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How Perry Fought the Flotilla

GOP frontrunner aided ‘pro-Israel lawfare’

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Gov. Rick Perry earlier this month in Iowa.(Scott Olson/Getty Images)

First Rasmussen’s, and now Gallup’s new poll has Gov. Rick Perry of Texas leading by double-digits among national Republicans and Republican-leaning independents. (In second in Mitt Romney; in third, more surprisingly, is Rep. Ron Paul.)

I wrote yesterday that Perry would seem not to have much to recommend him to typical Jewish voters other than his support for Israel—but that that support indeed is strong. Today brings new evidence of this, with the news that Perry played a surprisingly outsized role in helping Israel secure the tremendous diplomatic victory earlier this summer of halting the second annual Gaza-bound flotilla before it even got off the ground (or, rather, left the port). Commentary reports that Shurat HaDin—the Israeli legal center whose “pro-Israel lawfare” played an essential role in disabling the ten ships that made up the presumptive flotilla—received Perry’s aid in drawing the U.S. government’s attention to the fact that American citizens aboard the flotilla (like Alice Walker) were potentially planning to violate the Neutrality Act. That law—which dates back to George Washington!—prohibits U.S. citizens from engaging in hostile acts against U.S.-allied countries. As part of their lobbying of Attorney General Eric Holder, at its request Rick Perry sent the nation’s top cop a letter backing the group. Apparently Perry had met its directors on a trip to Israel. “I love what you do. It’s amazing what you do,” he had told them, one of them said. “If you ever need help combating Israel’s enemies, I’m here to assist.”

Perry Zooms to Front of Pack for 2012 GOP Nomination [Gallup]
Meet the Legal Wonks Who Brought Down the Flotilla [Contentions]
Earlier: Perry’s Ascent Heralds Israel’s Rise As an Issue

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Jennifer says:

I would have thought that Gov. Perry’s position on mezuzot alone would have secured the Jewish vote. At least with the same MOT that would be swayed by support of Israel above issues that have traditionallly appealed to Jewish voters in the US. Issues like social welfare, human rights and separation of church and state.

Bill Pearlman says:

Jews who care about the security of Israel already vote Republican. Jews who go into fainting spells over Christmas trees in malls or the thought of murderers being executed wil never vote Republican. even if Mengele was the the Democratic candidate.

Binyamin in O says:

It’s a wonderful thing that, increasingly, Israel’s core supporters here in the U.S. are people like Glenn Drek and Rick “the putz” Perry. The sane center is fleeing these whack jobs, and eventually, they will flee from AIPAC.

Binyamin in O – a filthy mouth and hatred does no one any good.

Sorry, Marc you are day late. I blogged about this yesterday:
And a dollar short because the reason Jews don’t vote for Republicans is that most American Jews are Liberals. Liberals vote for the liberal political party — the Democratic Party. Israel doesn’t matter to these voters, liberal economic, foreign and social policy matters.
The real question is what Democratic pols — what has President Obama done — to earn Jewish support?

Abby, great point. At one time Obama had a 4% approval rating in Israel in either 2009 or early 2010.

I believe most Jews in the US have either now claimed the US as their homeland abandoning Israel, or are so social justice/guilt ridden/leftists that, as Bill Pearlman stated above, more frightened of Christmas trees than Israel’s potential annihilation.

Perhaps too few were born around the time of Israel’s fight for statehood or the subsequent wars perpetrated against her. Perhaps too many are beholden to the Democrat Party not willing to risk excommunication from their elitist social circles.

I blame these self-loathing/Israel loathing Jews for electing anti Israeli presidents such as Carter, Clinton, and Obama.

Remember, it was Richard Nixon opposing his senior advisors decreeing the US send every piece of weaponry we had that Israel needed to help her win the 1973 war.

Have to say…..Jews have to choose social justice acceptance for ‘anything goes’ morally relative behavior, or Israel’s existence. I choose the latter.

