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Quarter of U.S. Blames Jews

For financial crisis.

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Former Fed chairman Alan Greenspan, speaking to the National Association of Realtors last month.(Getty Images)

A pair of political scientists has managed to prove what ADL head Abe Foxman was simply able to intuit months ago: thirty-eight percent of non-Jewish Americans hold “the Jews” to some degree responsible for the financial crisis, and almost a full quarter blame “the Jews” a moderate amount or more. The surprising part, as reported in the current Boston Review, is that those who chose to assign somewhere between a “moderate” amount and a “great deal” of blame were much more likely to be Democrats (32 percent) than Republicans (18.4 percent), particularly given the prominence of Jews in the Democratic Party and the presumed big-tent tolerance of Democratic voters.

Bill Kristol, on his Weekly Standard blog, chose to see the results as more evidence that American Jewry is “foolishly” maintaining “allegiance to a party that includes lots of people who don’t like them much (and who certainly don’t like Israel much).” But, Bill, doesn’t that argument, if it’s true, work against the whole country?

State of the Nation [Boston Review]
Democrats, Republicans and Jews [Weekly Standard]

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the other Bob says:

When a racist, fascist, amoral org like the GOP is less ant-Semitic than the Dems, its time for this Jew to take his ball and go home. Am Yisroel chai.

fwdinsight says:

I think the Jews should fear an Obama second term Yahwehnewscom

SimonSalosny says:

The other Bob should be ashamed of what the suicidal Jews of NY and the owners/controllers of the mainstream media are doing to the US, by keeping up their support to the Kenyan in the WH and the media lying about everything that goes against the leftist; even the wholesale murders, like FORT HOOD, Libya and Syria, all of which goes against the Jews. Even the Jews who hate Israel and declare that the Israelis are not Jews. Obama is a Muslim and hates the Jews. No? So why is he doing his best to turn over Arab countries to the Islamist Brotherhood and AlQuaeda. If he should have succeeded, the then united Arabs, would turn against Israel, or not? Putin, who is defending Syria, together with China, knows about this reality. At this moment and only thanks to him and his allies, nobody has dared to attack Syria, where “Syrian rebels” are non existent, as is being reported by independent and Russian media; the country is full of JIHADISTS from different countries. They are being slowly eliminated, because ASSAD wants to keep his citizen safe. He is no murderer, same as Gaddafi, who had achieved the best quality of life for his people; so why should he have wanted to kill them? Anyone who can´t understand this logic, is either brainwashed or is brainwashed.

    This is not new, that the American Jews are more loyal to Israel than to their own country the USA, the American Jews spies in the US for Israel more than any other country in the world , ,even more than the soviet union during the cold war,
    the question arises, who is behind the attack on Libya, and who murdered Qaddafi, answer, John Macain, Leberman, Bernard Henry Levi, and the whole Jewish lobby in the US and Europe, there aim is to destroy the whole Arab nations, and bring them back the stone age.
    and now the Jews are working hard to destroy Syria, and hand it over to the Jehadists.
    Qaddafi was the best thing that happened to Libya, and the west murdered him.

      KKRDB says:

      You wrote:, there aim is to destroy the whole Arab nations, and bring them back the stone age?
      Gosh all of them are already living as though in a STONE age anyhow.
      How much lower can they get?

      shloime says:

      the psychologists call it “projection”.

      just because true moslems must remain loyal to islam, and try to overthrow the western societies that feed and clothe them, and provide them with more freedoms than they could ever dream of in any moslem country…

      shloime says:

      “qaddafi was the best thing that happened to libya”?!

      yeah, right after plague and pestilence! you are either a bald-faced liar, or blissfully unaware of how many innocent libyans were murdered by that crazy bastard. (e.g. teenaged boys HANGED for disrespecting a portrait of the “great leader”.)

      qaddafi is now where he belongs – roasting.

        SimonSalosny says:

        Either you are one of the totally brainwashed ids shloime, or too lazy to confirm the truth about Gaddafi by reading Wikipedia before the absurdly named “Humanitarian War” (Anything humanitarian about any war?) He was even about to be awarded a prize from the UN for his achievement you zeb´n teez, What you also aren´t capable of understanding is the fact that IF ALL OF THE ARABS BECOME UNITED BENEATH THE ISLAMIST TERRORISTS, Israel will immediately dissappear, together with a lot of the attackers.
        I HATE the Commies/Socialist LIARS, etc, but I applauded Gaddafi´s unique achievement for his people. Who cares about the politics if the guy achieves the best quality of life of all countries for his people? I also admire Putin and the Chines, because of their truthful and consequent position against the rest of the brainwashed SHEEPLE. Also I admire China, because they are totalitarian, but have managed to introduce some capitalism into their economic policies, which made them the force that they have become, and are exercising the desperately needed birth control. They have also seen what the sobObam has done to Libya, and are avoiding the same happening to Syria, a country that hasn´t attacked anyone, nor Assad has started killing his people, just because, like Gaddafi. Go see a shrink or get back under the stone where you came from..

          shloime says:

          “the truth about gaddafi by reading wikipedia”?!

          ’nuff said.

    john_riaz says:

    you are an ignorant bird brain. This pretty much sums you up !

      SimonSalosny says:

      You must really be a genius to have summed me up and trying to insult me, without having the slightest about the issue. Say something about Obama, whom you must admire because he is so popular that nobody knows anything real about the guy, nor why somebody wants to reelect a halfbreed who added up a debt in three years, which all of the previous and authentic US presidents did not, added together. Understand?
      Or am I insulting your intelligence?

