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Ron Paul Moves Into Iowa Lead

This should trouble Jews, and could cause a political maelstrom

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Ron Paul campaigning earlier this month.(Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images)

The big political news this morning is that Rep. Ron Paul of Texas, the third-time’s-the-charm Republican presidential candidate, has taken the lead in the latest PPP poll in Iowa, which hosts the first-in-the-nation caucuses on Jan. 3, 2012. Paul’s strength in the Hawkeye State has long been known (he scored 10 percent in 2008), as has the fact that he’s been gaining ground since Mitt Romney simply seems not to be catching on there and since the former front-runner, Newt Gingrich, who may formerly have resembled a blimp, now increasingly looks like the Hindenberg: His popularity began to plummet not long after he took the lead and everyone had to actually pay attention to him. Paul is in first with 23 percent; in second (and, given the 4 percent margin of error, in a “statistical dead-heat” with Paul) is Romney with 20 percent; and in third is Gingrich at 14 percent (he was at 27 two weeks ago). Our favorite elections-predictor, Nate Silver, has Paul winning the caucuses by three points over Romney. Congratulations, Dr. Paul, but is this good or bad for the Jews?

It’s hard not to answer “bad.” It’s not just that Paul, alone among the prominent GOP candidates, supports lowering foreign aid including to Israel, lessening the United States’ “entangling alliances,” and generally hoping for less U.S. power projection in the world—all the stuff AIPAC’s nightmares are made of. Reasonable Jews, after all, can differ on the subject of AIPAC’s nightmares. It’s that Paul kinda has a Jewish problem. About two decades ago, newsletters that were published under his aegis and ghost-written by a close adviser routinely engaged in a sort of neo-Southern Strategy—an attempt to unite “paleoconservatives” with coded (and sometimes uncoded) messages laced with fear and contempt for the Other, whether blacks, gays, or Jews. Moreover, Paul has yet to reckon with this or even, really, acknowledge it. This isn’t just a pedantic point: One newsletter headlined an article about the Adams Morgan neighborhood “Animals Take Over the D.C. Zoo”; another questioned whether the Mossad was responsible for the 1993 World Trade Center bombing. (Much of this reporting comes from frequent Tablet Magazine contributor James Kirchick.)

The second reason it’s bad for the Jews is that the institutional Republican Jewish community has shunned Paul, and when you get elected (or nominated), you tend to reward and look favorably upon the positions of the people who got you there and do the opposite to the people who tried to prevent you from getting there. The Republican Jewish Coalition does not endorse primary candidates, but when you invite six of the seven top candidates to your forum and refuse to invite the seventh, and then explain that this is due to the seventh’s “misguided and extreme views,” well, your message has probably been conveyed. A Paul nominee and, theoretically, President Paul is almost certainly going to be less receptive to the desires of the Jewish community than the alternatives. I am not sure this means the RJC was wrong not to invite Paul, but I certainly hope the possibility that he would become the nominee at least factored into its decision.

Paul is still considered a significant long shot. His views can be pretty kooky (although, as when he calls for ending the War on Drugs, sometimes they are kooky in a very welcome way), he’s not polished, he’s 76 (several years older than John McCain was in ’08), and he has never had the sun-bright glare of national media attention focused directly on him. But it was a similarly crowded field that, say, Sen. John Kerry emerged out of in 2004 when he won the Iowa caucuses and proceeded to wrap up the nomination in short order. Paul’s becoming the GOP standard-bearer was never outside the realm of possibility, and it is right now, perhaps, more likely than ever. Which means we need to start talking about what Jewish Republicans will do if he is the nominee. Which means we need to start talking about the potential for a third-party run, perhaps involving someone Jewish Republicans would find more palatable. I’m not saying, I’m just saying.

Paul Leads in Iowa [PPP]
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Brad Schwartz says:

I think what you are really saying is that we will all have to vote Democrat if he is nominated.

If Obama is re-elected and is not restrained by the need to run for re-election again, not restrained by the need to raise money from self interested Jewish donors and generally does not need to cater to what he calls “special interests” what do you think his policy on Israel will be? Just interested to know what a leftist feels about these issues.
By the way, back around 1994, Jacob Frenkel who was the Governor of the Bank of Israel at the time said Israel didn’t need foreign aid-that its standard of living was as high as Spain’s. Perhaps an end to reliance on foreign aid and an end to schnorring will allow Israel and its government to finally do what is good for Israel rather than be a client state of another country. After all, Israel is not the United States and it has a right to its own decisions and policies without clearing every move with “headquarters” Maybe the U.S. should just cut foreing aid, not only for Israel but for all the countries now on the dole. Let the rich fat EU pay the bills. An independent Israel would be much better for Israelis and for all who care for Israel.