Michael says:

Oh Please! Let’s not make this highly problematic man a hero for the Jewish people. Israel would have achieved its ends without Perry. Folks ought to be examining his “outsized” claims about the wonders he brought to Texas, and should also be looking at his extreme (even by the tenets of mainstream evangelical theology) millinarian views that he marries with his politics.

Yes Salem, but Nixon was progressive compared to pols like Perry, Palin and Bachmann. The Democratic Presidents you mention were not anti-Israel — they were realistic about the prospects of peace for Israel without negotiations with the Palestinians. Surely this dangerous stalemate cannot continue indefinitely. It seems like most American Jews, even though they support Israel, are not agnostic on some pretty reprehensible policies coming out of the Knesset. They rightly see that that if Israel is not a just, democratic state that it will not be able to maintain Jewish support or that of any other modern state.

Perhaps you had better take another look at Perry, Bachmann and Company
Though they may be friends of Israel, they are no friends of the Jews. Perry’s “The Response” rally was dominated by New Apostolic Reformers who actively support Messianic Jewish evangelism and seek to convert American (and Israeli) Jews in order to hasten the “end-times.” They also believe that ours is a Christian nation and are advocate Christian prayer, anti-scientific bias and the teaching of a chauvinistic history curriculum in the public schools. These people are friends to Jews the way that the SS were friends to the Kapos in the Ghettos. Believe me they won’t be shedding any tears when all Jews are converted to their way of thinking.

I am heartened that my fellow Jews have not become so narrow-minded that they no longer recognize a threat to their way of life just because it comes out of the mouths of one of these “pro-Israel” panderers.

Michael says:


Good point. Unfortunately, I’ve found in following the replies in Tablet, that there’s too many polemicists who know very little about history, Jewish history and religion, and politics: that explains in part the paradox of Jews contemplating a candidate that is antithetical not only to an equitable politics but to the fundamental beliefs of Judaism from liberal to orthodox.

There is little doubt that Carter is (and was) anti-Israel. He and Obama are tied as the worst Presidents in my lifetime (since Truman) for their terrible actions on the US economy and international relations.

Clinton ruined his presidency with his narcissistic behavior – unfortunately for the world. Despite his Camp David efforts, he was unable to get Arafat to agree to a peace; otherwise we might have peace now.

G Shapiro says:

“Jews who go into fainting spells over Christmas trees in malls or the thought of murderers being executed wil never vote Republican. even if Mengele was the the Democratic candidate.”

Bill, this is one of the most hateful and insensitive things I have ever read from another Jew. To say that liberal Jews would vote for the butcher Josef Mengele over a Republican candidate is not only wrong-headed, it’s crazy-making. It’s this kind of vitriol that keeps liberal Jews from voting for extremists like Perry and Bachmann.

Salem – To say that Bill Clinton was an anti-Israel president is so far off the mark, I don’t even know what to say. He worked very hard to facilitate the peace process, but no one, not even Clinton, can make the sides agree to anything if they don’t want to. As for social justice and support for Israel, they can and do co-exist. Supporting Israel doesn’t automatically mean that you can’t believe in social justice. And there are plenty of liberal Jews who can and do support Israel, so please knock off the “self-hating Jews” narrative – it’s old, and very, very tired.

Thanks to Michael and Scott Cohen for your sane commentary.

lazer says:

I am astounded that anyone, specifically Jews, would cite Clinton and Obama as bad for the economy and international relations. Do you people remember the Contras? School of the Americas? Nicaragua and Honduras? Funding the Taliban’s jihad against the USSR? Reagan’s war on drugs, idiocy comparable to the war on “terror”? Tax cuts for the rich and abandoning education while pumping money into the military? Good God. Learn your history. There’s a reason most professors are progressive: they have studied these things and realized that conservatism does not work.

salem says:

Are Michael, Scott, and Shapiro serious?

I won’t give you a long diatribe, which I could, but will leave you with two thoughts.

One, when this country was formed by Christians they ensured freedom of religion–to the degree that government wasn’t to interfere with it. The wall was protecting religion from government, no tthe other way around. Only caveat was no state sponsored religion like a Church of England. This meant Jews, in a Christian formed country dominated by Christians, had freedom of religion. If you think Palin, Perry, Bachmann, or Romney will censure Judaism from being practiced you’re so far to the political Left it’s hopeless.

