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Sundown: Hitler the Youth

Plus Syria goes offline, Dan Snyder attracts congressional attention, and more

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Anti-regime protesters march last month in the Syrian city of Daraa.(ANWAR AMRO/AFP/Getty Images)

• The Simon Wiesenthal Center believes it has acquired the first-ever writing of Adolf Hitler’s, dating to 1919, touching on the Jews. And it turns out: He wasn’t so much a fan! [NYT]

• The White House has formally published its Israeli-Palestinian stance, on a convenient single online page. [White House]

• The Assad regime shut off Internet access today, a tactic straight from the Mubarak regime playbook. May it end the same way. [WSJ]

• The West Bank settlement of Ma’aleh Adumim has requested that mosques in the nearby Palestinian village turn down the volume on the muezzins’ calls to prayer. Chutzpah, thy name is Ma’aleh Adumim. [Haaretz]

• Tony Karon on the “post-peace process.” [Time]

• Props to Rep. Steve Cohen for trying to prevent bullies like Dan Snyder from intimidating the press. [D.C. Sports Bog]

• Timothy Snyder has a new essay on the Holocaust. Meaning you should read it. [NYRB]

• What makes a parent a Jewish parent? These videos offer a clue. [The Kveller]

• Sure, you’re against mixed marriages, but what about mixed doubles? The winning French Open team contains a guy named Lipsky. [Roland Garros Paris 2011]

• Rep. Blaine Luetkemeyer, Republican from Missouri, wants the Pentagon to examine the rolls of Jewish veterans to see if any are eligible for the Medal of Honor. [Mother Jones, final item]

YLT does Dylan.

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Barry says:

“Chutzpah, thy name is Ma’aleh Adumim”

Is that a joke?

The Western European and American Mohammedan community has no problem violently demanding appeasement from its neighbors. Try putting up a cartoon of the Islamic god on the front page of TabletMag and watch how quickly the bloodthirsty American Muslim community will riot, rape and ritual slaughter in protest. Just ask the creators of South Park.

CAIR, ISNA, Rev. Wright’s cult, etc . . . demand we “RESPECT IT” (the death cult of Mohammed) and nobody bats an eye.

What goes around, comes around. Why shouldn’t the ‘Palestinians’ be as respectful to THEIR new neighbors, as the kuffar are to theirs? If anything, the subhuman Muslims should have a BETTER understanding of how tolerant you need to be toward immigrants.

The Islamic call to prayer – the ugliest sound on earth* – refers to the rapist, pedophile and genocidal war criminal who is the focus of the death cult as “Rassul’Allah” (“Mohammed is G-d incarnate”).

That polytheist declaration is very offensive to Jews and monotheists. We ARE tolerant of the enemy who seek nothing more than to worhsip Mohammed and impose the satanic teachings of the Quran. But surely tolerance runs both ways.

Isn’t it reasonable to ask the bloodthirsty Muslims of Judea and Samaria to show as much tolerance as American showed toward the bloodthirsty Muslims in the decade after 9/11?

Its not “Chutzpah” to demand the Mohammedan death cultists act human.

* although don’t tell that to our “Christian” president, who said it was the most beautiful sound he has ever heard.

Barry says:

And for Allah’s sakes – stop infantilizing the bloodthirsty Muslims.

“LOL – asking the Muslims to act respectfully toward their neighbors!? What a crazy idea?! lulz”

Is that really what you think?

Its not “Chutzpah” to ask the death cultists to show some respect for their neighbors. You remind of that stupid liberal woman in the UK who imported a Muslim groom, as if he were an exotic pet.

The “Palestinians” are not animals. They are humans who have chosen to act wickedly, in accordance with the Shari’ah. They can CHOOSE to abandon the Shari’ah. Its not “Chutzpah” to ask them to choose to act respectfully.

The Ummah – and the bloodthirsty American Muslim community in particular – are a fascistic, genocidal, war-mongering death cult. Start discussing them as if they were human, and not exotic pets.

JJCohen says:

“Chutzpah, thy name is Ma’aleh Adumim.”

Ignoramus, thy name is Marc Tracy.


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Sundown: Hitler the Youth

Plus Syria goes offline, Dan Snyder attracts congressional attention, and more

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