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The Republicans’ Jewish Problem

Today on Tablet

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Last week was another week and therefore it brought another poll, this time conducted by the liberal Jewish group J Street. As Washington Jewish Week‘s Adam Kredo showed, the poll found that more American Jews than usual do not approve of a Democratic president’s handling of Israel issues, but that, as before, a pronounced majority of American Jews will vote for the Democratic candidate in the next presidential election.

Polls shouldn’t to be dismissed, and columnist Michelle Goldberg does address them today in Tablet Magazine. But she also goes beyond them, making the case that they have historically undersold how much Jews actually end up backing Democratic candidates; and she goes even beyond that and explains why Jewish voters, particularly since the 1984 election, have backed the Democrat in massively disproportionately numbers: it’s because the Republican Party has increasingly aligned itself with groups, from the Christian Coalition to the Tea Party, that see America as a fundamentally Christian nation, and, as Goldberg puts it, Jews “are unwilling to assume a role in their own country that’s in any way analogous to that of Arab citizens of Israel—a people with legal equality who are nonetheless excluded from their nation’s raison d’être.”

Speaking of polls, the last time a plurality (though not majority) of Jews did vote for a Republican, according to Goldberg, it was 1920, and 43 percent went for the victor, Warren G. Harding. The runner-up for the hearts of Jewish voters that year was the legendary Socialist Eugene V. Debs.

Christian Wrong
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Hershel (Heshy) Ginsburg says:

MT, I suggest you read what you yourself have written, that Jews have been voting overwhelmingly Democratic since early in the 20th Century, long before the birth of the State of Israel. So to pin Jewish voting patterns on the vast majority of Jews not willing to be the “Israeli Arabs” of the USA is patently ridiculous (in case you didn’t get the memo, a basic law of nature is that later events cannot be causative of earlier events).

However yours and / Goldberg’s “Israeli Arab” hypothesis does accurately reflect your, and to a large degree Tablet’s, far left wing biases and the general antipathetic discomfort in these parts to the very idea of Israel unless it rigidly and religiously hews to your biases.

Given that most of American Jewry is unaffiliated, secular or at best only lukewarmly religious, a far more plausible explanation is that most American Jews are simply not comfortable with deeply religiously committed people of any type or stripe who are willing to live their lives according to religious principle, unless said religion can be be bent to accommodate whatever are the latest left wing intellectual fashions. In other words, its a form of genteel bigotry against those who don’t think like you.

This also explains why Orthodox Jews are far more willing to vote Republican — they don’t suffer from the religious hangup. They are used to accommodating their lives to religious principle as opposed to the other way around. It’s not that Orthodox Jews are willing to be the “Israeli Arabs” of the USA.


George One says:

Whatever the reasons for American Jews to mainly vote Democrat, they would be doing Israel a singular disservice if next time around they voted for Obama who has plainly made his pro-Palestinian bias so clear and sees Israel as a problem, rather than as a solution.

Bill Pearlman says:

If you care about Israel you vote Republican.

Yitzhak K says:

American Jews vote Democratic in eternal gratitude to FDR. Why are they in thrall of FDR? In the 1930s, American Jews were on the cusp of social acceptance. The last thing they wanted was to be inundated with foreign accneted Yidden from Germany, Poland, etc. So when FDR recognized thatthe Holocaust wan an internal German affair, leading to the successful “resettling” on Europena Jews in Poland, they were grateful to FDR. Thus a final solution was made possible to the precarious social situation on American Jewry

Jason says:

Spin, spin, spin. The Freepers and other assorted Teabaggers are back again misrepresenting the truth and hoping we’re not paying attention to what is really going on.

Jimi says:

The amount of Jews who vote Democrat versus Republican is inversely proportional to how religious they are.
Orthodox Jews tend to vote Republican.
However there are Orthodox Jews who voted for Obama because they figured he would be so bad the messiah would have to arrive.
Little known fact.

