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Why Jennifer Rubin Hates Palin

Journalist was for the ex-governor before she was against her

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Sarah Palin last Friday in Iowa.(Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images)

“Part of the explanation lies in misunderstanding and media-induced panic. … Palin’s status as an unabashed conservative and as exemplar of the Religious Right would have been sufficient to alienate the majority of American Jews. Yet if that were all, and that is plenty, Palin still would not provoke the degree of hostility with which most Jews regard her. Something else bothers them more. That something else is Palin herself.” -Jennifer Rubin, January 2010, on “Why Jews Hate Palin,” a 4,000-word article in Commentary.

“Sarah Palin has taken on a pathetic quality. … She added a few Palin-esque observations—one part conspiracy and one part nonsense. … Like Palin herself, a Palin-endorsement would be a media sideshow, but ultimately lacking in significance.” -Jennifer Rubin, today.

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rick geiger says:

Jews LOVE Sarah Palin, in fact it would be much easier now to make a case that Jews dislike Obama for his policies denying legitimacy to human rights for Jews, for being ignorant about the history of Israel and for covering up for his racist friend like Rev Wright and Rashid Khladi and Bill Ayers. Sarah Palin will be sworn in as president in Jan 2013 so and the Jews in the US and all over the world will be better off for it

You have statistics to back up that claim, Rick?

Well that’s a shame because Sarah Palin loves Israel and the Jews.

Really, Sarah loves Israel?

My favorite quote from Rubin’s “Why Jews Hate Palin” piece – she manages to defend Palin using her Down-syndrome child as a “selling point” while implying that Jews don’t have sympathy for people with Down-syndrome children because, apparently, they don’t have many. This is truly despicable. Her turning on Palin doesn’t change how unabashedly asinine she is.

“Pro-life Americans saw Palin’s son Trig, born with Down syndrome in April 2008, as an affirmation of Palin’s deeply held beliefs, a rare instance in which a politician did more than mouth platitudes about a ‘culture of life.’ But in affluent communities with large Jewish populations, Down-syndrome children are now largely absent due to the widespread use of diagnostic testing and ‘genetics counseling.’ Trig was not a selling point with many Jewish women who couldn’t imagine making a similar choice—indeed, many have, in fact, made the opposite one.”

Hey Ian! Statistitions have almost always been wrong more ofter than right unless they’re dealing with the past. As for Rubin; like most intellectual journalist, she rationalized her way back into the ranks that count the spots on an eagle’s feather while they are being eaten by eaglets.

But that’s politics………..

Cherrie says:

Really, Rick? I need to see your statistics and facts on that piece of information you just stated. I am still trying to remember when have we ever began to name the race of people that we like or don’t like? Oh yes, when John McCain and Sarah Palin ran. BZ, where does it state that Sarah Palin loves the Jews and Israel. I personally have never heard her say it nor read it anywhere. I know Sarah Palin pretends to love hockey moms and Joe Six Pack and Joe the plummer. She also loves herself, money and she loves to hear herself mumble a slew of words irrelevant to the question she is asked or whatever the subject may be. She never ever states what she stands for. She always avoids direct intervention with the media when they ask her what her intent is as President of the United States or if she is running for President. She always talks about the President and who she does not like as a congressman, senator or Representative as if she was a great governor or even a person. She has never laid out any pertinent ideas on what she would do as a President besides successfully completing the task of racially tearing this country apart. She sounds like an idiot and acts like an irrational racist idiot. I have an idea, why don’t we go back to the time when the south and north were divided before President Abraham Lincoln changed it and you Palin Fans can have the south and Palin can be your President? Palin can’t think her way out of a paper sack and truthfully most truely educated and intelligent women do not want her as President of the United States. Palin can not ever began to know one-quarter of the knowledge Ms. Hillary Clinton has in any manner. Palin is a fraud and a fool and everyone will be better off if she goes away. Oh, hear is guy who says he admits being a Joe six pack, but is offended for he has has been enlightened. Enjoy.–RBXG9zA&watch_response

Cherrie says:

Excuse my misspelled words. Hear should be “here” is a guy who says….etc. Enjoy the video.

Hershel (Heshy) Ginsburg says:

It was Yitzchak Rabin who observed that “only a donkey doesn’t change its mind” (such that it has). In other words it’s a measure of one’s intellectual honesty as opposed ideological rigidity. I think it is fair to say that J.Rubin has demonstrated a degree of intellectual honesty on the Palin question that is unusual in American political journalism.

The folks at Tablet could stand to learn from her…


Jerusalem / Efrata

kindness says:

Sure Sarah Palin loves Israel. She loves it because she thinks that is where the second coming of Jesus Christ will happen.