Two,the reason Arafat didn’t agree to peace was due to one factor. Why you all ignore it, don’t discuss it, recognize it, or delude yourself over it is hard to fathom. Arafat wanted “Right of Return.” He wanted all displaced Arabs and their descendants from 1948 allowed back into Israel as full voting Israeli citizens, voting Israel out of existence as a Jewish state.

So spare us the social justice, the fear mongering about Christian/Evangelicals, progrom history, Israeli Knesset intransigence, romantically wanting peace deals appeasing Arabs not achieving the goal yet claiming to “still loving Israel,” and other happy liberal Democrat talk.

Either you want Israel to exist as a Jewish state, or you don’t. It’s not existing as an Arab state with Jews living within it. Take your pick. Obama fomenting Muslim Brotherhood ruling control throughout the Middle East by waging war on leaders destroying Israel, or Israel’s right to peacefully exist.

I choose the latter.

lazer says:

I couldn’t care less about the separation of church and state, as it clearly has never existed. Religious people exert their influence everywhere in this country, often to deleterious effects. Outlawing abortion? Ridiculous. Abstinence only sex ed? Absurd. Sanctioning only certain types of intercourse between consenting adults (e.g. not allowing “sodomy”)? Here are the effects of our Christian nation, which, I do believe, IS a Christian nation and the reason it is so messed up.

We hear constantly about the right and their so called extremist policies. Reading these comments it appears extremists exist on the left, perhaps even more. Comparing some who advocate support for Israel to the SS is an example. Even an acknowledgement of that statement disgusts the hell of me.
It seems the antagonism they show to those who support Israel is to relieve a guilty conscience so all those supporters naturally must have ulterior motives.
Voting Jews are probably the only group that vote against their best interests simply because they vote not as Jews but as liberals. Their interest in a safe Israel is way down on their agenda because they don’t identify with Israel or the Israelis. More important to them are social issues.

Ask any Israeli under which U.S. administrations they feel more secure.
Finally, and unlike the past, Israel’s security appears more important to the right than the left which, to reiterate, is why the left continue to demonize them.

Corey says:

Salem, as a Jew I don’t fear any other religion, per se, but I fear all forms of intolerance and authoritarianism. Rick Perry’s brand of religion is tied to the theology known as “Dominionism” which is the basis of several evangelical Christian groups who are, even within the Evangelical movement as a whole, considered unusually extreme. They are millenarians with their own unique belief that the world is in the grips of demonic “principalities” under “Satan’s” control and that Christians must engage in “Spiritual Warfare” on a collective, national and global scale to defeat the demonic forces and restore the rule of G-d and Christ. One of their main agenda items is also the conversion of all Jews to their form of Christianity. Their political agenda is pretty much of a piece with that of the Koch brothers and much of the Tea Party movement. They support so-called “Messianic Jews” (a euphemism for Jewish converts to Christianity, like Jews for Jesus, who maintain a Jewish identification). A Messianic Jewish “rabbi” was part of Rick Perry’s recent Dominionist Christian spectacle in Texas, called “The Response.”

None of this information is secret or hard to access. (CF: Ellen Tabachnik interview on “Frsh Air” 8/25/11). Why any of my Jewish chaverim, no matter how passionately Zionist they may feel, could ever imagine that anyone who subscribes to this kind of belief system and course of action could ever be a true friend of Israel or the Jewish People, is beyond my comprehension. To call Perry, Palin, and their ilk friends of the Jews requires a level of intelligence that rivals that of the fabled Jews of Chelm.

lazer says:

Stan, I believe a conservative also said a Jew would vote for Mengele if he were a democrat. But yes, a liberal poster did say evangelicals were like the SS. However, when evangelicals seek to convert all Jews, though, it is fair to compare them to such people. Please research Gov. Perry’s prayer rally. It is unsettling, to say the least.

If you were to follow the tent protests, Israelis are saying their own government’s focus on defense is farce. Israelis, also, are consistently ignorant about American politics. How would supporting W and the war in Iraq be good for Israel?