Joshua L says:

Fair is fair. As an American, I was proud to vote for Obama last time around based on his promises regarding transparency in government, reexamining relationships in foreign affairs, and giving power back to the non-rich. I thought he had a backbone. I felt only joy, as an American and a Jew, in casting that vote. Transparency and people power can only help the world.

(It goes almost without saying that the man has turned out to be a disappointment, without either judgement or backbone. And that’s when I can actually figure out what he really believes, if anything. The man is too young and too weak. But what he is not is of the ilk of arrogant, ignorant, disingenuous Republican that seemed to characterized the previous administration — he is far more patriotic than that. Not that I will vote for him again.)

Brian Levy says:

Barrack Obama has worked out to be nothing more than a race-bating, antisemitic, Black supremacist bigot who has mismanaged the American economy beyond anyone’s most cataclysmic imagination. I can’t imagine why anyone who has a concept of freedom, the American dream, or a work ethic would vote for him again.

josephlacicero says:

the article mentioned that Jews avoid republicans because of the association with Christian organizations. That is a pathetic reason to choose sides. I believe each of us wants the same things from life…regardless of our religious affiliation. To ostracize oneself because of religion may not be a sin but it’s wrong.

I never knew this about Jewish people until now. I’m disappointed.

ctredheadguy says:

You are trying to hard to sound intelligent and all knowing.
Read your post! you make no sense! A bunch of Psycobabble!
Keep it simple –
Truth: Jews overwelmingly vote Democrat
Another Truth: Screwed yourselves by voting in Obama the antisemitic.
Why: liberalism is a core part of the identity of most secular Jews.
Brian is 100% correct!

Stephanie S says:

Jews are congenitally stupid and naive when it come to the Democratic Party. Parents were Democrats, grandparents were, therefore they are. The fact that this is not the same Democratic Party escapes them. I also agree that for most American Jews, their actual religion is liberalism, uh excuse me, progressivism. It’s enough to make me want to convert, I’m so embarassed and ashamed.

Dr. Dan says:

There are a variety of reasons Jews tend to vote Democrat, and most of the post above are embarrassingly ignorant. The real question is why are Jews liberal?

First, as the writer indicated, the Republicans have made a strategy of painting any non-white non-Christians, as well as intellectuals – and especially Jews – as “the other”, and outsiders – or – in the words of Sarah Palin – not “real Americans”. Further, they view right-wing support of Israel with suspicion, and as some broader anti-Semitic plan to bring about the Messiah and remove Jews from the U.S.. Jews indeed view themselves as outsiders and have a problem with the Christian right’s view of the U.S. as a fundamentally religious state.

Second, Jews are religiously committed to social justice (especially Reform Jews) through the spirit of Tikun Olam “repair the world”. They were extremely active during the civil rights movement “because we were once slaves in Egypt”, and see the push for equality as a central part of being Jewish. Social Justice is ingrained in Judaism, and liberal goals of helping the poor, reducing racial injustice, and promoting equality amongst people are aligned with Jewish spirituality and belief.

Third, there is no real difference between how Republican and Democratic administrations view the Israel – Palestinian problem. Every single President has built their platform on the idea of land for peace, and view a 2 state solution around the 1967 borders. While Republicans like to hammer Obama for being soft on the Palestinians, there have really been no substantial policy changes abandoning Israel. Further, most American Jews want peace in Israel, and want a two-state solution. They are unhappy with the status quo, as it invites hatred, anti-Semitism, and further terrorism. Thus, Obama’s efforts to force Israel’s hand to push peace with Palestine is welcome to many Jews.

Am Israel 'Chai says:

The Jews’ backing of the Democratic Party (with its open support for things the T-rah forbids, such as homosexuality) — tiny particle of sand though it is, in the whole scheme of history — is nonetheless just one more example of stiff-necked rebellion against G-d and the T-rah. This is only one of the more recent incarnations of it.

The Jewish people are good at such rebellion; they’ve been at it for over four millenia, now. The majority of them are rebellious, whilst a small minority are obedient. There’s nothing new, here.

