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Not Laughing at That Birthright Parody

Israel is growing unfunny with age

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Still from the offending skit.(Eretz Nehederet)

Eretz Nehederet is Israel’s most popular television comedy show. When its seventh season debuted last week, it climbed to the top of the ratings, watched by an astonishing 38.5 percent of the adult population. Among its skits was this sophomoric sketch of American college students on a Taglit-Birthright tour of Israel. It’s been making the rounds stateside.

To hear Israel’s comedy geniuses tell it, young American Jews come in three flavors. There’s the fat stoner whose vocabulary consists solely of the word “awesome!” There’s the fat and ugly girl, played by a man and sounding like a deflated dog’s chew toy. And there’s the hot JAP who brags about the fact that her home in the Hamptons is bigger than the entirety of the Jewish state.

At first, I attributed the whole thing to laziness: Stereotypes, after all, are the bluntest weapon in the joke writer’s arsenal. But then I got to thinking. There’s a reason Israelis still find JAP jokes to be the height of comedy, and it has nothing to do with Americans and everything to do with Israelis.

Once upon a time, Israelis saw themselves as khaki-clad toughs, the sort of people who could hop on a plane and fly to Entebbe and free hostages and kick ass. This time was called the 1970s. Since then, the same thing happened to Israel that happens to anyone who grows older and wealthier: It settled down, it got fat, it became better-known for its high-tech entrepreneurs than for its commandos. When it tried to assassinate Hamas’ Khaled Meshaal by injecting poison into his ear, it failed miserably and was shamed into handing Meshaal the antidote. It carried out an operation in Dubai that was more Fletch than James Bond.

So, rather than age gracefully, Israel went looking for someone to pick on. And American Jews are an easy target. They’re gullible—can you believe all the money those suckers are giving us?!? They’re soft, what with spending four years in college instead of three years at some silly desk job, which is what the majority of Israel Defense Forces soldiers end up doing. They’re Diaspora. Let’s make fun of them.

This dynamic, I think, explains the recent spate of insults emanating from Israel, which in addition to this sketch include those preposterous ads encouraging Israelis living in the United States to return home at once. Psychologists call it cognitive dissonance: When someone—a person or a state—holds strong beliefs and perceptions and then those beliefs and perceptions are suddenly and strongly negated by reality, one solution is to introduce a new idea that resolves the tension. In this case, the calming idea is this distortion of American Jews: It doesn’t matter, Israelis tell themselves, that we’re no longer as invincible as we would like to believe we are, because these soft suckers, our cousins from America, are downright laughable.

Meanwhile, it would be big of American Jews who care about Israel, in the face of this ridiculous ridicule, to find a way to help the Jewish state resolve its self-destructive neuroses.

Israeli Parody of Taglit-Birthright Propaganda Trips [Eretz Nehederet]
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A Chicagoan says:

Thank you. When I first saw this clip circulate I thought it was dumb and also jerky. Birthright groups are pretty easy targets, but a lot of the participants have genuinely powerful experiences on their trips. I’ve led a trip and been a participant, and I think it would be pretty tough for any TBI participants to think that this is Israel’s view of them.

Maayan says:

Lighten up. Jeez. You didn’t find it funny? fine. But how is that related to hating on America? Eretz Nehederet is a satire show where they make fun of stuff… all sorts of stuff. Usually the people they make fun of take it as a mark of distinction.
Putting a single comedy sketch in the same category as government policies, or using it as evidence for ‘cognitive dissonance’ is crazy.

Michael Rosenberg says:

Hilarious video.Of course Israelis find it funny and American Zionists are offended. The same dynamic applies to politics. Israelis say what they want about the occupation, Netanyahu and Iran war fever but Americans who do are practically put under herem. Maybe this is a good reason for aliya, to get away from the enforcers of pro-Israel orthodoxy and be free. Also, no AIPAC in Israel.

The skit is indeed sophomoric as are all of Eretz Nehederet’s skits and as are the skits of well known American comedy shows. It doesn’t say anything about Israel or about Israeli’s attitudes to Taglit or American Jews and I speak as former American Jew who has lived in Israel for more than 35 years and as someone who has had relatives and friends participating in Taglit as visitors and Israeli guides who all have nothing but raves for the program.
However the article , as other articles of Mr. Leibovitz’s, has something to say about Mr. Leibovitz. Please Mr.Leibovitz, live wherever you want , we don’t really care, but stop pestering us with your unresolved conflicts. That’s something you should work out in the privacy of your own home or with the help of a counselor.

