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Glenn Beck Is Restoring Courage

Rally in East Jerusalem is what you’d expect it to be

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Glenn Beck in Israel last month.(Gali Tibbon/AFP/Getty Images)

At 5 pm Israeli time, Glenn Beck launched his “Restoring Courage” rally in the Old City, in East Jerusalem; as of publication, it’s still going strong. Jerusalem Mayor Nir Birkat is among the luminaries in attendance. Beck has given out awards (“The first award is given to the Fogel family,” live-blogs Haaretz. “This would be funny if it wasn’t so terrible”), and he has declared, “In Israel you see courage. In Israel there is more courage in one small square mile than there is in the whole of Europe.” You likely already have an opinion of Beck and his Israel mini-tour, which is culminating in this rally. If you’re Alan Dershowitz, you are cautiously supportive; if you’re Rabbi Eric Yoffie of the Union for Reform Judaism, you are disapproving (in fairness, if you are Yoffie, Beck has compared your faith to radical Islam). And if you are a regular reader of The Scroll, you can guess where I stand.

One thing to note is that many who have traveled from the United States to attend are being funded by WallBuilders, the organization of “historian” David Barton, who, as columnist Michelle Goldberg documented, has a past littered with white-supremacist and anti-Semitic associations and whose work is dedicated to arguing that the United States was explicitly founded as an evangelical-Christian nation. Which doesn’t make Barton a particularly strange bedfellow for Beck. But for Israel, he certainly is. Isn’t he?

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jerome says:

Beck is kook surfing the wave of his own buffoonery.

The great majority of American Jews abhor his views even if he purports to support Israel. His anti-semetic comments, comparisons of the reform movement to radical islam and the recent protests in Israel to Soviet style social action illustrates he has no affection for actual Jewish people (and their internal dialoge). He only supports Israel because he sees it as a some divine bulwark agaisnt a Sharia dominated planet. He is dangerously deluded and if Israel were to follow his prescription bad things would surely follow.

Stan Barry says:

What with all the support Israel gets from the liberal Jewish community, it’s refreshing that someone or some organization shows their support. This appears to be the most anti-Israel administration since Israel’s founding so it seems the liberals are quite comfortable with its policies. If the strong support existed on the left perhaps the Israelis wouldn’t have to look elsewhere.
Also, for those who fear Israeli support from the right, it’s perfectly sensible to attribute to it some sinister plot, maybe relieving their conscience.
As they say, sometime a cigar is just that, a cigar!

jerome says:

How is the Obama administration anti-Israel? Israel continues to get billions in aid. Prior to ’67, Israel got far less U.S. support than it does now, and there was real hostility during the ’56 Sinai campaign. Further, all recent administrations have made protests about Israeli settlements in the West Bank.

Most of the Jews in the U.S. probably consider themselves liberals and will likely support Obama in the upcoming election. Most American Jews are also deeply suspicious of Christianist supporters whose goals and worldview sharply diverge from their own in that most American Jews fervently hope for peace while the Christianstists desire that Israel maximize it territory to conform with its delusions about Armageddon.

Here’s an article on how Beck has inspired college students to support Israel in the US –

This phychopath is divisive, an well known islamophobe and a heartless judoephobe, his aim is to divide jews and muslims..I hope isrealis are not that dumb..

I thought David Barton was a gym owner in Manhattan, not a historian

Beck’s rally in Jerusalem ends with a whimper:


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Glenn Beck Is Restoring Courage

Rally in East Jerusalem is what you’d expect it to be

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