So, they openly side with their own haters (the ‘progressive’ left) in the name of ‘social justice’ (for whom?), done largely under the name of ‘Reform’ Judaism (reformed from what?).

It’s nauseating, and wrong — but it’s typical, nonetheless.

And one need look no further than the non-observant (i.e, non-Orthodox) Jews in this country and elsewhere for an utter indictment of their mindset and lifestyles: they are fast disintegrating, shrinking in numbers, dying off and assimilating into a gentile culture that — if they’d been obedient to the T-rah in the first place — they wouldn’t even be in, anyway, whilst the Orthodox Jews EXPLODE in number.

Now, simple mathematics will tell you what’s eventually going to happen, here: and it’s not pretty for the Jews living like goyim.

But then, it never is.

You’d think after a point, they’d learn.

But as I pointed out, they’ve been at this for four millenia, so I wouldn’t hold my breath.

Thank G-d for the obedient remnant among them; that’s all that’s pulled them through, ultimiately.

But then, G-d always does, when He’s obeyed.

Oh, and lest anyone think I’m a gentile Xtian…not even close.

My family are Orthodox Jews.

cheese says:

fuck you – the vermin called jews that are liberal are the worst enemies of religious jews – and the best friends of israeli arabs – once again fuck your stupidity to hell.

Marsh626 says:

I don’t think 75% of Jews voting for the Democraps has anything to do with the Christian nature of the Republican Party and the Tea Party movement.

Jews and Christians get along really well these days.

I really have no idea why so many Jews are so left-wing.

Oh well.

Hopefully more of them wake up some day.

Digressing a bit, there’s no difference between Jews and Arabs.The only thing is that ‘an Arab stabs you in the front while a Jew stabs you at the back’. You’ll see the former coming to stab you but the latter you won’t see him. They’re the same! Again the both cultures are core racists especially the religious Jews. You need to live among these people to know them. However there are few nice people. I live among them so I know what I’m saying.

American presidency and interest is not about Obama but about American people.NO noise pls! Simply make your choice on the ballot!

Marsh626 says:

I think Dr. Dan’s comment above gets to the heart of why so many people vote Democrap.

They’re extremely ignorant and have been brainwashed by the Left since childhood to have this cartoonish view of evil right-wingers.

I know I certainly did when I was still a leftist.

I honestly believed that all right-wingers were ignorant, uneducated, imbred, toothless, white trash, skin head, neo-Nazi, KKK, Jesus freaks.

It wasn’t until I educated myself in right-wing culture and ideology that I findally realized how bigoted I was towards conservatives.

My asian girlfriend still has that prejudice, though.

When we were planning out our driving trip across America last Summer, she was actually terrorfied of driving through the South.

She literally believed she’d be lynched just because she was asian…

My advice to the Dr. Dan’s of the world is to open your mind a bit and expand your horizons.

Read a conservative book or magazine, attend a Tea Party rally, watch a right-wing lecture on youtube or C-SPAN, etc.

You’ll quickly see that they’re not the scary evil boogeymen you thought they were…

Andy Daniel says:

I don’t think American Jews are so much left-wing as we are put off by the right wing. I voted for Obama, but viewed McCain in a positive light (other than his decision to pick Palin). I wanted Obama to win but I didn’t think it would be a disaster for America if MCCain won.

However, the Republican party I see now has been hijacked by religious idealogues. These people rightfully fear the religious (read: Muslim) takeovers of secular governments in other parts of the world, and their solution is a Christian takeover of US Government.

I have read several comments in a similar article deriding American Jews for having replaced the Jewish sense of justice with a sense of “social justice”. And there is litle doubt that reform and conservative Jews have, to a cefrtain extent, done that – but where is it written that justice is only for us? I support gay marriage – yes, despite what the Torah says – because I don’t want to either push my faith onto others. The current crop of right-wing Republican candidates – not to suggest that all Republicans are that way – do wish to do that, at least with those biblical prohibitions that they don’t personally partake in.