Ditto on Aaron’s comments. Let’s hope someone there at Tablet actually looks at this feedback from readers.

Lansing Reed says:

Ditto again on Aaron’s comments.

Geoff M says:

Hmm. Maybe it’s payback to the American Jewish community for producing such self-righteous progressive twits (forgive the redundancy) as Peter Beinart & Tom Friedman who are making a mint railing about how reactionary Israelis are. Or for producing the likes of Phil Weiss & Max Blumenthal who dedicate their entire lives towards delegitimizing & destroying Israel.

Frankly, however, I think inflicting our shores with the likes of Liel Leibovitz is pay back enough.

Yeah, okay, the skit was uneven at best and boorish at worst; and if this is what Israel is using to compare itself to SNL, then they’re overrating their product.

But frankly, Birthright deserves a little lampooning. Send your kid on a 2-week janut to Israel, where they’ll be dragged all over the place with nary enough time for instrospection and consideration of the complicatedness of the place and its people — but they might get to party with some off-duty soldiers (this was the report from a former student of mine who went: “the beer tasted lame but it was plentiful”).

Birthright was created by Jewish philanthropists NOT to truly educate Diaspora youth about Israel, but to use a slickly-designed product with a tightly-controlled message to grow future generations of Jewish philanthropists.

I’ve never been to Israel and on my wages I doubt I’ll ever be able to afford the trip, but I’ve always wondered what Israelis think about North American Jews sending their kids to tramp around Israel like it’s some kind of Jewish theme park. If nothing else, this poorly-acted and poorly-written skit at least gives me a notion that perhaps some Israelis are a little over the novelty of so much love from American Jews. I’d love to hear more about it in the hands of better writers.

I actually found the impression of Birthright participants to be fairly spot-on. But then again, I’m sure lots of people have emotional feelings about Israel, what with the lack of sleep and all in a foreign country. The 10 days of pseudo-immersion together with a bunch of unintelligent college students.

Jersey Shore?

Where’s the cognitive dissonance? The video jokes about Israelis cynically playing the victim, stumbling over land mines, and treating women poorly–while pretending not to. Nobody in the video comes off well–in other words, it’s an indiscriminate satire.

American Jews – Your country is not in danger of being annihalated. Your are not in danger of blowing up every day. You do not have to do military service. You do not have to face the grim reality of israelis. Get out of your lazy boy and come see what life in israel is about. Whiners.

Eyal, Israely says:

please pay no attention to Eretz Nehederet, their writers represent Isreal’s media which is self hating post zionist.
Dont let them tare us apart.

We are all one, every one of us has his own part.

keep on visitig us, Israel will always be your safe home whenever you will need it

This show is probably not the most politically correct show on TV here, but its success comes from the fact that it makes fun of evrybody without restraints. I myself belong to many sociological groups they make fun of – left wing ashkenazim etc, and I laugh at it and choose not to be offended.
So should you, now that youre in the spotlight.
Its clear to everyone here that they work on streotypes, and that american jewery is not realy ridiculous as they are portraied. Same goes for Settlers, right wingers, Ethiopians etc etc that are ridiculed every week.
I can understand if you find it distasteful, just dont get offended. We dont perceive you this way


Will Liel be psychoanalyzing the Colbert Report next week?
I can’t wait to hear what it says about the American Left.

Are you actually going to get all insulted over a self ctriticism sketch ( it was actually scolding the way these youths were played for fools by the guide’s zionist propaganda) from a show stereotyping everyone? You Yanks need to grow a sense of humor.
We appreciate your care for Israel, however no one is immune to the sting of satire, no one. This is an independent show, they can laugh at whomever they want. They represent nothing but the humor of the sketch makers.

That’s really just a skit.
I’m sad to see you didn’t get it and wrote a nice hate speech because of it.
This show is our SNL or w/e for 9 seasons.
And for 9 seasons they didn’t say a word about taglit, but criticized all the political spectrum and every taboo.
Every group that didn’t get the joke was offended by it. Every group that don’t have the ability of self-humor complained it’s not funny.
And now for the joke you didn’t get – this skit is criticizing us. It’s about how we (Israelis) take advantage of those nice Israel-enthusiastics.
And it’s criticizing you, the concerned parents, who don’t know how your kids take this “Birthright” and make it a jewish springbreak.
If you want to check it, come to Jerusalem on thursday and saturday nights and see how there’s more drunk tourists than locals.

