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Daybreak: Lebanon to Push Palestinian State

Plus, Israel is the hot congressional vacation spot, and more in the news

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Kevin McCarthy, Republican of Texas California, is leading other Republican representatives in Israel.(Avi Ohayon/GPO via Getty Images)

• Lebanon happens to assume the Security Council’s rotating leadership in September. Guess what one of its first moves will be? [JPost]

• Russia is semi-secretly working to restart nuclear talks with Iran. [AP/WP]

• Roughly one-fifth of the House of Representatives is visiting Israel during summer recess, especially notable given the poor relations between President Obama and Prime Minister Netanyahu. [NYT] Texas

• An advocacy group accused Israel of arresting an Al Jazeera journalist and holding him without charges. [AP/WP]

• Glenn Beck, in Israel in advance of next week’s rally, called the #j14 protesters the “hard left” and repeatedly insisted referred to “Judea and Samaria.” [Ynet]

• Sen. Patrick Leahy, Democrat of Vermont, is sponsoring a bill to halt U.S. funding to three elite IDF units (including the famed Shayetet 13), which he says engage in human rights violations in the Palestinian territories. [Haaretz]

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Hershel (Heshy) Ginsburg says:

When the Roman’s put down the Jewish revolt of 70 CE and destroyed the 2nd Temple (just recently commemorated on Tisha B’Av) they minted victory coins depicting a Roman soldier standing over a grieving Jewish woman. The coins were inscribed with the phrase “Iudea Capta”, i.e., Judea has been captured. Not West Bank Capta or even Palestina Capta. Now why do you think that is?

Hint: The TransJordanians invented the name “West Bank” ion the early ’50’s as a complement to the “East Bank” as part of their transformation into Jordan.

Once again MT demonstrates the ironclad law of nature that political correctness is inversely proportional to historical & factual correctness.


P.S. The name “Palestine” was imposed by the Romans only some 65 years later in the aftermath of their bloody defeat of the Bar Kochba revolt as part of their policy of erasing the Jewish identity from Judea. Sort of like the name “West Bank”.

Hershel (Heshy) Ginsburg says:

Someone should remind Pat Leahy that it is these very commando units, in particular Duvdevan, who have been providing quiet but very effective training to US Marines & Army special ops units on the ins and outs of urban warfare.

But maybe this is indicative of where the Democratic Party is headed and is another reason to make sure that Obama is a one term president.


Jerusalem / Efrata

George One says:

ADVOCACY GROUPS. Instead of ranting about the treatment of Al Jazeera journalist in Israel, let them worry about how journalists are treated in Iran, in Iraq, in Turkey, in Syria, in Libya, in Saudi, in Egypt, in Yemen etc….

A little correction: Kevin McCarthy is a Republican representative from California, not Texas.

Adi, shhhh, Tablet writers try not to let the facts get in the way of their stories.

Marc Tracy says:

@Adi my bad, I write these things too early. fixed. thanks.

tillkan says:

Hey George, which one of Iran, Iraq, Turkey, Syria, Lybia, Saudi Arabia etc are touted as the shining democracy?


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Daybreak: Lebanon to Push Palestinian State

Plus, Israel is the hot congressional vacation spot, and more in the news

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