I have Jewish friends and relatives who do in fact vote Republican, and we’re still friends and relatives. I myself see Obama as a very very smart and well-meaning man who may have bitten off more than he could chew, and who has tried to persevere in the face of highly organized race-based hatred. (Most of those pushing the hatred would say that it has nothing to do with his color, just his politics, and I would be willing to believe them had they not started their diatribes even before he took office.) Yes, he’s made some significant mistakes, and show me an opponent who I think can do better, and I’ll vote for him or her. As of today, though, I see the GOP elephant with a giant cross held in it’s trunk.

Members of the Jewish community in America need to rethink their politics. Example, Dorothy Rabinowitz was hired by Rupert Murdoch to be a sort of attack pit bull. Her June 2010 Wall Street Journal article on President Obama, “The Alien In The White House” has been reproduced numerous times on the Internet, and has, ironically, become popular with neo-Nazi and fascist groups around the world who use it in attacks on Blacks and Jews. I am old enough to remember that the word “alien” used in America and Canada as Ms. Rabinowitz used it, was routinely attached to Jews. There also needs to be a serious rethink of the relationship between the American Jewish communities and Australian immigrant Rupert Murdoch. That someone claims to be Jewish, no matter how tenuous the relationship, should not automatically earn them a free pass.

Ronny S. says:

The day Israel is gone will be the day US Jews will be dancing in the streets. Israel is a constant nagging reminder that they don’t belong here, far away from their deserted homeland, in opposition to all Torah and Neviim maxims that YHWH and Yahadut only have meaning in the Land of Israel. Thus US Jews secretly wish for the reversal of the 1967 Jewish liberation of Judea and Samaria, and have decided to hate all Israeli governments that refuse to believe in the Lie of Palestine, as if the land belongs to Arabs who invaded the Land of Israel, and as if those Arabs are members of a mythical nation called “Palestinians”. Of course, German Jews were also living happy lives before 1933. I predict a future made in America Holocaust, but then US Jews will have no where in the world to escape to. Many, though, will be saved by their rampant assimilation, which they pretend to ignore by voting Democrat. And it works so nicely! So far, it’s been Democratic Presidents like Hitler, er, Carter, and Clinton who raped Israel into give up on all possible historic and strategic assets, thus committing a slow national suicide. Obama is simply the creme on top of the suicide cake. (Not that Republican Presidents are much better—they also refuse to recognize United Jerusalem as the Israeli Capital.)

Mr A says:

@Ronny S
What a load of crap. Shame on you.

Riaz says:

To me this is opposite of how American Muslim vote. They do not like the socially liberal views of Democrats but vote for them because their liberal immigration policies and more even handling of middle east policies.

lana says:

@Ronny…You are nothing but a racist, anti-arab and a islamophobes and may i add “anti-semetic”, because of your hate of arab semites…

But let me ask you, are you a semite??? Since you think you have a claim on the land Palestine/Isreal…

And remember just being a jew do NOT make you a “semite”, other wise all christians and muslims from around the world can also be “semite” in that sense…

Judaism, Christianity and Islam are from semetic roots, that’s true, but most of their respective followers are not necessarily “semetic”..

What we call “semites” are people who lived for some 1000’s of years in some part of the modern day “middle east”, namely the ancient arabs and the ancient hebrews, but also some part of East Africa and they spoke several languages, mainly ancient arab and ancient hebrew luanguages.

Later converts to those religions outside the fold of “semites” territory, can NOT be called “semites” just because their respectives religions have semetic roots…

For example: pakistan and turkey are following a semetic religion, islam, but that doesn’t make them “semites”, the same goes for european christians, although christianity is a semetic religion, so the same also goes for later jewish converts like the ashkezani jews and most of the sephardic jews, therefore they cannot be semites, even if judaism is a semetic religion…

Judaism and Islam and christianity = Faith NOT Ethnicity.