Uri Rantzer says:

im Israeli, i didnt read anything above because its not interesting but i just want to say please help stop ‘Taglit’ project, for most israelies you are NOT welcome, they come here for a few weeks to have orgies, drugs and drink under a cover of a zionist birthright crap, in actuality no one ever makes aliya. i hate americans because your making noise every night under my window in the summer, americans think they are supreme but what they dont know is that everybody thinks of them as a bunch of stupid apes who all act and dress the same and are extreemly shalow.

Was this article written as a joke? How do you link together a comedy show, the antebe operation, Israeli hi tech and the JNF to come up with this rediculous and incitful conclusion? This is one of the least silliest articles I have read in a long time. Thank you for insulting my intelligence. Seriously!

Uri Zackhem says:

I liked the sketch. It was very funny. Also, I don’t like this Taglit project, and even the name infuriates me: ‘Birthright’. What birthright? Just because you are Jewish? What about the Palestinian refugees? It’s their birthright! Keep your money in your community and don’t immigrate here. Yankees go home.

daniel levi says:

Obviosly something got your panties in a pile of expired homus. you’re all over the map and can’t seem to figure your tripe.

“Once upon a time, Israelis saw themselves as khaki-clad toughs, the sort of people who could hop on a plane and fly to Entebbe and free hostages and kick ass.” are you for real?!
Israel still train the most highly qualified secret service and commando rescue units. get a clue.
“Since then…It settled down, it got fat, it became better-known for its high-tech entrepreneurs than for its commandos.”
if it wasn’t for these bright minds many internet wonders would not see the light of day. intellectual laziness in full display. When it tried to assassinate Hamas’ Khaled Meshaal by injecting poison into his ear, it failed miserably…”

the screw ups by the CIA were infinitely worse and carried dire consequences.
JAP’s are REAL! still! i was engaged to one. that fat tubOlard is ubiquitous as Mcdonnalds and low education states.

“They’re soft, what with spending four years in college instead of three years at some silly desk job, which is what the majority of Israel Defense Forces soldiers end up doing. ”
Just by being 3 years(2 for girls) mandatory and having to go through recruit service complete negates your ridiculous assertion.
experiencing terrorism ( on both side ) and constant war within the borders of your country is quite different then watching it on CNN.

– Daniel levi, tel-aviv

yonatan from israel says:

This is not the Israeli public opinion on the Jewish-American youth.
The Israeli media is under the control of egocentric modern-AntiZionist, and its broadcast content reflects this point of view, and not only about the Taglit project.
They ridicule to the Israeli society and its strong affinity to their Jewish brothers and sisters in the diaspora.
Most of this show viewers are children how doesn’t understudy the mining of what they watching.
תודה ושלום מישראל :)

You clearly CLEARLY are very shortsighted when it comes to the Israeli psyche – so when you point one finger, note the three pointing back at you. This is ridiculous. Israelis make fun of everyone – including themselves. You can’t understand Israel’s culture until you’ve lived here (which you clearly haven’t if you can sum up 63 years of culture as “commandos to fat entrepreneurs who aren’t even good at being commandos”.

I was on 2 birthright trips and I’ve lived in Israel for 8 years. This is closer to what an actual taglit trip looks like (on mine an ex-Satmar charedi girl hooked up with an Arab (Abed, who she was certain was an Israeli and I didn’t have the heart to break her bubble) instead of a Charkassi and there was an odd positive correlation between Jappyness and number of tears at the Kotel… What they missed were the non-jews who lie to get a free trip to Israel. There were at least 5 of those in total on my trips)… Maybe that ended after Madoff.

