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Conservative Guru Is Worse Than Laughable

NYT profile of David Barton omits white supremacist past

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David Barton.(The Public Record)

If you learned about David Barton, the conservative pseudo-historian whose “historical and biblical justification” is much-sought-after by right-wing presidential candidates, from today’s New York Times profile, you will mostly feel that he is a not very smart, fun-to-laugh-at trifle; Ralph Wiggum in 40 years, perhaps, and the personification of the joke that the Tea Party is. “Can you believe it,” Barton says, “James Madison opposed a bailout and stimulus plan in 1792!” No, David, I can’t!

But the Times, for whatever reason, decided not to delve into the messier parts of David Barton, like his white supremacist past, in which at one point he aligned himself with the Christian Identity movement, which holds, among other things, that the first Jew was born out of Eve’s coupling with the Satanic snake (apparently, there really are no truths outside the gates of Eden). Barton subsequently condemned racism, which he then laid entirely at the feet of liberals. So anyway, if you want to learn about Barton’s embarrassing kookiness, stick with the Times. If you want to know what he is really about and what presidential aspirants like Newt Gingrich, Mike Huckabee, and Michelle Bachmann are associating themselves with in seeking his consultations, read Michelle Goldberg’s Tablet Magazine profile. Like, now.

Using History to Mold Ideas on the Right [NYT]
History Lesson [Tablet Magazine]

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corey says:

Love the Dylan allusion!

Barry says:

How is this different than a Leftist who spent twenty years in the pews with his family as a Muslonazi imam was shouting “G-d D-mn America”, teaching hatred of the Jews and Kuffar and propagating the most vile anti-American and pro-Islamonazi propaganda.

Seriously, after electing the Hussein Soetoro who obviously drank deeply from the satanic Quran teachings of Revs. Wright and Farrakhan, you leftists have some nerve critiquing the religious background of conservative consultants.

Lzr says:

So Barry, what Barton does is okay because liberals do it too?

Dan says:

Lzr, I think what Barry is trying to point out is that much as the President disassociated himself from Rev. Wright, so should Republican aspirants do the same for Barton. Or am I reading between the lines?

It’s a bit terrifying. Just like anything else, people can use documents to back up any point of view. It’s sad when it’s done to oppress or back up hate-filled doctrines.

Oh, and OMG-d Barry, did you just refer to President Barak Obama as “the Hussein Soetoro” and called him a Muslim/Nazi? One, don’t actually care if the President of the United States was a Muslim, which he isn’t. Second, there’s no such thing as a “MusloNazi.” Two, entirely different world-views and belief systems.


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Conservative Guru Is Worse Than Laughable

NYT profile of David Barton omits white supremacist past

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