Semites = Ethnicity NOT Faith…..So ethnically, mainly people who lives in certain countries in the so called “middle east”, like syria, palestinian territories, lebenon ect…For sure there is about 95+ some percent of chance, that they are the descent of ancient hebrews, than lets say european or american jews…Shalom

Michal says:

I will vote for anyone who I think is least likely to rescind my citizenship for being “not Christian enough” to be a good American. Republicans may not individually be monsters, but their collective ideology is sliding into such blatant racism and xenophobia and misogyny that I wonder how long it will be before we, too, are targeted and demonized. And given the experience that Obama is having in office, doing a less-bad job than his GOP predecessors and still being the target of disgustingly racist attacks from the radical right, I can only be deeply grateful that we didn’t elect a Jewish president.

WereTurtle says:

Given Obama’s blatantly anti-Israel stances/policies, if the Republicans cannot win the Jewish voting bloc this time around, they never will. It will also prove that the Jewish voting bloc votes purely along ideological lines and cares nothing for common sense or the actions of the politicians they support. If they have a D next to their name, they will get the vote.

WereTurtle says:

Michal – There will come a time when the democrats will make people feel like they are “too christian” to be a good American. There is is far more racism in the democratic party than there is in the republican party. Identity politics, which the democrats live on, is rooted is racism. Racism is defined as anything that takes race into consideration, be it for the good or for the ill. There is no such thing as “Good Racism”. Racism is just that. Racism.

You think Obama is doing a better job than Bush? Bush was terrible, but Obama is worse. He is creating an economical climate hostile to businesses. He is choking them with regulations and causing them nothing but uncertainty for the future. He is running up debt at a rate NEVER before seen in this country, and he oversaw the first credit downgrade in the history of the country – despite Geithner saying it would never happened. And Obama assured us there was no one smarter than Tim Geithner and there was no one else who could get us out of this economic morass.

Beverly Kurtin, Ph.D. says:

WereTurtle, isn’t it wonderful to have your insight to the racist Democratic party? They are SO racist that they had the good sense to vote in by one of the largest popular votes in many years a black president. How RACIST! I’ve seen Tea Party and Republican Party gatherings and see a whole bunch of lily white faces and only the occasional black face. I have heard the most racist comments made by a wonderful white lady who was crying at a Tea Party event, she said, “I want my white America back.” It is nice that she wasn’t racist.
Yeah, Obama is doing MUCH better than W. W is the one to whom we owe the wonderful recession and the job losses. Obama is NOT responsible for the credit downgrading, that honor goes to the intractable lord god Boehner and his jesters: McConnell, Rand and Cantor. Cantor, BTW claims to be a Jew; I doubt it. I’ve never seen any Jew as mean-spirited as he is.
Obama is creating “an economical climate hostile to businesses. He is choking them with regulations and causing them nothing but uncertainty for the future.” That’s your quote, not mine.
Mirror, mirror on the wall, who has spent more than them all? DUBYA! In fact, contrary to your opinion–you must watch Faux Snooze, am I right?–spent more money than every other president from George Washington to Bill Clinton COMBINED! That is a fact, not an opinion.
I’m a Texan; I’ve watched him throw money around like a drunk in a whore house. He tossed away the surplus that the late Gov. Ann Richards had built up; when he stole the presidency, he threw President Clinton’s surplus away, gave the wealthy and corporations tax breaks that ate into our deficit.
I am sure that you are a nice person, but your attacks on Obama are woefully mistaken.
Trying to dig out of the economic morass W left this country with is going to take time; it took eight years for W to make the mess Obama inherited.

Frisky Willy says:

