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Further Reflections on Passover

Pharoah the innocent, the tactics of frog-bombing, and more

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President Obama at his traditional intimate Seder last Monday.(White House)

Passover: It ain’t over yet! Here are some great articles that have come over the transom in the past week or so. For all of Tablet Magazine’s coverage, go here.

• What the Obamas ate, complete with recipes (including contributing editor Joan Nathan’s Moroccan charoset truffles). [White House]

• Blowtorch-wielding rabbis! Making a kitchen K for P is hardcore. [WSJ]

• Passover forces the Jewish thirtysomething (in this case, the great Dahlia Lithwick) to wonder: Who should lead the Seder? Resultant, deeper questions ensue. [Slate]

• Is Pharoah correctly perceived as a villain? #slatepitches [Slate]

• The Passover story’s lessons for contemporary military strategy and theory. This is cool. [Danger Room]

• The pedagogy behind the Four Sons. [GothamSchools]

• A dispatch from the Kinky Jews Passover Seder. “Kinky” actually turns out to be an understatement. [Unorthodox Gymnastics]

• From last year, quite possibly my favorite post I’ve ever written on The Scroll. [The Scroll]

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Shmuel says:

The two Slate links both go to the same article. I think the second one is supposed to be

(As that article points out, the nature and implications of Pharoah’s “heart hardening” is a very old, much-discussed issue. The survey it presents is so abridged and superficial that one wonders what the point was…)

Jehudah Ben-Israel says:

Obama is “starring” again during Pesah, it being his latest act in his Charm Offense directed at the Jewish community before the forthcoming presidential elections.

Yet, one can’t forget – or forgive – the fact that Mr. Obama has exhibited so much hostility during the past two years towards Israel, its freely elected leaders, its institutions and thus towards the Jewish people as a whole whose nation-state Israel is.

In fact, by singling out Jews and telling Jews that they are not welcome in certain spaces on earth, while others can; that Jews, only because they are Jews, may not move into certain villages, towns and even city neighborhoods in Jerusalem, DC (Jerusalem, David’s City); the President has demonstrated how deeply rooted his hostility is towards our people.

No Charm Offensive at this stage can change matters until and unless Obama apologize to the Jewish people for his attitude, and a certain verbal change can help: call for a “two-states for two-peoples” instead of for a “two-state solution”, a concept that Obama, one who is very particular about the use of words and what they symbolize, knows very well denies the very existence of the Jewish people as a people whose origin is Eretz Israel (Land of Israel) and whose civilization – Judaism – was cradle and developed in that Land of ours.

Indeed, Obama is the first President who ceased calling the peace talks as ones between Israel and the Palestinians, and instead has introduced the concepts of talks between Israelis and Palestinians, thus reducing the status of the nation-state of the Jewish people, Israel, to a bunch of people, not eve a people…!!

This is, sadly, the real Obama, and sadly again, many of us have been fooled by him and his dog and pony show.

It is time for a change…!!


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Further Reflections on Passover

Pharoah the innocent, the tactics of frog-bombing, and more

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