Sarah Palin loves Israel (and Jesus) so much she’ll do everything she can to make sure the armageddon occurs so that Jesus returns. The fact that this means all the Jewish folks in Israel (who don’t convert to Christianity) die in this armageddon, doesn’t mean she doesn’t love them. It only means they will die for the resurection of her savior and lord, and she’s fine with that.

Neo-con Jews think SP is a useful idiot. Most understand her professed semitophila lives right next door to a deep antisemitism. But they are convinced she can be kept on a leash. Hopefully we’ll never have to see that theory tested out.


Wouldn’t having sarah as president be amusing. Then we could educate her as to where on the continent the US is located, or better yet, the country that she represents.

KMiller says:

Sarah doesn’t love the Jews. She and her far-right, evangelical dominionist cronies NEED Israel and the Jews to achieve their end-of-times scenario; big difference. The Jews who ultimately agree Jesus is Savior etc get eternal life, all the rest perish, oh well!

Sarah loves herself; she loves wearing a Star of David three times larger than any person of Jewish faith I have ever known. (Or a ginormous cross, you know. Whatever.) Oh, and also too her giant beaded flag bracelet…rhinestone Jesus trucker hat….tacky cross belt buckle…and anything else that gets more attention for Sarah, Sarah, Sarah.

Angela says:

Far right, Christian conservatives’ unwavering support for Israel is based on end-time biblical prophecy, not on a love for the Jewish people. Jews need to read up on what fundamentalist Christians actually believe about the end times. They are taught that Jews are going to be converted to Christianity after the rapture and will be the new Christians in the world. They believe all Jews who don’t believe Jesus is the son of God are automatically going to hell. Is that love? They don’t believe Israel is sacred because it belongs to the Jews, but because it belongs to Jesus and after the rapture he will establish his kingdom there. When Sarah Palin ran for mayor, one of the tactics she used to win the election was to suggest that her opponent, a Christian with the last name Stein, was actually Jewish.

I am a Christian who actually does admire the Jewish people, and not because of some romanticised view of Israel, but because Jews present a wonderful example of how to thrive despite adversity and oppression. And because they stood side by side with my African-American forefathers in the fight for Civil Rights in this country. If I were Jewish I don’t know if I would be a Republican or a Democrat, because I can understand Jews being very protective of Israel’s security, and Republicans tend to be stronger in that area, but it’s still important to examine the motives of the far right in this area.

lololol…jennifer rubin, is she Washington post/blogger?????? the islamophobe who suggested that the christianist terrorist of Norway was not “terrorist” enough cause he had blue eyes/blonde hair…lol all zionists, be wary of christians, especially of d/evangelicals ones!!!!!

It is no mystery why people stop liking Palin. The real question is why they liked her in the first place. I think that Jennifer Rubin and Bill Kristol might say, if they were being honest, that Palin’s support for Israel and folksy soccer mom appeal were keys to their support. Both have worn rather thin over the years, however, with Palin now coming across as an attention-craving phony and her support for Israel being both ardent and ignorant. It’s one thing to support a candidate who’s friendly to Israel, it’s quite another to support a candidate who’s friendly to Israel but is liable to recklessly say any crazy thing about it that comes into her head.

Dr. Michael Zidonov says:

It is disappointing to realize that among Jews, we have idiots, just like everywhere else … “Kindness” et al … Your spewage is pathetically ignorant, and exemplary of the treachery that you label Sarah Palin with … Only possible difference is, that Palin soon will be vindicated by History … Then, what shall you say ??? Will you have the Intestinal Fortitude to admit out loud that you were wrong ??? Or will you just skulk away like a Liberal Weasel, and hope no one remembers your idiocy ???

Another reason why many Jews don’t like Sarah Palin is because she didn’t graduate from an Ivy League school and transfered colleges 4 or 5 times

Why is it that liberal, secular Jews tend to have an antipathy for Governor Palin? Maybe it is because they have an antipathy for Republicans in general. Maybe it is because they have an antipathy for people of faith in general. What will happen at the end of time? Judaism has a very different blueprint than evangelical Christianity. Whenever this might occur, I would imagine thay Hashem will instruct us. In the meantime, the evangelical community is steadfast in their support of Israel. Thank G-d we don’t have to rely upon the liberal Christians with their BDS hate-filled hyprocrisy.

Sometimes when reading a piece written by a Jew in which she/he attacks a Christian, it can become really easy to see just how much they really know about their own background. Did you know, for example, that Christians believe that Moses, David, and several of the prophets talked about Christ as only someone who really knew God could speak (clarity, conviction, purpose)? And even if you don’t believe this, the first Christians were mostly Jews who taught and lived as Jesus Christ, himself a Jew, lived. You really have to get over your hatred for Christians.


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Why Jennifer Rubin Hates Palin

Journalist was for the ex-governor before she was against her

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