Umm, people… ONE: Bush left Obama two illegal wars, a shattered economy, a staggering debt, and a locked-in tax profile that fleeced the middle class and the poor, and the ensuing mortgage/banking fiasco. TWO: Obama is not an “anti-semite. His proposals for the Middle East repeat past presidents’ policies, Republican and Democrat. THREE: The real blockage to “Peace” is Israel’s fear that without the ‘threat’ of an Arab invasion causing another “Holocaust” (yada, yada) its economy would collapse – Pronto! Why? Fear ‘justifies’ many of Israel’s acts: its coercive fleecing of the world-wide Jewish population; enforcing a “voluntary” year of free services extorted from Jewish professionals globally; AND the extraction of staggering sums from the U.S. government for ‘defense’. FOUR: This extraction is made possible by detailed files held by AIPAC, MOSSAD, etc., that are filled with confidential personal, medical, and financial information – much of it coerced from the relevant Jewish professionals – on EVERY politician of any possible present or future note in America. These dossiers make most elected law-makers easy converts to supporting the continued financial rape of the American tax-payer. FIVE: Most American Jews (i.e.,the Ashkenazim), as subtly noted in an earlier post, are NOT ethnic Jews but descendants of Asian Khazar converts, as DNA testing in Israel has shown, regardless of the ensuing frantic ‘spin’. SIX: In 1933, when Hitler took power and oppressed German Jews, a world-wide Jewish boycott shattered Germany’s economy and ALMOST ended Nazi rule! The boycott was DELIBERATELY broken by the Zionists (Began, Mier, Ben Gurion, et al) and Hitler stayed in power. They were FULLY AWARE OF THE POTENTIAL CONSEQUENCES yet they worked with the Nazis (The Transfer Agreement) to fund AND populate Palestine with fellow Zionists. ERGO: the Zionist movement was RESPONSIBLE FOR THE HOLOCAUST. Read your history…

Beverly Kurtin, Ph.D. says:

“cheese” has used profanity that is unacceptable; the post should be removed. For all of those people who think that the TeaPubliCANTS are so wonderful, they want to cut the budget on the backs of those who can least afford it: The poor and the people who have lost their life’s savings. I’m one of those people. A major bank DESTROYED my life’s savings and that, together with the $200,000 plus that I had to pay to keep my youngest son breathing for 19 years because our wonderful insurance company said that his asthma was a pre-existing condition (although it wasn’t) and they refused to pay one cent to keep him alive. My ex could not make a living, so I was the breadwinner.

The Affordable Healthcare act that so many TeaPubliCANTS call “Obama Care” would have allowed me the dignity of having a decent retirement instead of having Social Security as my ONLY source of income. Now the Social Security want to cut Social Security and Medicare/Medicaid. Isn’t that SPECIAL?

The will not succeed in their attempt to place millions of Americans in absolute, irreversible pauper-hood.

Social Security has never contributed a penny towards the deficit as Americans have PAID for Social Security via FICA. It is NOT an entitlement as the TeaPubliCANTS would have people believe; again, it is something for which we pre-paid. Without medical care, seniors will begin to die by the droves. That is part of the wonderful TeaPubliCANTS plan; let the poor or disadvantaged die and “reduce the surplus population.” If you’re not receiving Social Security, how about your parents. Are you ready to support them and pay for their medical care?

I am a fiscal conservative and a progressive liberal when it comes to human beings well-being. If the TeaPubliCANTS DO succeed in removing the safety nets that are in place, a second American revolution will be the response. Plans are already underway for the revolution.

As a Jew, my concern is for human need, not corporate greed. Viva Obama!

Frisky Willy says:

Well said Beverly! It is unbelievable that the U.S.A. is funding two useless wars at a cost that would easily pay for a proper and decent universal health care plan, like EVERY other Western country, and still leave about one-half TRILLION dollars in the kitty. Why do American politicians refuse to see these simple truths? Tens of thousands of Americans die each year because of inadequate medical attention. For those on Capitol Hill to turn a blind eye to these financial and human facts is tantamount to treason. God Bless America… nobody else seems to care.

Rolf says:

Hey, Ronny S. If Israel should ever be wiped off the map you say American Jews will be dancing in the streets. On the contrary; I spoke to fellow Jews here in the U.S.A. regarding that. With Israel destroyed, they and I would feel more threatened and vulnerable to anti-semitic attacks here in the USA. Far from dancing in the streets we would be mourning the loss of Israel. We would also try to be more regarding personal safety.

American Bear says:

Too many idiots to comment. Obama is a disaster as is the democratic party. We need to slash spending and control debt. How many Jews do not understand that? Apparently a lot. Let’s support Obama’s stance on Israel! I am all for it (not!). Too bad you do not see the forest for the trees.

norman ravitch says:

Jews are evidently not as bright as generally thought.