Hershel (Heshy) Ginsburg says:

Although nominally a registered Democrat in my former (and still voting) home state of Illinois, I have long considered myself more of an independent, particularly as the Dems have moved farther & farther leftward (I guess I tend to identify more with the late Sen. Henry Jackson; I am not alone in that regard (see here: I am a strident critic of Obama especially on foreign affairs in general and on Israel in particular. I did not see myself voting for Obama as long as there was a reasonable Republican nominee and my reasonableness criteria are quite generous.

However, if Ron Paul gets the nomination, I will probably hold my nose, maybe even don a gas mask (civilians have those here in Israel) and vote Obama.


J’lem / Efrata

Bob Schwalbaum says:

Jumpin’ Jehosophat!

If you';re going to use such an inflammatory word… you ought to learn how to spell it!

And… would you REALLY vote for Obanma under ANY circumstances?


can SOMEONE please clarify, once and for all, that liberals are not leftists? I resent being lumped in with democrats and am appalled by ignorant comments that think democrats are too far left. Have you NEVER seen another country’s political parties? Both Dems and Republicans are much, much further to the right than parties elsewhere.

There are still some Jews who hold our socialist history in high esteem. Please respect that and learn a little about political theory/history.

Hershel (Heshy) Ginsburg says:

Lazer, since you raised the issue on what constitutes a “liberal” position on Israel, I recommend you read the following piece by Prof. Barry Rubin of the IDC & GLORIA institute, here:

Ignore the poor editing. Ever since David Horowitz left the helm of the Jerusalem Post, the quality of the editing has nosedived.


Thanks, but I like to avoid JPost as much as possible. I didn’t exactly raise the liberal issue vis a vis Israel, although I am familiar with what a liberal position on Israel would entail (I recently finished the first volume M. Walzer’s excellent Jewish Political Tradition–highly recc’d); additionally, I would not call myself a Zionist due to the current, rather stifling, discourse. Walzer’s book, despite being about 400+ pages, is rather limiting (hence three more volumes are still due).

To be honest, I don’t really consider post-Zionists leftists, either, as they don’t criticize statist models (to my knowledge). Contemporary anti-Zionists, on the other hand, do not usually root their arguments in anything Jewish (and are often anti-Semitic). I like Dubnow.

Ron Paul is absolutely the best candidate. Cutting aid is a must-do for the economy, and it’s the best thing that could happen to Israel. He’s the only one with an actual plan for pruning down the increasingly intrusive nanny state the US has become.

I don’t think he has a “Jewish problem”. He has a lot of nutty supporters, and he’s chosen not to alienate them. If there was a group of “Transsexual Lesbian Abortionists for Ron Paul”, he wouldn’t speak out against them, either. That doesn’t mean he’s going to make it open season on Jews or open abortion clinics.

He opposed censuring Israel for attacking the Iraqi nuclear reactor. He’s said publically that he thinks it’s okay if they attack Iran (but not if the US does). Every Jew who wants to support Israel should vote for him. We need to get rid of this idea that it’s good for Israel to have the US meddling there.

Most of Israel’s “aid” is in the form of money that must be spent to buy American arms. Cutting this money means more unemployed Americans and a weaker US arms industry. Just as an aside, it’s interesting to note that since Clinton the candidates for both parties have been simply terrible.

Ron Paul categorically rejected all racist or anti-semitic statements in that old publication that were anyhow not written by him.

See his post-debate interview with Sean Hannity Thursday Dec. 15:

Ron Paul is good for America and good for Anerican Jews!

Paul’s current gain in the polls is an outstanding result. It is important that America wakes up and recognizes how desperate the republican party is for a decent candidate. This desperation bodes ill. But, don’t worry because Iowa is not predictive of who gets the nomination.

Garry, leftists? What’s the narrow as a needle view from your right fist? I just love pathetic righty uptighty zealot polemicists like you. Beyond feeble.