I can only speak for myself, but I vote liberal precisely because I am a Jew and because I care about social issues. Frankly, I think voting conservative is a surer sign of assimilation, as it is predicated upon very “wholesome”, bourgeois American notions of materialism and not helping others.

Corey says:

By the way, thanks to Scott Cohen, above, who posted even more detail about the New Apolistic Reformers, the best known of the current Dominionist groups.

Salem, you sound like you just got off the T-party express. I always thought it was paranoid to believe that a right-wing cabal roamed the blogosphere looking for opportunities to sway naive public opinion, now I’m not so sure. Your argument is impassioned, but carries no substance.

Whatever the Founding Fathers did or did not believe that does not mean that we should look at their actions uncritically (that’s not history, but hero worship). The fact that two centuries of jurisprudence have sought to prevent the mutual interference of religion and government seems to matter very little to you. Soon you’ll be quoting David Barton (the Christocentric “historian”, not New York’s celebrated gym rat)and telling us that Americans are consecrated by the Divine to evangelize primitives and bring the heathen back to light.

Your unsubtle either-for-Israel-or-against-Jews apologia is so far removed from American mainstream Judaism (in fact Rabbinic Judaism in general) that I have to wonder if you have studied any of our people’s rich cultural and intellectual history since the Diaspora. After you have secured the Promised Land, will you then go back to sacrificing animals on the Temple Mount?

Because if goat’s blood and pinching the heads off of pigeons is your notion of a fully realized Jewish state, a light to the nations, please let me know now so that my morally-informed friends and I can become Presbyterians.

Corey says:

Stan: no one compared “those who support Israel” to the SS. You refer to Scott Cohen’s much more nuanced point: those who want, for theological reasons, to erase the Jewish people (albeit via conversion rath than physical extermination) are as much “friends” of today’s Jews as the SS were to the kapos. In other words, don’t mistake being used, manipulated and exploited for being befriended.

This article substantiates the obvious, anyone is better than Obama. Why does it take the Governor of Texas to get the state department to act? Where were Clinton and Obama? Sitting on the sidelines instead of supporting Israel as usual.

And Stan, I apologize if you found my imagery offensive, I was only trying to analogize that Evangelicals’ attentions to Israel are based on a quid pro quo relationship and that they fully expect that someday we will renounce our religious and ethical heritage to become Christians like them.

Moshe says:

Of course once again, left leaning Jews are rushing for the fainting couches at the mere thought of an Evangelical Christian president. This is nothing more than bigotry at its finest. You’re only okay with someone holding the presidency as long as they pass your personal religious test. As Jews, that is abhorrent and I hope no Christian reader thinks this is a majority view. It is also puzzling why so many secular Jews get worked up into a tizzy over Evangelical conversion activity. If you’re that concerned, give your kids a Jewish education!

Republican Jews are overwhelmingly Orthodox/traditional and in turn many have close ties to Israel and either live there, have lived there for some time, or have close relatives there. Those of us who have lived there at some point know the dangers Israel faces and the past price that has been paid for these misguided ‘peace’ gestures. The majority of American Jews have never even been to Israel.

brynababy says:

OMG, these right wing bigots among Jews is so distressing. Thank God, Rick Perry will never get the majority of the Jewish vote!

Woopty Dam Do! What next? A story about how 83% of pimply Jewish adolescents now love Israel more because they went on a weekend retreat funded by the David Project?

This is all fiddling around until the grown-ups make two states for two nations.

salem says:

Lazer–I’m sorry traditional Judeo-Christian values are appalling to you. I guess ‘anything goes’ moral relativity sounds better to you. Killing the innocent and coddling the guilty sounds like a winning formula to you. A shame you’re threatened by the 10 Commandments