Like any minority Jews have their personal interest in supporting the Democrats. Gays have theirs, hispanics, blacks all have their self interst in mind. They are willing to sacrifice necessary elements to society such as morals and self-reliance in order to promote thier self interest. And thats the problem. Democrats don’t believe in self-reliance and people with morals offend them. Meanwhile, you will soon have more people taking from the till than putting into it. Then the system will collapse. When the system collapses the strong will survive. If your worried about anti-semitism now? Wait until society collapses. The sad thing is you won’t have no one to blame but yourselves.

Alan Klein says:

The Obama Administration is a danger to Israel and The United States. So far this has not changed the Jewish vote. I believe this is because Liberalism is the religion of choice among so many American Jews. Also, I think there’s a knee-jerk, fear based reaction that Jews have towards Christians which flies in the face of modern realities all over the world. American Christians are the best friend Israel has ever had and the worst enemy Israel’s enemies will ever face. I don’t get the Jewish attachment to the Democratic party at all.



Benson says:

Obama is quite brave, standing up to a country that has the ability to elect Presidents or make them “un-electable,” controls a fair bit of US Foreign policy, holds huge sway in the US Media, and can make any US Politician “Sink or Swim” with nary the blink of an AIPAC eye. I find it interesting that one becomes “An enemy” because one backs 1967 Borders that the vast majority of the sane world, most Jews, as well as the U.N. It is plain and simple- Israel is committing genocide and ethnic cleansing and most US Politicians, for lack of a spine, are fully backing them in their atrocities. If one speaking out against the senseless murder of millions of Palestinians, gets one labeled “An enemy of Israel,” I will wear that label with honor.

Dogbite Williams says:

Hitler was a right-winger not exactly known for his support of civil rights. All Jews should be committed liberals who steadfastly support civil rights.

Eric Cantor has a ZERO lifetime voting record regarding human rights and civil liberties. He consistently votes exactly like Hitler and David Duke would vote if they ever became U.S. Congressmen.

Cantor is a disgrace to his religion in particular and mankind in general.

DrowningDebbi says:

You might want to take notice that if you are born in Jerusalem the United States….oh the Democrate Administration will not allow you to put Israel on your passport because they claim….yes this current administration… is not in Israel but in Syriai and still being negociated. You might want to Check that Demacratic support thermometor again. As a whole All republican presidents have Completely Supported Israel…..I believe Jews come from there.

diane katofsky says:

My suggestion to the…Tablet: I find that many of us do not remember, the immigrant life of our own great-grandparents, and grand-parents, and we forget the how unions, lifted our families up, so our parents, and loved ones were able to educate themselves and work their way into the middle class. My grandparents, lost a daughter, and two nieces to the, Shirtwaist Triangle fire. The warning is: corporate sponsors, are funding the attack on unions. An article on the history of Jewish life and unions, is begging to be an article, in the Tablet.

B. Tucker says:

If I might inject a few realities into this “conversation”: 1. Israel cannot rationally cede control of the Golan Heights to any other government, it is tactical suicide; 2. every western nation should insist that all middle eastern countries treat Palestinians as well as, oh yeah Israel, the only country in the area that allows Palestinians to be citizens; 3. every political group that has claimed to represent Palestinians started as a terrorist organization and slowly converted to something resembling a political movement only to be marginalized and replaced by an actively terrorist organization funded by fundamentalist Muslims who’s true goal is to destroy Israel and force all Jews out of the middle east; 4. American Christians by and large believe that we are called on by the G-d of Abraham to support Jews worldwide and especially in Israel, we believe in charity from the heart, not at the point of a gun (try not paying your taxes and see what the marshals show up with on their hips), and many of us have come to understand that our founding fathers were right about limited government and the necessity of a moral citizenry to maintain that limited government. Oh by the way we’re also aware that if not for the more than generous support of the Continental Army by Jewish Americans our revolution would have failed.

ceejay says:

Its been a good debate. Its nice to see my own biases renforced (I know, ironic) that Jews are a a generally thoughtful, intelectual bunch who tend to try to look at the world in all its complexity and avoid the simple conclusion. Its a bizzare world, full of racisim and gneralizations, sans doute, and yet its only the conversation that slowly, awkwardly, allows us to grope to the best resolution. Good luck, my Jewish friends. You’ve been dealt a a hand of duces by history and yet you maintain, for the most part, all that is admirable in character and speaks to the logical and wise interpretation of life by the best of the Rabbi’s.