Jules, whether you like me or not (and you are so tolerant obviously that you have already decided you don’t like me without even knowing anything about me) you haven’t addressed anything that I wrote. How come? As far as the origins of The Tablet and their point of view, i infer from their articles that they are a child of Haaretz. People like hyou give democcracy a bad name-it’s apparently great as long as only your point of view is allowed.

neal sturman says:

ther was a vote in the house on a resolution against hamas lobby missiles against the israeli town of sderot a few yrs. ago. the vote was 407 to 1. the one being ron paul. even the anti-israel members abstained . what possibly could be his reason for voting no-it’s not our business? could you imagine our foreign policy with this guy running have to be demented to think he would make a possible good president.

philip mann says:

George w. also wanted to stay away from foreign policy ,remember ? Then, foreign policy came to get him.

neal sturman says:

george w. was involved in foreign affairs right away. remember 9/11?

The author asks: “is this good or bad for the Jews?

“It’s hard not to answer ‘bad.’ It’s not just that Paul, alone among the prominent GOP candidates, (1) supports lowering foreign aid including to Israel, (2) lessening the United States’ “entangling alliances,” and generally hoping for (3) less U.S. power projection in the world.”

All three would be good for the U.S. (1) Financially. (2) Looking out for our own interests only. (3) What are we? An empire?
You know what happens to empires.

All three would be bad for Israel. (1)They would miss that 7 million a day found money,
plus the free things to kill Muslims with.
(2) If the world saw the U.S. as its own nation again and not Israel’s “b—h, they would start to respect and like us again.
(3)Israel would have to fight ITS OWN WARS!
No more gentile bully boys fighting Israel’s wars and not even doing it as real mercenaries. That’s because mercenaries GET PAID! They don’t pick up the TAB! Like Stupid Uncle Samileh does! Vot a schmuck!

If Tablet and its readers were truly Americans devoted to this country and its welfare there would be no question. RON PAUL IT IS!!! But NO! You have to worry about the Tribe’s interests. About the interests of a foreign nation. People are catching on to you people. There can be no such thing as a dual citizen. You never heard of a dual Iroquois-Huron brave or an Apache-Navajo brave.

In closing, if any of you Jewish readers of this think you really are loyal American citizens, go to, learn of Israel and the Tribe’s guilty role in 9/11 and make up your mind who to support. It won’t be easy but if you pick the country you are living in you will be mensches.

The above is why Ron Paul and “Americanness” rhetoric scare me as a Jew (and probably a good number of other minorities). It’s a repeat over the loyalty question. Guess no one remembers Dreyfus. Sad.

larry payne says:

Lazer, what should scare you as a Jew is all the evidence pointing to Israel’s complicity in the 9/11 attacks.

Sheila Samples was a writer for our armed services for many years. Read what she has to say:

larry payne says:

Lazer, here’s another article from Sheila samples that is more to the point:

larry payne says:

Here, Lazer, is a man with impeccable credentials and Jewish heritage who names Israel as the prime suspect in the 9/11 attacks:

From Zan Overall to Lazer: You wrote: “The above is why Ron Paul and “Americanness” rhetoric scare me as a Jew (and probably a good number of other minorities). It’s a repeat over the loyalty question. Guess no one remembers Dreyfus. Sad.”

I take it somehow you are not going to look at which puts forth evidence of the guilt for 9/11 of Israel’s leaders and their shabbes goy helpers over here.
If you decided that those I just named did 9/11, you would have to decide which side to go with. Would that cause you even a moment of hesitation? I somehow doubt it……You write telegraphically. You mention the “loyalty question.” Forgetting Dreyfus, do you remember the time when the question arose as to whether American public officials like Alger Hiss were agents of a foreign power. People like you scoffed at the idea but events have proven you wrong. Correct me if I read you amiss and you were among those yelling for Alger’s head…..BTW I don’t approve of unquestioning loyalty: “My country right or wrong,” but the simplest principle of survival should move you to work for the greatest good for the country you and your children and grandchildren live in. That is loyalty at its simplest level…Two more questions: (1) Do you think an Israeli should be loyal to his country?
(2) Do you think a person can be loyal to two countries at once? For instance, I’m searching for an example, give me a minute.
I have it, for example, The United States and Israel….Will be awaiting a response.