So, lighten up and if you want to really understand Israeli culture and its humor (in all its amazing glory) try actually moving to Israel. Just because you write one book and can bill yourself as a ‘historian’ it’s pure hubris to think that you can pass yourself off as a commentator on current Israeli culture with any actual weight, knowledge or actual insight.
It’s sad to see that you really think you’re somehow defending global Jewry by pointing a finger at the Israelis. You can judge when you are one – which you’re welcome to become. But I’m sure writing about someone else’s experience is more comfortable than actually living your own “Aliya”.

harel from israel says:

As an Israeli Jew, I don’t think the problem is the American youths who might be a bit loud occasionally, it is with the idea the project is partly funded by the Israeli govt. (yes, I am aware that it’s co-sponsored by some American billionaires as well) but the fact is that as much as it would be lovely to host the world’s young jewry on an annual basis, the state has a responsibility first and foremost to it’s own citizens, Jewish or Arab – those who live here and pay taxes. it seems somewhat unfair that Israeli students must work to pay their university tuitions, while partially funding some American youth’s nationalistic brainwashing party-camp with their taxes. If Americans want to live here, the law currently allows it. but to use public funds for such a trip seem unfair to some israelis, whether they be Leftists or Right wing, Ultra-Zionists or those who might have post-Zionist views. I think that even most American jews could understand this feeling…

harel from israel says:

Just to illustrate my point – The Israeli govt. has promised more than 300 million NIS in funding to the “Taglit” project over the next 3 years. yet when Israelis have gone to the streets to protest the high cost of living and the lack of govt. run social programes the answer was that “There is not enough money” – it seems that a lot can be done with 300 million tax payers money to advance Israel’s welfare – other than Taglit. loans for young homeowners, babysitters for working-mums, buses to take soldiers home, and govt subsidies for high petrol costs. – All Jews are welcome to come to Israel, when they decide “make Aliya” the Govt. of Israel assists with generous grants too, but as I said – this is unfair, so have some sense of humor and stop the self-righteous whining…

Tony Tone says:

Are you applying for a jon at the Atlanta Jewish Times?

Jojlolo says:

1/ Eretz Nehederet is low level politically correct left-wing humor – which means it is not very funny. But Israelis sense of humor is not very good. Liel – Eretz Nehederet is made by people with the same political vision as yours. Now you see how stupid it is.
Latma – that hopefully will get a show soon on TV – is 10 times funnier (and right-wing).

2/ Birthright is a great project and most Israelis support it. But yes American teens are loud, not very cultivated, and drink a lot.

“Israel went looking for someone to pick on”. How did you manage to extrapolate from that clip to the whole country, including official government policy?

Gosh you really need to get over yourself. One not very funny satirical clip from a leftwing Israeli media outlet and you have let loose a tirade of vitriol, writing off the whole country. It just seems like an excuse for you to reveal your true feelings about Israel.

Amongst other things it’s too bad that you didn’t mention that half of the Taglit budget comes from the Israeli government, meaning Israeli taxpayers, meaning moi. This is whilst many Israeli children cannot afford their annual three day class trip in Israel.

And you should really think twice before disparaging the IDF. Yes, reality is complex, and maybe some soldiers have a cushy desk job, but many, many do not, and wholeheartedly serve their country and their people in extremely difficult conditions, that most of us would not be able to endure for two minutes. And some of those desk jobs are not so silly, intelligence saves lives too.

You also reveal an extremely patronising attitude towards Israel. If you want to visit, bevakasha, if you want to make aliya, bevakasha, or contribute in a positive, but not patronising, way, but please do we do not need you to fix us and your professional diagnosis of our “self-destructive neursoses”. It seems to me, in my unprofessional opinion, that maybe you should be the one seeking help for your unresolved anger towards Israel.

JustMe says:

Newsflash: Eretz Nehederet does not speak for Israel, just as Jon Stewart’s show is not an official representative of America.

In addition, Eretz stopped being funny at least three years ago in all their skits, so there’s no need to get your knickers all in a twist about this particular one.

Last but not least, lets agree that a “silly desk job” in the IDF is at least as important as a silly desk job at Tablet.

Ron Kiener says:

You so completely miss the point of this piece, which is described as the first in a series by the TV show. It has much more to do with ridiculing the muscular Zionist message delivered to Birthrighters by the tour guide than it does with the Birthrighters themselves. You viewed this thing through the lens of an American Jew and didn’t even get the point, which is geared to a Sabra audience.

