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Sundown: Poll Shows Jews Moving to GOP

Plus Wexler on the problem of building on swappable land, and more

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Rep. Eric Cantor may get some company!(Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images)

• A new Pew poll suggests the Jewish vote is trending Republican in a more pronounced fashion than the general populace’s. Big news if it shows up in November. [Forward]

• In a remarkable report, Robert Worth finds an official Iranian attempt to co-opt the Arab Spring failing in light of the leadership’s continued support for the Assad regime. [NYT]

• At Herzliya, former Congressman and Obama ally Robert Wexler questioned whether Israel should be building on West Bank land such that the amount of land swapped in a final deal is diminished. He is doing the Lord’s work, pun intended. [JPost]

• A French Jewish woman is embroiled in a custody battle with a Saudi prince. Wait, what? [JTA]

• Coffee with Shalom Auslander. [Capital]

• The Anti-Defamation League lambasted a local Italian politician for calling Roberto Benigni a “communist billionaire Jew,” which we back the group on. It added, “He is a man to be celebrated, not insulted.”… Yeah? [Ynet]

“I am what they call a Jew,” says The O.C. creator Josh Schwartz, “which means that I am neurotic and have a habit of falling into tailspins of anxiety.” It’s not just Jewish bloggers? Also, remember how this is the best plotline in television history?

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shavit says:

“A French Jewish woman is embroiled in a custody battle with a Saudi prince. Wait, what?”

I can only hope there is an article giving the backstory on this coming out very soon …

The Pew poll citation is misleading, since it lumps together people who describe themselves as supporting a party and those who simply say that they ‘lean’ towards it.

For the population as a whole, looking just at hard support, Republicans have held constant at 28%, Democrats have dropped 4% to 34%, and Independents (those who lean one way or the other but are not committed to either party) have increased by 4%.

For Jews (and for other religions), these two categories are lumped together, making their headline (“Jewish Support for GOP Rises”) a bit of a push.

One could be more positive and say that, according to their data, two thirds of Jews are still prefer the Democratic party.

And for Jews in 2011, the margin of error is 6.5, making the aggregate gain statistically significant, but casting question on the significant of rep/lean data if separated.

GOP activists have been claiming that there would be a significant shift of Jewish voters towards the Republican Party for as long as I remember, but this shift has simply not materialized. In fact, American Jews have been more solidly with the Democrats over the last twenty years than they were in the in the preceding twenty.

Not saying that a shift is impossible, but just that we shouldn’t take these claims too seriously until there has been an election.

As to Wexler, Obama and Israel, here is an interesting discussion:

“Fool me twice
By Caroline B. Glick

The useful idiot who pre-election promised American Jewish leaders that Obama was Israel’s best friend and only hope, was back shilling in the Holy Land. This time, though, he was pushing more territorial compromises in the name of peace.
A reminder of the damage Former US Congressman Robert Wexler has done — and a warning of what he intends to do….”


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Sundown: Poll Shows Jews Moving to GOP

Plus Wexler on the problem of building on swappable land, and more

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