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Anthony Weiner Resigns

Once-rising Jewish political star is headed for the wilderness

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Anthony Weiner today.(Spencer Platt/Getty Images)

The Democratic representative announced his resignation at a senior center in Queens, in his district. What was once thought to be an endurable scandal quickly made his position untenable as members of his own party, including House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, called for him to step down, and even President Obama more obliquely suggested that he ought to. Much of their concern arose from the perception that he had become a distraction from the Democrats’ political agenda. “Spending time with one’s family” is a euphemism for being forced to move aside that resonates especially here, given that his wife, the top Hillary Clinton adviser Huma Abedin, is pregnant with their first child.

Meanwhile, The Hill reported, “Suspicious Package Found at Weiner’s Office,” proving that some puns can indeed write themselves.

Weiner Quits House Seat Over ‘Mistakes’ [NYT]
Suspicious Package Found at Weiner’s Office [The Hill via Vos Iz Neias?]
Earlier: Understanding Weinergate

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alan says:

Jewish political star…..who says he’s Jewish. He has no formal religious affiliation. none.

sharon says:

His mother is Jewish, he’s Jewish. His stupidity pales next to the stupidity of the gutless democrats. He was a progressive that stood up to the right wing. Not too many progressive voices left out there.

will edwards says:

Honestly what Mr Weiner did was horrendously silly and egotistical but it was NOT illegal like the actions of a huge number of incumbent republican senators and congressmen. He isn’t gay, didn’t take bribes, didn’t commit any crimes either felony or misdemeanor, not a frequenter of prostitutes, and doesn’t hang out in airport bathrooms trying to fulfill some perverted homosexual fantasy. He simply wanted to brag about his manhood is a silly childish way. Hmmmmm, sounds like most guys to me. What the real problem is is he is a democrat. Its ok to do whatever disgusting act you can do if you are a republican. Just take a look at those crooked lying scumbags of human refuse called the republican caucus. Mr. Weiner shamed his wife and that is the true tragedy. I hope he can work for her forgiveness and their lives together aren’t ruined. As far as the rest of these bigoted intolerant comments go. May Ha-Shem teach you better.

Harriet J. Brown says:

For the first time in my life, I am ashamed to be a Democrat. What he did was stupid, childish and immature. But, there are people who have held, and some who still hold office, who have done far worse.

He was always loyal to the Democratic Party. Too bad they couldn’t be loyal to him. If the time ever comes, who will be loyal to them?

As far as President Obama is concerned, would he have given the same advice to the late Senator Kennedy? Many people believe that if not for Senator Kennedy, Hillary Clinton would be our president today. But, Senator Kennedy caused the death of a young woman.

We have lost a strong, progressive voice. How dare they undo an election?

His lies compounded his immoral behavior and narcissism – and that went on for far too long. That is what got him in trouble. And some of it verged on illegal but that is a moot point now.

morris wise says:

Jews living in 15th century Spain were forgiven for their misdemeanors and breaches of sexual morality by converting to Christianity. Those that refused were tortured by the grand inquisitor until they confessed and then were given the chance to convert to Christianity-most did. Things remain the same for Weiner, he confessed for his sins but left out the most important part, he must now accept the Lord Jesus as his savior and all his sins will be washed away.


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Anthony Weiner Resigns

Once-rising Jewish political star is headed for the wilderness

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