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ECI Goes After First Republican Target, Ron Paul

Co-founder Gary Bauer attacks ‘isolationist and conspiratorial’ candidate

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The Emergency Committee for Israel just released a new advertisement targeting Rep. Ron Paul, the Republican presidential candidate. The group, founded in 2010 by Bill Kristol, is not formally partisan, though it has never endorsed a Democrat and has been outspoken in criticizing President Obama’s Israel policies. Paul is the first Republican the group has targeted, according to executive director Noah Pollak.

The ad (below) is set to run in South Carolina, which hosts its primary, the third Republican contest, on January 21. It features Gary Bauer, the founding board member who worked in the Reagan administration and briefly ran for president in 1999 and 2000, inveighing against Paul’s foreign policy. Notably, Bauer is a strong Christian conservative, and indeed the spot makes a broader case against Paul than might be expected of a group with “Israel” in its name. Says Bauer (my transcription):

I also know that Ron Paul’s conservatism is isolationist and conspiratorial. He’s hostile to our military, hostile to our allies like Israel, and was hostile to great conservatives like Ronald Reagan. He denies that Iran is building nuclear weapons. He says that it was a crime to kill Osama bin Laden. He blames America for creating terrorism. He says that we don’t know the truth of the 9/11 attacks because of a government cover-up. He condemns our ally Israel for defending herself. Ron Paul is not a Reagan Republican. We can do better.

The most logical time for this ad might have been a few weeks ago. Then, it appeared that Paul had a good chance to win last Tuesday’s Iowa caucuses and then make a run for the nomination. But instead he came in a disappointing third place to Mitt Romney and Rick Santorum (who are both candidates ECI would presumably support), and, now, professional elections-predictor Nate Silver gives Paul only a two percent chance to win South Carolina.

Which is not to say that ECI’s animosity toward Paul is likely newfound. After all, well before Iowa, the Republican Jewish Coalition was going out of its way not to include Paul in its candidates forum. (This blog, also, has long been opposed to Paul, who in the 1990s published newsletters that trafficked in racist, homophobic, and anti-Semitic conspiracies.) Most likely, ECI found South Carolina, with its heavily Christian-conservative Republican electorate, a propitious opportunity to sic Bauer on Paul and, it surely hopes, deliver the kill shot.

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woodpile says:

Gary Bauer and Bill Kristol think yours and my kids should die for their goofy ideologies. What arrogant, pompous and sad people. Wonder if iether one spent time in combat.

Salomon says:

Bill Kristol not formally partisan? Oy. If Kristol is a centrist, what is Rush Limbaugh?

Dio Crash says:

You guys are hypocritical whiners, that need to learn how to take care of yourselves, period. Stop acting like the martyrs of the world, and stop treating Palestine like the Nazi’s treated you guys.

You are not America’s problem. You are an independent nation, with rights and responsibilities. Stop acting like you need our capital, because if you do, then your addicted. And you need to quit, cold turkey.

Ron Paul has said that Israel should be responsible for her own future. What part of that do you disagree with? He wants to cut off funding to Israel ($3 Billion/year) and even billions more to Israels enemies. What part of that do you disagree with?

Israel receives aid from her greatest friend (US) then spies on the US. Insidious. You say it protects your interests. So this is all about you, eh?

Well America has her own problems and I don’t see Israel coming to our rescue, so screw you. Fend for yourself. Learn how to fly on your own. Learn how to deal with your neighbors in a civilized manner on your own. And if you don’t get your act together, you can dwindle in your own failure, on your own.

That’s what a truly independent sovereign nation is determined to do. You are a junkie.

Look at yourself in the mirror and sober up. You have been enlightened.

Corey says:

After reading this piece, I have to wonder, does it trouble the ECI or Mr. Bauer that the content of this add is replete with bold-faced lies? Mr. Bauer is absolutely lying through his teeth when he says that Ron Paul does not support Israel’s right to defend herself, as he was one of the ONLY congressmen to publicly support Israel in 1981 when they sent warplanes to bomb a suspected Iraqi nuclear reactor. Very few people at that time were willing to stand up for Israel’s right to defend her sovereignty, but Ron Paul was. Secondly, it’s a LIE to say that Ron Paul did not support Reagan, as he was one of only FOUR congressmen to endorse Reagan for president the first time he ran. The rest were all either for Gerald Ford or kept silent. The whole bit about 9/11 “trutherism” is an absolute phony lie, again, as Ron Paul has explicitly denied entertaining this point of view. There is absolutely nothing to suggest that he believes our govt. is responsible for 9/11, as he said very recently on ABC. The claim is merely meant to confuse people and get them to associate a real Constitutional Conservative with 9/11 trutherism. This attempt by the ECI is Propaganda 101, really. Killing Osama bin Laden, per international law, WAS a crime. It doesn’t matter whether we want to say it “out loud” or not. That doesn’t mean we shouldn’t have committed this international “crime” against the sovereignty of Pakistan (Ron Paul suggests that we might have simply worked with the Pakistani govt. to arrest bin Laden instead)–take it or leave it that’s his position–but nonetheless we do still have to recognize that it was, nominally, against international law, and it probably pissed off a bunch of Pakistanis, to go in there and get him on our own without making it known to their govt. The comment that Ron Paul “blames America for creating Terrorism” is the biggest phony claim of all. Ron Paul merely agrees with the CIA and 9/11 commission that BLOWBACK is taking place, causing more terror.

