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A Free Woman

The Pope clears my mom of all charges

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The early release of excerpts for Pope Benedict XVI’s new book reveal he will discuss the lack of theological basis for the idea that my mother is culpable in the death of Jesus of Nazareth. This came as a huge relief and I wanted to share the news with her immediately. Here is how the conversation went:

“Hey Mom”
“Hey sweetie, I was just reading your article.” [ed. note: No, she wasn't.]
“Did you hear that the Pope’s new book clears the Jews of guilt in Jesus’ death?”
“The who?”
“The Pope.”
“What? I don’t know, did we kill Jesus?”

The heartwarming words of a woman, finally set free.

Pope Benedict Exonerates Jesus for Jesus’ Death in New Book [AP]

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godel a. says:

This saddens me. Ever since I was 8 yrs old, I’ve been called a Christ-killer by my goyish friends. Now, as an adult, every Easter, I anticipate the drunken phone call from my good shaygitz friend in North Dakota who berates me and all other Jews for killing his Saviour.
Will the pope ruin this ritual, too? Somehow, I think not.

Lisa Kaiser says:

Hard to be cleared of charges of which Hews are innocent.

Gadi says:

With the whole resurrection thing, they couldnt really charge us for anything more than “attempted murder” anyways.

Bite me, Benny. I almost hope there’s a second coming. I have a handful of nails and a hammer just waiting for it.

I find Lenny Bruce’s explanation convincing.

Dolly Joern says:

Ah! What a relief!

Thank G-d! Now I can sleep at night.

Bennett Muraskin says:

I thought Vatican II in 1965 repudiated the deicide charge.

But while we are on the subject, according to the Talmud and other traditional Jewish sources, Jewish authorities did execute Jesus for his heretical teachings. No Romans involved at all.

Now I bet you didn’t learn that in synagogue Sunday school!

Actually, Bennett, Vatican II only exonerated Jews of the current generation and Jews collectively for killing Jesus.

Pope Benedict is going further and saying that even the Jews of that era should not be held responsible.

J Bel says:

To bad the church can never be exonerated of nearly 2000 years of murder, torture, and theft.

Word to your mother.

m.k. glazek says:

Peggy Klein: tap-dancing her way into the hearts of Nazi popes everywhere.

m.k. glazek says:

P.S. It’s on the wall in 209.

Neveragain says:

All joking aside, this is an important step for the church. It gives the anti-semites nowhere to hide in church teachings for their bigotry.
Yes, it should have been done long ago, but to get this from a former Hitler youth is a surprise.

harry says:

jews are hated by nonchristians as well.lets not blame the hatred on our alleged killing of our own tribal member.
how about a thank you from the pope and the rest of the chrisians for supplying them with a g-d from our jewish loins.
you are all wellcome .
now come finish off the rest of us.

Bennett Muraskin says:

Maybe the orthodox and ultra-orthodox rabbis should reciprocate and take back all those nasty things the Talmud says about Jesus and Christians.

I love your Mom

harry says:

hey bennett
you are an idiot.
we dont have to apologize for doing our laundry in our own home.

No, Harry, that’s not the appropriate answer to Bennett. This is not a matter of airing dirty laundry.

Let’s grant that there are rapidly anti-Christian texts within the Jewish tradition. Hardly a radical admission. The real questions are these. (1) Are these sources evidence of historical events? (2) Did these sources lead to behaviors which the Jewish community ought to examine? (3) Finally, are there grounds for claiming that these sources represent the “real” or “true” or essential Jewish view.

On (1): Hardly. The “Jewish authorities” had precious little authority in the first century. If we’re talking about history, let’s try to avoid outrageously ignorant misrepresentations based on texts written hundreds of years later.

On (2): Hardly. Jewish power and powerlessness is a complicated topic. But it is undeniable that Jews were never in a position (with political and coercive power) to enact abuses based on whatever antipathy they may have felt towards others.

On (3): We can play this game all day long, but the bottom line is that the only folks who believe that Judaism is essentially anti-Christian are those who have a theological reason to believe that. The rest of us understand quite well that traditions are made up of multiple voices, in dialogue with diverse external influences. That’s why it makes no sense to talk about what Judaism (as opposed to specific Jewish texts or sources) says about anything.

Eliana says:

Gadi, thanks for the laugh. Attempted murder. That’s funny!

David says:

Glad to know my ancestors didn’t do it after all.
If so- the Romans killed Christ and his blood is on the hands of their descendants – the modern Italians!

Another thought- without being killed he wouldn”t have gone to heaven etc, so he HAD to die for the story to be complete, so why blame anyone?

Pity he didn’t die in bed of old age
We would have saved millions of Jewish lives over the ages.

harry says:

you are much smarter than i am.
my opinions will continue to prove that.

aviva says:


Crap, I’m an Italian Jew so I’m still on the hook! And just when I thought I was cleared of all charges.


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A Free Woman

The Pope clears my mom of all charges

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