Corey, you’re going to have to come to grips with the fact there are Christian Fundamentalists and Christian Evangelicals. Fundamentalists take the Bible literally. Evangelicals pragmatic. Sure, Christians would love to convert us. So what? Sure there’s an apocalypse angle. So what? Has any Christian running for president claimed they wanted to take religious freedom away? Are you threatened? Do you realize Evangelicals believe people who help Israel are blessed by God, those who harm Israel God harms? Are you aware most Christians support Israel as they see her on the front lines of Arab warfare against Judeo-Christianity? And are you aware the Muslims hate us cause of our western social liberality/permissiveness? You and the morally relative lefties here are the reason they hate America. People like you poison their culture. When Rick Perry stands for only Christians having freedom of religion, I’ll get concerned. Otherwise, Israel’s best friends have been conservative Christians. Falwell and Pat Robertson instrumental helping Russian Jews get to Israel. Amazing.

This term you use, this Judaeo-Christianity. I do not think it means what you think it means. Is perhaps like Islamo-Buddhism or Shivic Voudon?

salem says:

Scott, the Tea Party stands for fiscal responsibility spending within our means. Do you have a problem with that? Does your household earn 58K per year, spend 75K per year, and owe $327K on credit cards? Well that’s what our national economic situation translates to for a family. If this doesn’t concern you, you’re hopeless.

And Scott, we have freedom OF religion here in the US, not freedom FROM religion. The Founders worried about government interference into religion, not the other way around. There’s no church-state spearation in the Constitution, that was a Jeffersonian letter.

And you can study all you want. We have to live in the present. The present is the Arabs want Israel’s land. They don’t want any Jews on it. “Right of Return” is what they’ll make peace over. It means the end of Israel voted out of existence. If that troubles you, please, become a Presbyterian. The survival of Israel is predicated on people like you leaving the faith as Arab appeasement with the Muslim Brotherhood, Hezbollah, Hamas, and al Qaeda gets us slaughtered.

As for Moshe, Stan, and Mike, thank goodness for clear thinking people. Incredible that Evangelical Conservative Christians are better friends and more supportive of Israel’s right to peacefully exist than the liberal Jews in this country residing in a Democrat political party with the likes of Obama, Jesse Jackson, Farrakhan, Waters, Sharpton, Jimmy Carter, Clintons, etc…

Salem, The T-Party stands for no such thing. If they were in favor of fiscal responsibility they would not resist rolling back the Bush Tax cuts on families making over 250,000/year. They would not cozy up to billionaires like the Kochs resisting any semblance of revenue increase (even tax reform). And if they had a shred of the Judeo-Christian decency that you so vigorously proclaim they would not be trying to pass the debt (a debt which an impulsive warmongering former administration left us — remember Iraq and Afghanistan are entirely “off budget”) on to the backs of families of 4 making less than $22,000/year.

Moreover, a state is not like a household or business; it exists for an entirely different purpose. A household seeks to provide economic, and emotional security for and to socialize its members. A business exists for profit to benefit its shareholders. Unlike these a state does not place the parochial interests of some above the needs of others. It exists to “ensure domestic tranquility, provide for the common defense, promote the general welfare and secure the blessings of liberty” for all its people.

In order to meet these lofty goals a republic like ours is given responsibility for maintaining economic balance by being able to manufacture debt and distribute money throughout the system in order to capitalize the marketplace, ensuring moderate growth. The fact that there are structural changes taking place in our economy can not be laid at the feet of either political party. But how we respond to these changes (each party’s solutions) will determine how our children will judge the present generation.

Something tells me that our good little Judeo-Christian grandchildren won’t look favorably upon a nation that turns its back on the poor and elderly, cuts funding to education, scientific inquiry, the arts and justice so that a couple of plutocrat brothers can keep their billions. Will your GC be proud that you were a heartless T-bagger?

lazer says:

“And are you aware the Muslims hate us cause of our western social liberality/permissiveness?”

Still quoting this Giuliani nonsense like some kind of mantra, I see. Forget that Osama himself said he attacked due to America’s involvement in ME politics….

lazer says:

I’m actually starting to believe, as another poster hinted, that Christian Zionists infiltrate these comment sections. I just don’t think there are that large of numbers of politically conservative Jews to bother with flooding Tablet. You all subvert every Jewish paradigm of politics that it just doesn’t make sense to me. You all are simply not Jews.