Adam Chalmers says:

Bill Kristol is part of the NeoCON, big government Republican establishment. They don’t care about Israel. They just care about keeping the war machine rolling. They know where their bread is buttered. Look at all the ties they have with the military industrial complex. Just follow the money and you’ll see why Bill Kristol and the rest of the NeoCON war-mongers are intent on smearing Ron Paul with lies and deceitful advertising.

They are a bunch of cowards. Kristol and the vast majority of these people are chicken hawks who never served 1 day in the military, yet they want to send our kids into bloody, endless war so they can profit from it! When you come back from a tour of duty, you don’t come back the same.

Shame on you ECI! You’re a bunch of cowards!!

Adam Chalmers says:

And by the way…here’s the guy who wrote the racist newsletters that Dr. Paul did not endorse or know about! Read the article. Link below.

Corey says:

And by the way, one can support cutting off ALL foreign aid, including aid to Israel, for the reason that WE ARE GOING BANKRUPT. This does not mean one is anti-Israel. I love Israel; I consider them to be our greatest ally. But we do NOT need to continue making their own executive policy decisions for them, or pressuring them to do things we want them to do by the use of the “carrot” of foreign aid. It’s the same way the Federal government tacitly controls State governments in many areas…by with-holding or granting Federal subsidies. It’s not pro-Israel to control Israel’s government through threats to with-hold or grant foreign aid. Certainly not when the aid is given by us borrowing it from China, a bad player in the Middle East, because we cannot afford it otherwise!

This hateful ad is full of misrepresentations and outright lies about Ron Paul, as almost every statement is either a twisted simplification of ACTUAL Ron Paul policy, or a ‘Straw Man’ propaganda tactic to set a false image of Ron Paul to be ‘knocked down’. Neo-Con war-mongering Chicken-Hawks like Gary Bauer and Bill Kristol think that if they keep repeating the same lies over and over about Ron Paul that eventuall people will start believing their ‘Israel-First’ tripe. Ron Paul is a supporter of an INDEPENDENT and SOVEREIGN Israel able to make it’s OWN decisions- not the Progressive Republican version where Israeli foreign policy is hamstrung by dependence on US Foreign aid, while the Military-Industrial Complex machinery uses massive lobbying by groups like AIPAC on K-Street in DC in order to keep funneling money from US taxpayers into THEIR coffers-not only for Israel to BUY U.S. equipment and Military Contracts, but also to fund Israel’s ENEMIES at 6 to 7 TIMES the amount given to Israel!

Follow the money (especially that flowing from K-Street!), and you get the REAL picture of what’s going on. You won’t get that from mealy-mouthed big-government flaks like Gary Bauer.

Dsmith says:

Here’s a YouTube link that has Netanyahu’s speech regarding Israeli independence:

Again, the rest of the story. Judge for yourself.

for Zlota says:

The rhetoric and obsession of Ron Paul supporters might actually be scarier than Ron Paul.

Bill Pearlman says:

The boys from mondoweiss and stormfront love Ron Paul. That’s pretty self evident where his sympathies are.

BTW Bill Kristols son was a serving marine officer in Afghanistan

The Silent Majority are awfully tired of shabbos goys like Gary Bauer.

Phil N says:

There seems to be a lot of name calling without any real discussion. My own belief is that all of Afghanistan is not worth the life of a single US soldier. It was not Iraqis who attacked us on 9/11 but primarily Saudi Arabian citizens finaance out of Saudi Arabia. Our European allies are not allies but leeches who have turned over responsibility for their defense to the US. The UN is a waste of time and money. Ron Paul may be a bit extreme (my first choice was Gary Johnson who was conviently left out of the polling) but he is the only candidate addressing some of these isssues.

Beatrix says:

The significance of the ad is that these are conservative Republicans criticising Paul, a conservative Republican.

The difficulty with Paul is that he attracts people like Dio Crash above who can’t tell the difference between Jewish Americans who support Israel and Israelis.

Too many of his followers have a great deal of difficulty seeing Jews as American. Paul may not agree with this, but he provides a belief system that they find compatible.

Arnon says:

Dio Crash is that well known antisemite Joachim Martillo. He loves to post antisemitic messages on Jewish websites.

bullvant says:

we are not going back to pre ww2 era whether you like it or not. ron paul’s ideas are looney at best. His votes are protest votes against government by wet nose kids. you anti-israel sentiments don’t mean squat to the generally smart majority population out there. so keep blowing smoke and keep me entertained


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ECI Goes After First Republican Target, Ron Paul

Co-founder Gary Bauer attacks ‘isolationist and conspiratorial’ candidate

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