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Daybreak: ‘If The Price Is Right’

Plus I.M.F. backs Palestinian statehood, and more in the news

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Palestinians celebrate Land Day last month.(Menahem Kahana/AFP/Getty Images)

• New WikiLeaks-leaked cables reval settler leader Danny Dayan telling U.S. officials that may West Bank settlers would move for the right price. [Haaretz]

• The International Monetary Fund endorsed the Palestinians’ bid for statehood, concluding that the West Bank and Gaza have governments and economies capable of running and sustaining independent states. [NYT]

• A U.N.-backed poll found that 60 percent of Egyptians support maintaining the peace treaty assuming a Palestinian deal is reached. [Haaretz]

• Syria was nominated to the U.N. Human Rights Council. [Turtle Bay]

• Syria instituted new conservative measures, banning many women from teaching in schools, in order to try to head off further protests. Read the item above again. [WSJ]

• A dispatch from the funeral of Juliano Mer-Khamis. [NYT]

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Hershel (Heshy) Ginsburg says:

“…Danny Dayan telling U.S. officials that may [sic.] West Bank settlers would move for the right price..”

I thought this report would get you excited, but actually it illustrates why taking Ha’aretz literally or without cross checking other sources will lead you down journalism’s primrose path.

Danny Dayan (chairman of the YeShA Council) was interviewed live on radio this morning as was Gush Etzion Regional Council head Sha’ul Goldstein who was present at the same meeting. Dayan explained that what he said (and which is backed up in the Wikileaks doc) is that the laws of economics also hold sway in Judea & Samaria and that if residents are offered 10 million shekels for a house worth 1 million shekels, then a few more will agree to move than if offered 1 or 2 million shekels. But most still will not. Dayan reminded the interviewers that very few of the Gush Katifers left on their own accord despite the financial incentive.

Sha’ul Goldstein in a separate live interview basically confirmed the same thing. He & Dayan also noted that real estate prices remain high in Judea & Samaria indicating demand is high. From my own experience the prices in the Gush Etzion region (Elazar, Neve Daniel, Efrata, Alon Shvut, etc.) are almost as high as Jerusalem and in some cases higher.

It would very much behoove Tablet if y’all would diversify your sources of info (especially since all the radio stuff can be heard on the net — assuming you understand the Hebrew) and maybe even diversify the range of Tablet’s writers. There is more than a hint of intellectual inbreeding in the articles and blogs.


Hershel (Heshy) Ginsburg says:

P.S. And since we are talking about financial incentives to move, I bet a lot of Palestinians would love to move if given fair market value+ for their homes. The last thing many of them want is live under PLO and / or Hamas rule.


Bill Levy says:

I’m 70 years old and lived 12 of those years in Israel with my family. Nothing changes. The abject hatred of Jews continues world wide as evidenced by 2 recently columns in the Wall St. Journal. There is no solution for the “Palestinians” a name Yasser Arrafat declared that the Arabs were in the 1960s and which the world embraced. We dropped the ball on that one and today we have on American and European campuses Apartheid Day against Israel with many left wing Jews as their leaders. What is wrong with the Jews to be so self-destructive and so self-hating?

There will never be peace with these Arabs and the Arabs living in Israel, hating the Jews and the State will overwhelm the Jews by their numbers. The Herudim will be the cause of the Israeli destruction because they don’t fight, only study and pray and their parents don’t want them to join the IDF. A tiny part of them has joined the IDF but Israel is in great danger. 40,000-60,000 rockets hidden in newly constructed bunkers by Hizzbollah in Lebanon are not for peace negotiations but for the death of Israel. We should stop saying “Israel’s right to exist” but rather the right of our enemies to exist. Do our enemies have a right to exist? Only if they make a true peace with Israel otherwise they should be totally annhiliated. I predict a major Arab attack against the US similar to 9/11 but much worse with many more casualties. Maybe GW Bush can recommend to the new president that he respond the same way as he did by offering a scholarship to the Arabs to come to the US and study. GW was crazy then and we are crazy now. If civilians are targeted then respond like the British did in WW II with massive German civilian casualties and let the world and the UN go to hell. When will Israel demand its seat on the UN Security Council? When will Israel produce another Abba Eban to speak for Israel at the UN? Time is running out and I am just reading Lipstadt’s book about Eichmann in Jerusalem and I reall


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Daybreak: ‘If The Price Is Right’

Plus I.M.F. backs Palestinian statehood, and more in the news

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