Anton Goodman says:

A response:

“An article in the Tablet, however, took the seven-minute skit and read into it tomes of social commentary, which included: that Israel has got fat and old and botched an attempt to assassinate a Hamas leader in 1997; that “the majority of Israel Defense Soldiers” spend “three years at a silly desk job”; and that Israelis are in cognitive dissonance and have introduced as a “calming idea… this distortion of American Jews”. Which is kind of like a preschooler psychoanalyzing American society through the prism of a Jersey Shore episode, Newt Gingrich’s comments on colonizing the moon, Geico adverts and the Iran-Contra Affair.”

harel from israel says:

With regard to the response in s

harel from israel says:

With regard to the response in the site. I agree that the most of what was said- but he also claims “Israel uses American support and finances as a catalyst for keeping our country dynamic?” – Israeli tax payers finance at least 50 percent of “Taglit” – 100 million dollars a year – that’s a fact you can even look it up. All of the American military and financial aid can be summed up at 3 billion dollars in total. sounds like quite a lot until you realize it’s a mere 3 percent of Israel’s annuel budget. We don’t need your pity or support. it’s very kind of you to offer money if you feel that somehow makes you feel better about yourselves and about the fact you do not live in israel but remember – There are many homeless people in America too, yes – even poor Jews who find it difficult to to pay for healthcare and university. Israel is an independent country and it’s a great shame that we choose act like “street beggars” when it comes to our relationship with America.

harel from israel says:

Israel’s annual budget for 2010 was 313.3 BN shekels. less than 3 percent of that came from the USA. This relationship serves you much more than it serves us.

מתן says:

They laughed also at you, or should have at least= writing from such an orthodox american uptight point of view.
do you think you live in the 90’s or something… ? americans, Jewish americans can and will be laughed at.

As ever, the diversity of comments is awesome — Israelis saying YES, BIRTHRIGHT SUCKS, WE HATE IT, Israelis saying NO WE LOVE BIRTHRIGHT; Israelis saying this TV show is tripe and Israelis saying this TV show is a treasure; Americans saying BIRTHRIGHT SUCKS and Americans saying BIRTHRIGHT ENGENDERS REAL EMOTION; and then the ever-present LIEL IS A MORON contingent. And of course, every single commenter thinks he or she speaks for ALL THE OTHER JEWS. I love our people.

PERSONALLY, I thought the sketch was just as snarky about Israelis (cynical, passively sexist, money-grubbing, dependent on American cash and knowing that getting Americans to cry about the Holocaust is the quickest way to get American cash) as it was about Americans on Birthright trips. And “our homeland is New Jersey!” made me laugh out loud.

I also learned that making fun of Brazilians was a THING. Educational!

Oh, Liel, just when your piece on Leonard Cohen had me completely enthralled to the point of forgetting your Phillip Roth take-down attempt, you give us another humor-impaired piece of total misprision! As many of the previous commentors noted, Israeli satire is an equal-opportunity, somewhat vulgar, hit-and-miss affair. I went to Vimeo expecting to be turned-off and found myself chuckling, if not laughing, out loud. Maybe 30% of the gags were truly funny and well observed, imho. I’ve seen worse on SNL. Seems to me you tried to write a serious socio-political analysis of a snippet of rambunctious and disposable pop humor. Your subject just can’t bear the weight of all that you project onto it.

Eyal, Berlin says:

yep, agree with most here. take it easy, Eretz Nehederet makes fun of EVERYONE and if they made fun of American Jews coming to Israel, you should be happy as they see them as part of their culture… I mean, mine. so, lighten up :)

What an imbecile. Do you actually get paid to write this dribble? I think I smell a position about to become vacant at tablet.


Cognitive dissonance my tuchas !! That is FUNNY .

Doug Greener says:

An article so incredibly stupid and perverse that only intellectuals can believe it. Leibovitz’s Israel is forever tucked in the recesses of his imagination — where it keeps him ignorant and happy.

LazerBeam says:

Self-destructive neuroses are a U.S Jew specialty, but self-delusions of grandeur not so much. Nevertheless, you’ve come to the right place for counseling.

For example, there is the guilt neurosis of being the first one in your family line to cease to be a Jew, letting down everybody back to Abraham, if not at least your great, great, grandpa, the Orthodox Rabbi from Lithuania. Then there are neuroses that derive from the lesser guilt of not supporting the State of Israel with all your heart, soul, and might, and, most importantly, money, or those that derive from not making a pilgrimage to the old sod, ‘er sand box.