“Is it good for the Jews”? Wow, what a revealing mantra. Revealing of what? Hyper ‘Ethnocentrism, Internationalism, Zionism’? Shouldn’t the question really be “Is Ron Paul good for America”? After all he is not ing for the presidency of this Country? Isn’t his salary to be paid with American citizen’s tax dollars? For the benifit of this Country? I believe so. Wow, what a group. Their concerns are for their group, which apparantly is not an America first group. What are we Gentiles to make of this? I think we know what to make of this. This group, called “Jews” has it’s own interests which apparantly fall outside the sphere of American interests. Thank you “Tablet” for this revealing article. Of course, those of us – and we are increasing – already knew this, but now, this is fresh from the horses mouth. And we are sure t spread the word. “How do you spell ‘dual loyalty’, or should I say ‘monolithic loyalty’ “? Zion, that’s how and that is tantamount to treason. God bless this loyal Amrican citizen called Ron Paul. Our FoundingFathers would approve, as they spit at the rest. Thank you, Peter

To Lazar: My dearest Lazar, I wonder if you would respond in the same way if your fearless leader, “Netanyahoo” suddenly started focusing on benifitinf Nations other than Israel. I bet you would scream foul, you would scream that he should only focus on Isreal, as he is the Prime Minister of that Country, would you not? But here we have an ‘America first candidate in Ron Paul, someone whom your zio-lucre couldn’t warp as he is faithful to HIS Country, and you find fault with that. Perhaps for this reason and of course other myriad reasons the average American is begining to see the Jew as somneone alien to this Nations interests, as they have their own and they are inimicable to those true Americans. Thank you for revealing yourself. Your comments will live on, as this article will as well. Peter

neal sturman says:

to peter,zan and larry-who are you going to vote for charles lindberg?

larry payne says:

I’m voting for Rocky Anderson if he’s able to get his third party up and running.

Oh, Dear Neal Sturman, … were that there was a Lindberg,… as he was a real Patriot, not one of these whores of zion, these felchers of yidds. Who are you going to vote for, Neal, Trotsky aka, Bronstein, the yiddish murderer – by the way, Neal why did so many International Bolshevik yidds change their names? To the guilty? Again, you tip your hand, Neal. Were the Lindbergs and such to have control of this dying Nation, which is now nothing but a brainless pitbull doing the bidding of zion, killing izrahells enemies we would be ok. Instead of a washed out hulk, in debt to the privately owned so-called Federal Reserve and in the clutches of those foreign agents in AIPAC. But, the mass of Gentiles is begining to stir. Neal, the implications of your one sentence are mere whinings of a yiddish agent. They mean nothing to those who love this once-great Nation, which people like you destroyed. Thanks. And we welcomed you to our shores, and look what you’ve done.

Larry, is Rocky Anderson the fiery Pol. from Utah? If he’s whom I think he is, he’s great. I’ve got no problem with him

larry payne says:

Peter, yes, that Rocky Anderson. Google him and you’ll find some interviews with Amy Goodman and Rachel Maddow about his candidacy.

Great answer to Sturman. You could also have mentioned Samuel Untermyer who helped write the Federal Reserve Act and later convinced American Jews to declare war on Germany which included a boycott of German goods in 1933. He did this knowing that the Jews in Germany would pay dearly for his actions. American Ambassador William Dodd’s diary from that period noted that Jews had much more control of high offices in Germany than their numbers or talent would justify.

Dr. Paul offers amswers for ALL Americans, many of whom are sickened by the stranglehold jews have maintained over Congress, media, education, etc. We are disgusted that our taxes go to support the occupation of Palestine….really very disgusted.

Direwolf says:

Mr. Tracy, don’t you have spell check? It is maelstrom, not malestrom. It has nothing to do with gender.

Thanks, Larry. Yes, Untermyer, … he was a piece of work, a real International yiddish operator. Benjamin Freedamn had a lot to say about him – if your not familia with Freedman, you should be, though I believe you probably are. He was fantastic human being who gave up being a jew after he realized their inhumane agenda. He sat at the Treaty of versailles alongside Untermyer, I believe. WQe just need to wake up a few more Gentiles as to agenda of the non-Gentiles. Are you aware of zio-involvement in 9/11? Peter

larry payne says:

Peter, I’m not familiar with Freedman’s writings but I will look him up.

I am familiar with all the evidence pointing to Israel’s involvement in 9/11. I have been researching 9/11 since the day it happened.
Dov Zakheim is a connection I don’t think gets enough attention. His position as CFO of the Pentagon, along with the Trillions missing in Pentagon accounting at the time, along with his affiliation with a company that produces electronics for controlling multiple airliners from a remote location, along with his sending 32 767s to Florida for retrofitting as refueling tankers, along with his dual citizenship makes him a prime suspect in my mind.

