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She Can See the West Bank From Her Hotel!

Guess who’s coming to Israel

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Sarah Palin.(Mario Tama/Getty Images)

Yup, she’s taking her talents to Jerusalem next week. She will meet Prime Minister Netanyahu as well as other right-wing politicians; she will also visit the Western Wall and Nazareth, the town she was raised in. Ben Smith reports that she booked the trip not through diplomatic channels but through a Christian tour group. Any resemblance to real Republican presidential candidates, living or dead, who have recently visited or otherwise politicked toward Israel—including Haley Barbour, Mike Huckabee, Newt Gingrich, Rudy Giuliani, and Tim Pawlenty—is purely coincidental.

Sarah Palin to Visit Israel, Meet Netanyahu, Danon [JPost]
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Steve Stein says:

This inspires so many questions! Will she visit the Wall? Will the Haredim protest if she does? Will she leave a written prayer in the Wall? If she does, will someone steal it and publish the contents?

One wonders how Jerusalem will affect her. The Jerusalem Syndrome is said to have a profound effect on some people, especially people with religious and political intentions. David Koresh, for example, returned from an extended Jerusalem stay and proclaimed himself Messiah, but I’m sure that’s purely coincidental as well.

BTW, I doubt Palin will *actually* run for President. It’s too much work. She’s in it for the money and attention, and she’s reaping plenty of both.

Ha ha ha. At least she wholeheartedly supports Israel as opposed to the current president. Maybe Jews should start worrying about what is good for them instead of knee-jerk supporting the left wing anti-Israel people.

Right on, Max!

joy old city says:

Congressman Obama visited Israel, too. There are plenty of photo -op conscious Dems out there.

Michael says:

Whew! For a minute, I thought Tina Fey was going to Israel. Lot of good that would do. Palin has influence beyond the chattering cognoscenti, out where real people live — and vote. And she is on Israel’s side, Baruch HaShem. Underestimate her at your peril.

Sharon Halper says:

Before anyone uses this as a vehicle to attach President Obama, check into WHY right-wing Christian are such good friends of Israel…not to support it as a Jewish homeland.

Complex issues require complex thinking and information.

Michael says:

She’s on “our side” until the Second Coming. It would be interesting and I bet no doubt shocking to hear her attitudes towards Jews when the cameras aren’t clicking. Ever listen to the Nixon tapes?

Michael says:

She is a friend of Israel. I think we should treat all friends with respect. It’s classless to do otherwise. Besides when Israel has too many friends we can talk about being more selective.


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She Can See the West Bank From Her Hotel!

Guess who’s coming to Israel

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