Disrespectfully, I had more important things to do in the 1970s than visit Israel, e.g., stay in college, avoid the Vietnam War draft, get a M.S. so that I would be employable, and get a job. I was gainfully employed for more than 30 years. Now that I am older, retired, and in a vacationing mood and mode, I have the time and money, but, the ultra-Right are dictating foreign policy, including threatening to bomb Iran and embarrassing double-talk about new settlements, and the Ultra-Orthodox are dictating how to live one’s life in “modern” Israel while avoiding doing a lick of work because they have to study and live a pious life lest the Lord withdraw his favor from the State of Israel they said was a fraud. So as a Liberal and a cultural but not religious Jew, I lack the inclination to make the pilgrimage.

To get control of your neuroses, get control of the dangerous crazies and lazies that are destroying Israel, and we’ll talk. In the meantime, here’s the number of a good psychologist, because when all you can do is brag about your past successes and are masters only of excuse-making for your present-day failures, you’ve had it boychik. So get over yourself, assume everybody is you, including and especially yourself, and get back to work.

Earn the support you have come to expect and disrespect. Otherwise, its all over but the Rapture.

Being among the 85.5 percent who watched this program hoping to see a glimmer of Eretz Nehederet in its prime, the entire program was a huge dissapointment – a flop.

I was looking for the sharp satire I remember years back: One of the high points (for me, at least) was at the height of the 2000 – 2005 Terror War when they did a piece taking to task Israeli politician Fuad Ben-Eliezer’s statement on Purim that “he had gone out into the streets and “found the People of Israel rejoicing (Am Yisrael tzohelet) – this in the middle of wave-after-wave of suicide bombers… The mock news presenter said pokerfaced that Eretz Nehederet had footage of ‘Israel rejoicing’ – then aired soundless segments of Israelis fleeing from bomb after bomb – run like a silent movie at breakneck spread… 750,000 Israelis were viewing this broadcast that came an hour after a bombing. We couldn’t stop laughing (albeit hollowly).

*All this piece about Taglit says is that Eeetz Nehedret has run out of material. It was as clumsy and tasteless as another segment this week – on PR maven Ronni Rahav – which was simply childish and insulting (a cheap shot), and another segment about seniors that targeted the weak (another cheap shot).

To blow this up into a Diaspora-Israel affair is infantile (but characteristic for Tablet) – just as the magazine blew up an incident of some dickhead producer six months making his crude sexist behavior ‘indicative of Israeli society.”

Liel – grow up, for Christ’s sake and stop making a mountain out of a molehill. This is about as ‘representative of Israel’ as Madoff is representative of American Jewry.

There are serious differences between American Jewish society and Israeli society – in outlook, in values, in expression, in demographic trends – in a whole lot of other substantive areas that deserve to be aired in a serious exchange vis-à-vis Diaspora-Israel relations (Diasporism vs. Zionism really). Not this rubbish that you are dishing out.

philip mann says:

On a certain level, this is just locals sounding off about tourists in general-can`t stomach them,but the money is good.

Second,these are teenagers-don`t expect deep revelations from them.

As for the IDF,they still do some dirty,dangerous work, and the only way you can have success every time is to sit at home and make fun of everybody else. Plus,they`re doing their best to contain Iran right now.

It has never been my right to criticize israel. I served in the IDF and yes, I left Israel to pursue dreams related to Judaism and had no relatives in the country. Every country goes through different growing periods reflecting psychological and sociological differences,but what is happening today tugs at my heartstrings. When ultra Orthodox kids threw stones at me while walking home on Shabbat wearing my IDF uniform, I justified it as just “kids”. But waht is occurring today sickens me to my core and is the antithesis of what Judaism has to teach. Jew against Jew will destroy Israel as much as any threat from outside. Will we ever learn? If not, we will repeat history and lose the land, the people, and maybe this beautiful religion as well.

yank this

In the immortal words of Sgt. Hulka:

I took part in Birthright and was even asked to lead a trip. And I thought this was funny. Lighten up a bit…

Gidon says:

It’s only a parody! You try to find meanings about Israeli society and it’s devolution in a short two minute clip from a parody news network. Who cares! I’m an American Jew, and I find this hilarious. You can go on extrapolating hidden messages from it all day long, I’ll just enjoy the humor. You could look at the Onion and talk about how articles signal the hidden emotions of the American population, or you could just read the article for what it is. A parody!


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Not Laughing at That Birthright Parody

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