I cannot believe the amount of hatred i have encounterd reading these posts.
Some of the most ignorant as well.
Christians, you cannot be disappointed in Jews for being a bit weary of to much Christian love for us. Catholic (CHristian,yes?) churches were the first to have a ‘problem’ with the Jews, because of their unwillingness to accept Christ as their saviour. They then tried everything, crusades, inquisition, even to go along with Hitler with a side wink. Thus began the ‘Jewish Problem” . We are not the problem, and I say this as gently as i Can, you are the problem. Leave us be, we do not believe in Jesus and never will. Why is it that you MUST convert jews to jesus… Isnt it enough that jesus was a jew. We gave you your Messiah, now please, wont you just allow us to wait for ours.

Thank you

ah, PS, as far as the arab hatred for jews. they do try to make it seem as though it is the palestinian question, however this is just not the case. Arabs have always hated jews, in fact yassar arafat’s uncle or cousin was very great friends with Hitler, as he made the arabs honarary Nazis, because of arab hatred for jews…. and this oh MISS LANA, was years before 1948, and the Israeli state…. so now, if you take away the palastinians, what then is your reason for you rabid hatred for Jews……..? And if those old arabs really thought they would escape hitlers ovens…… WOW, were you guys off the mark, they did intend to get rid of everyone but them selves, the never existing german aryan… believe me at some time , you too would have been ‘material’ for the mengeles that ,if there was time. experimented on jews, poles, gypsies, twin children, russian POWs, a little more time,and you really should know the truth as it stands in books, and documents, you too would have been ‘material’, Hitler was a lyer, and he did it with a smile…… exactly as we invision the devil. everything that came out of both of their mouths were lies.

David Drezner says:

I can see that the anti-semites are alive and well, as represented so far.

Here are some facts:

1. The interests of the Jews have always been better represented by the Democrats historically, especially since the Republican party started to court the racist southern politicians.

2. Racism is close kin to anti-semitism, and is often found in the same package.

3. Fundamentalist Christians love the idea of Israel, but seem to support it not because it supports Jews, but because it is the Holy Land. Its policy recommendations have not always been best for Israel.

4. These same fundamentalist Christians tend towards antisemitism, far more than in the Democratic camp. This means the Jews will be more sidelined as a different identity than the ‘typical American’

5. Jews tend to be liberals and intellectuals. They tend to look at the world in a complex manner. The way the Republican party is looking right now, it can’t even apply basic economic theory properly, dreaming that if all taxes are cut, the bills will pay themselves, especially if things like Education and Health are cut severely. This means that an intellectual must properly look aghast at the idea of anti-educational people getting in office. Not only that, if they are good Jews, Mensches, they will see and do see that the heartless and cruel carryings on of the Republican party is not at all in the Jewish spirit.

This should be enough.

Rushed says:

I agree that many highly educated Jews tend to be somewhat skeptical of intolerant messages coming from politicians. This includes those candidates who tell us that God told them they should be president. It’s hard to even keep a straight face when hearing that mishigas.

Rabbi Jesus was born a Jew and died a Jew,yet the christians seem to hate Jews. I guess thats why christians are mostly republican. They love to hate what they believe in.

I can’t WAIT to read more of this. I mean, you just know so significantly about this. So a lot of it Ive never even thought of. You certain did put a brand new twist on some thing that Ive heard so a lot about. I dont believe Ive in fact read anything that does this subject as very good justice as you just did.


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