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Daybreak: Brotherhood Readies for Big Win

Plus the GOP race post-Iowa, and more in the news

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An Egyptian woman votes today.(Mohammed Abed/AFP/Getty Images)

• Egypt’s final parliamentary voting is today, after which the Muslim Brotherhood is expected to hold a fairly commanding lead. [Reuters/Haaretz]

• Which has in turn led the United States to begin to deal directly with the Islamist group, for the first time ever. [NYT]

• Mitt Romney won the Iowa caucuses, but did so by such a slight margin (eight votes!) over Rick Santorum and with so much more money and institutional backing that the story is his continued inability to lock down the base. More at 10. [NYT]

• After its provocative exercises there over the weekend, the U.S. warned Iran not to return naval ships to the crucial Strait of Hormuz. [WP]

• Turkey’s Kissinger-esque foreign minister is visiting Tehran. Could we be seeing a resumption of Iran’s attempts to cut a nuclear deal via Turkey rather than the traditional Western powers? [AP/WP]

• Jailed Palestinian hero Marwan Barghouti, who is probably the most popular Palestinian Authority figure, called on Fatah to halt talks with Israel. [Haaretz/Forward]

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George One says:

US overture to Islamists: Another dangerous move by the US. In 1952, it facilitated the removal of Egypt’s King and the installation of Nasser’s military dictatorship which has lasted until now. Now the US is facilitating the installation of the Moslem Brotherhood which will result in an even worse theocratic dictatorship. Look at what happened in Iran. Will the US never learn?

Unfortunately, Obama’s administration seems not to learn about the dangers of Islamists and the Muslim Brotherhood.

In fact, administration officials can not even acknowledge that Islamist extremists are a danger.

Congressman Dan Lungren questioning Assistant Secretary of Defense Paul Stockton on December 7. Though Stockton’s evasiveness is in line with the government’s history of not calling Islamism the enemy — recently exhibited by scrubbing FBI training materials and labeling the Fort Hood attack as “workplace violence” — his ability to twist himself into knots to avoid stating the obvious deserves special recognition:

Lungren: Secretary Stockton, are we at war with violent Islamist extremism?

Stockton: No, sir. We are at war with al-Qaeda, its affiliates —

Lungren: Okay, I understand that. My question is: is violent Islamist extremism at war with us?

Stockton: No, sir. We are being attacked by al-Qaeda and its allies.

Lungren: Is al-Qaeda — can it be described as being an exponent of violent Islamist extremism?

Stockton: They — al-Qaeda are murderers with an ideological agenda —

Lungren: No, I — that’s not my question. That wasn’t my question. My question was: is al-Qaeda acting out violent Islamist extremism?

Stockton: Al-Qaeda is a violent organization dedicated to overthrowing the values that we intend to advance.

Jules says:

George, boondoggle after boondoggle. Like hitting a hornets nest with a bat like it’s a pinata. The “war on terror” is an utter fiasco and failure. The more you hit the pinata felling a few the more angry hornets swarm back at you. It’s a national catastrophe.


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Daybreak: Brotherhood Readies for Big Win

Plus the GOP race post-Iowa, and more in the news

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