Beatrix says:

Are Jews so narrow that we can only fit into one teeny, tiny spot on the political spectrum and support only one political party? If that’s true, what does America need us for?

Of course Jews are Republican, Democratic, Independent, left, right and center. And a lot of us consider ourselves humane and are very supportive of Israel. When did Jews become so minor and so insignificant, that other people, including other Jews, can speak for us?

Why can’t people from all parts of the political spectrum support Israel and get our support? Perry likes Israel and so that’s the end of AIPAC?

When did we give up our right to think and start stereotyping ourselves?

salem says:

Scott, what gives you the right to dig your hand into someone else’s pocket, grab their wallet, and help yourself to take care of people? Do you have no compassion for the people whose money you take with wealth redistributive Ponzi Schemes?

You want to explain to your grandchildren why you supported running up an astronomical bill with their country in so much debt they’ll keep only around 30% of the money they produce? You’re bankrupting your GC. What are they going to think of you when you tell them to keep quiet and keep subsidizing others while they do without……all “for the greater good” assuaging you of any guilt you might feel? I’m sure they’ll be forever grateful you cared so much. Altruistic of you.

salem says:

Lazer, I’ll pit my 6 years of Hebrew School, Bar Mitzvah, and becoming Confirmed at the end of 10th grade with most any other Jew. Muslims hate us cause we poison their environment with porn, permissiveness, feminism, immodesty, alcohol, abortion, homosexual advocacy, and ‘anything goes’ morally equivalent behavior. They don’t want us there because of liberal mindedness.

salem says:

Beatrix, well said

Beatrix says:

I remember clearly when we were attacked by OBL, liberals spoke up immediately and said, “no, no, no, don’t fight back. It’s going to cost too much, and our children will have to pay for it. Just say, tch, tch, tch, you shouldn’t have done that,”

And when the CIA, the English spy agency and the Italians all said Hussein had weapons of mass destruction, only the Republicans wanted war. Democrats were adamant about sitting on the sidelines.

The spy agencies were wrong and these wars have put us 4 trillion in debt. But we haven’t been attacked again, we know why we went in debt, we got rid of a very bad man, and our actions have prevented additional attacks, and more wars.

Obama has put us 4 trillion dollars into additional debt. What do we have to show for this?

Liberals have been outspoken about Bush’s decontrol of Wall Street causing an economic meltdown, but are silent about Bill Clinton’s contribution to this.

Republican web sites are just as critical of Bush and the neocons, but not as antisemitic. (Liberal web sites stress Jewish neocons). And the Republicans are trying to find solutions. The Democrats are trying to assign blame.

If you have to be liberal in order to be Jewish, then why is Netanyahu leading Israel? Jews endure and liberals are on their way out.

lazer says:

If it weren’t for the measures Obama has taken, the depression would be worse than it is.

Professor from my alma mater:

lazer says:

“If you have to be liberal in order to be Jewish, then why is Netanyahu leading Israel?”

Yeah, those people protesting all across the country are REAL HAPPY with his leadership.

Beatrix says:


Who said anything about being happy? But Netanyahu is indisputably Jewish. And not liberal. And apparently coming up with solutions for the housing crisis, which has been fomenting for a long, long time.

In America we have a liberal President and most of us aren’t happy either. I’m glad your professor likes him. though.

Tell you what. When the Republicans win the next election, if they don’t do any better than Obama, I will owe you an apology.

Beatrix, it’s like…you don’t even remember what happened from 2000-2008. Were you abroad?

Lazer, we all know Bush left Obama a bad hand.
We also know Obama worsened that bad hand. Complete domestic policy failure. “Depression would have been worse” without Obama?

Perhaps Beatrix was abroad, but were you in an asylum?

Beatrix says:

I’ve written above in some sarcastic detail about what happened under Bush. But I didn’t come to a complete standstill in 2008, and decide, “Oh Goody, Obama’s here. Everything is going to be okay.” Everything isn’t okay and Obama isn’t a good leader.

