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The Strange Death of Conservative Israel

Today on Tablet

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What happens when you inject the coarse, ruthless sensibility of Russian authoritarianism and the amoral spin of U.S. media consultants into what had been the comparatively mild, respectful Israeli political arena? You get, as senior writer Liel Leibovitz argues today in Tablet Magazine, the death of the true Israeli right. (The Israeli left died, too, but arguably for different reasons.) Now even old-line Likudniks barely recognize their own country, as opportunists like Prime Minister Netanyahu and petty-tyrants like Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman remake it in their own, distasteful images.

Left for Dead

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Hershel (Heshy) Ginsburg says:

LL’s rant is simply an exquisite display of his bigotry against anyone who disagrees with him, as well as is profound unwillingness to understand, let alone empathize with, what Israelis have undergone in the past 11 years.


Herb K says:


Jacob.arnon says:

Liel Leibovitz, I think, is actually arguing that what is dying in Israel (as it is in the States and many countries in Europe) is the liberal (not to be confused with narrow liberal social views) political process.

Outside of the conservative-political framework there is no politics. What we have instead is increasingly rancorous debates about limited economic policies.

Abbi says:

Sorry, read the whole thing and could not find any evidence that the right is dying other than that LL said so.

American media and Jews in particular love to blow up Lieberman into a bogeyman. No one really cares about him here. The “monstrous” legislation that allegedly passed is not as horrid as he makes it out to be (I can sue Liel in court for calling for a boycott of Israel just like Palestinians can sue Israeli generals in British courts for war crimes, NGOs that sponsor Nakba celebrations can’t be government funded (private foundations can sponsor as many Nakba celebrations as they like 365 days a year) and it’s a good idea to find out who is really funding Israeli anti-Israel NGOs. Wow, there goes democracy in Israel.)

Can’t Tablet find writers who actually live in Israel to write about what is going on here, rather than yordim like LL who need major therapy and have no clue what is really going on here? I’m sure Shoshana Kordova can rustle up something more interesting than the week in review crap you give her.

carrie says:

Don’t you realize When you leftists refer to Lieberman as a “petty tyrant” and the Holocaust denier Abbas as a “man of peace” you sound ridiculous?
Abbas and the PA are far to the right of Israel Beitenu yet you and Liel support them. So what does that say about you?

preposterous says:

western/israeli reaction to terrorism over the last decade is what has produced these politics of hysteria people trying to live a normal life while our militaries are at war with jihadi’s is difficult. If they wanted to make life harder then they suceeded but it doesn’t make them any more popular. How outrageous will things get before we finally finish off al qaeda and it’s affiliates as if the rage of 9/11 wasn’t enough we’ve had ten years of war and recession without relief and that is as long as ww1&2 combined


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The Strange Death of Conservative Israel

Today on Tablet

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