Wonks Anonymous says:

In a previous post you said the phrase “the industrial-banking-political elite” reflected implicit anti-semitism. Do you consider Simon Johnson, formerly of the IMF, to be an anti-semite? The other statement was of course kooky, but was about a government rather than unorganized group of people.

Larry, there’s a wonderful audio available on one Benjamine Freedmans last speeches, which was given at a Hotel (name eludes me) … it was in the 60’s … in it her reveales an awful lot as he was part of that group. He became a Christian and spent his last dollar warning the Gentiles of the zios global plans. He was a multi millionair who made his money by creating the “Woodbury soap comapny” I believe. Also, I’m connected with a great website called rediscover9/ Lot’s of info on zio involvement. Peter

bullvant says:

i didn’t realize that the tablet became a home for stupid anti-semites. if you hate jews and israel, i wonder what you think about american blacks, gays ,muslims and latinos. Isn’t it great to live in the country where your ideas don’t mean crap to anyone but your fellow dregs.

michael mazur says:

What is being overlooked by everyone here – inc the author, is that R.Paul as Pres means that ww3 (thousands of nukes passing one another mid Atlantic and over the North Pole) will be averted, and save 7,000,000,000 people (inc Israelis and American Jews) from extermination.

The Planetary death ensuing will prove that the centuries old realpolitik see saw would inevitably become the equivalent of a 5yo playing with a hand grenade, which is why realpolitik was always obsolete after Hiroshima and Nagasaki, which few realised at the time. But given the fall of the Soviet Union seemingly so long ago – just 20yrs this month, people have forgotten what it was like during those times of frequent menacing rhetoric, and feeling helpless at the awareness of the possibility that by the end of the following day, the instant death of millions would be followed by the slow dying of everyone else on the planet.

A vote for anyone else is a vote for ww3 – of that you can all be sure, if you here, Jews especially, will give yourselves a little time to think about it.

You Jews are, in essence, self worshippers – and that’s your business, believe what you want, but it leads to the mass delusion that as a people you are invincible to the effects of even the most powerful of military ordnance – the planet killing nuke.

I do not apologise for my very very profound lack of deference to Jews, for i see in them the harbinger of planetary death, of which imminence they are oblivious, as are their Rebbis even more.

Die if you want, but don’t take all mammalian life with you, for taking us with you means just that.

bullvant says:

michael, do you think any jihadist gives two shits what ron paul thinks. you live in a world not inhabited by rational humans but way way out dreamers. go on dreaming and i pray someday you wake up and join the human race.

michael mazur says:

bullvant, who’s the dreamer ? You prove my point; that you think – if you think at all about the looming standoff between America and Russia, you are impervious to nuclear blast and fallout, at which juncture any jihadist also fries along with you and me, and neither you nor me will ever know – nor care by then, whether RP was worth a jihadist’s two shits ..

Perhaps i am a dreamer, in that i dream of planetary survival. Do you dream of that, bullvant ? If you do not, planetary death is inevitable, for if it is not the direct blast that will get you, then the fallout certainly will, as it is inescapable after thousands of nukes have gone quietly incandescent, as nearly all will be out of sound range for those who will later die of radiation poisoning.

larry payne says:

bullvant,”American blacks, gays ,muslims and latinos” did not attack us on 9/11. Israel did.

First of a person should not be penalize for being Jew wise … that should actually be a plus … considering the other canidates act like their not.

And it might be good if we have a president that isn’t eger to please the jews and that isn’t gun ho about going after Iran … Listen to talk radio and their already pushing and encouraging an attack on iran … So having a president that isn’t all let’s go get them might be so bad … as a counter balance at least … and google the jewish ” neo con ” roll in to getting us into iraq and afghanistan wars … or google ZOG …

and as far as talk radio does you can even mention zionist … they act like it doesn’t exist … just like they won’t mention the talmud … It’s funny the christians thank the jewish book is the old testament :)

PS , theirs nothing wrong with being Jew wise

stalin and his jews killed more people than hitler and the germans … america attacked japan first , with the famous flying tigers , roe versus wade and the jewish role , etc , etc


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Ron Paul Moves Into Iowa Lead

This should trouble Jews, and could cause a political maelstrom

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