      Poupic says:

      Really? Explain why is Obama ignoring the genocide still going on in Darfur and South Kordofan but is concentrating on Israel buying the Arab made up history that everything is the fault of Israel. “If only Israel did this or that there would be peace. In fact the whole Arab universe is hell bent on destroying Israel. I never knowingly vote for an anti- Semite. This is why I will never forget myself for having voted for Carter, twice! I was going to vote for Obama having heard his speech at the convention. Fortunately just before the elections I found out about his anti- Semitism going back 20 years with Wright, Farrakhan, Rashid Khalidi and others. In November I will vote for Romney because he is not anti- Semite Obama. Remember Wright’s (“My spiritual mentor who gave me the title of my book…” Obama): “God damn America!”

Dan Hunter says:

One reason the GOP doesn’t blame the Jews as much is because they see Israel as their ally in The Holy War for Oil.
(not that oil is a bad thing to fight over, it makes more sense than most other reasons)

KKRDB says:

And does this comes as a surprise?
We read it at talkbacks all the time.
But that is a mere bagatelle
Take it from the the Intelligentia,to begin,with worse from the illiterates.
Thats why we Jews have a country now thank God.
No more being pushed around.
I also read (truth or not) That the Republicans do not Jews becoming members of their clubs……….If I err then someone no doubt will correct me.
What I find odd is Amrican Jews flocking to be members of the Dems’
Sure enough they will still vote in Obama.

    People will vote for Obama because the republican alternative is so repulsive.

      People will vote for Obama because the Right to Vote is the main motivator of the Left to vote, Its Youth have barely learned to walk on their hind legs.
      Obama’s 2008 margin of victory was provided mostly by ignorant, racist Blacks who never bothered to vote believing they had no “skin in the game,” despite the reality that it takes more than black skin to be Black. Born to a White mother and raised first by Muslim aliens, later by Radical Socialists, Barry never even visited the Black community until his White mentors sent him to Chicago as an A.C.O.R.N. “community organizer.” As long as Liberal news reporters refuse to ask him hard questions (virtually campaigning for his 2012 reelection) like they did in 2008, nobody will vet him, and America’s mushy-headed masses will continue to believe his fairy tale past. Voting purely on emotion is the most rational argument for poll testing, the most repulsive practice ever.

shloime says:

but is the presidential race between 2 parties or 2 candidates?

has american political discourse been reduced to the level of opposing football fans, each vehemently supporting “their team”, and unable to see beyond party lines?

if the choices were between john f kennedy and richard m nixon, would it matter which party nominated them? or would loyal republicans just keep on voting the party ticket, because that ‘s the way grandpappy voted?

and will jews vote in november based on which party has attracted more anti-semites, or on the policies enunciated by candidates obama and romney?

    1) Parties. 2) Yes. 3) The Party 4) The Party

    Long dominating America’s institutions of higher education, World Socialist International has so indoctrinated several generations of self-serving, unionized ‘teachers,’ most Americans, by Gradualism, now live their lives as Dummericans.

    That the vast majority of diaspora ‘Jews’ living in the United States of America, (like Holocaust victims) refuse to acknowledge the risk of ‘History Repeating Itself’ should be no shock to the few who forego the ‘modern miracle’ of Television. The rest are so ASSimilated to the gods of the goyim that, although antisemitism is still on the radar screen, ‘Jews’ have switched off their radar sets.

    Consciously, most ‘Jews’ vote the candidate, but sub-consciously (the real boss) they vote the Party. Besides, how many modern American presidents ever tried to make good on campaign promises?

The knee-jerk liberal Jews still do not get it. Obama sits on his hands while Iran develops their nukes and Syria’s chemical war supplies are in danger of falling into Islamist hands. Obama fiddles while the Middle East burns. The core of the Democratic party sympathizes only with the “Palestinians” and would flush Israel in a heartbeat to satisfy the new darlings of the left. Although I know, as an American Jew the Republican Party may not be perfect I would rather go down fighting with them than with those who have no problem with putting Israel at risk.

Where is Rabbi Kahane when we could use him! It;s called the “blame the Jews for everything” club!

johngilbert says:

Unfortunately, minorities such as Jews, Arabs, Blacks, Gypsies, etc.are blamed and judged as a whole for the sins or evil of a few of its worst members while others hypocritically maintain for themselves and their own groups that only individuals should be judged for their actions.and not their group as a whole. This is called prejudice. Sometimes those who are trying to help the most to improve and help others get blamed if their efforts backfire badly no matter how hard they have tried to help.

Ian Crause says:

Such a generally low and insane standard of debate on this thread it is terrifying. Such entrenched partisan hatreds and abuse of Jews, of Arabs, of Obama as The Devil Incarnate. Poor, poor, sub-Fox level hatred and drivel here. Someone calls Obama a halfbreed. What’s that, like a mischlinge? Or is Nazi terminology verboten?
Others go on about the evil of the Jews, like in the middle ages when they thought the skies held an empyrean and the world itself was just a dream. When scholars debated how small angels really were by the numbers they could fit on a pinhead and whether the Illuminati really did indeed choreograph the opening ceremony to the 1406 Olympics in Geneva using occult symbolism.
As in the UK, Americans should really look at the standard of journalistic inquiry and integrity in their news media (often subservient to the military-industrial complex) and the degredation of the worldview of many of its citizens via poor, supine backscratching masquerading as journalism as well as, especially, the internet drivel and hatred which have coralled many Americans’ minds into something between bronze age tribalistic hatred and medieval witchcraft (especially as far as the current wave of anti-semitism goes, its parallels with early modern – pre-scientific – thought and witchcraft are sobering and if you don’t believe me have a read of the classic account of such a society by Keith Thomas and see the paranoia & the obssession with hidden elites the anti-semites are currently displaying, as they did in the early decades of the 20thC). As for those who defend Israel to the hilt: at what atrocity do you finally say ‘I can’t lend my name to this’?.


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Quarter of U.S. Blames Jews

For financial crisis.

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