What I can’t tolerate is liberals acting as though America wasn’t their country and Bush wasn’t their leader during 2000-2008 and that they had nothing to do with supporting some of his bad decisions.

I’m Independent and vote both Democratic and Republican, but liberals are giving the impression that they care more about being liberal than they do about their country.

salem says:

I can’t understand why Jews in the US so overwhelmingly support Obama when his approval ratings in Israel have been as low as 4%.

It drives home the point, as Beatrix stated, that support for liberalism trumps support for America and Israel for US Jews in general……which I find, as a Jew, appalling.

Good. The Commandment reads Honor thy father and mother.

Salem, Beatrix, et al seem to have taken this thread through the eye of a wormhole into some parallel universe where the Great Depression never happened and the current economic mess can be solved by starving the poor out of existence, where Obama is a Muslim-socialist (and not a right-of-center, Christian) and support for the most misguided, self-destructive Israeli policies by the Christian version of Wahabi Islamists is good for the Jews. As my favorite Jewish crooner once sang, “‘There must be some way outta here,’ said the Joker to the Thief…”

Corey, Great Depression happened.
The way out of our curent economic mess is reducing the cost of doing business in the US finding a tipping point where it’s in business’ best financial interest to create private sector jobs in the US for US workers, and increasing the cost of doing business overseas by US companies discouraging them from offshore outsourcing jobs.

Any other comments?

“Yeah, those people protesting all across the country are REAL HAPPY with his leadership.”

15,000 people yesterday. In fact, the moment it became clear that the “social protests” were in fact a left-wing-liberal protest, people left it.

Israeli Jews are by European standards conservative right-wingers, and by US standards, well, moderates or centrists. But they are not liberals – only a tiny minority are.

And they are real Jews. Many of the liberal American Jews are not even Halakhically Jewish.

G Shapiro says:


So now it’s become an argument about how liberal Jews aren’t real Jews? Do you realize how many Israelis are secular? It’s this kind of divisive mishigas that keeps the Jews fighting amongst ourselves.

Salem: GE, oil companies, Verizon, Google, to name just a few, don’t seem to be terribly hampered by the “cost of doing business.” The notion that jobs and economic growth magically trickle down from the overflowing bounty of the uber-rich is an empty, bankrupt trope. It’s part of the narrative being sold by the Koch Bros and their ilk and their front groups and wholly-owned congresspeople. Their rather transparent goal would seem to be to starve the US government, the poor and the middle-class out of existence.

salem says:

GE goes overseas cause it’s cheaper doing business in China. Mobli’s revenue is generated mostly overseas as they aren’t allowed to drill domestically where there’s oil.

If you want jobs in the US, Corey, reduce the business cost in the US and increase it overseas till a tipping point is reached where jobs are created. Obama and Democrats don’t understand the private sector, they’re only interested in using it as their own ATM funding their Marxist government programs.

lazer – for all that the Bush years may have not pleased you, the Obama years are much worse for the US economy and for jobs and personal life. And for Israel it has been much worse with Obama, including the difficulties in the Middle East such as in Egypt etc. due to his actions/inactions.

If you question whether posters are Jews, that itself already reveals much about you.

I do not know what “Jewish paradigm” you are talking about except the “liberal agenda” which has nothing to do with Judaism.

Most orthodox and traditional Jews that I know are opposed to Obama – check out the website if you want to see what is what among Chasidim and Yeshivishe Jews.

Beatrix says:

I’m on Social Security. Since when does that make me rich? It certainly doesn’t make me lacking in concern for my country, which I’ve lived in for a long, long time. I don’t agree with your ideas, but you don’t even listen to mine. Instead, you stereotype me.

Of course, I noticed the recession, I’ve lived it more than most, and I still notice my desperation and that of the people around me because Obama hasn’t solved any of our problems.

I’m not looking for liberalism or conservatism, I’m looking for answers, not from books but from real life. I didn’t read about the recession, or Bush’s problems with the economy. I lived them. I’m not reading about Obama’s pathetic little list of accomplishments. I haven’t had a COLA or a job in 2 years. I’m living Obama’s failures.


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How Perry Fought the Flotilla

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