgency on Iran

Plus West Bank statehood edifice collapsing, and more in the news

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