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Jordan’s Palestinian Question

Today on Tablet

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Asher Susser explores how the Palestinian issue has divided Israel from one of the only Arab countries with which it is, technically, at peace: Neighboring Jordan.

As Jordan’s position on Palestinian refugees is becoming one of the more strident in the Arab world, the two countries now hold diametrically opposing views on an issue that both sides regard as truly existential, touching the raw nerves of their collective beings and promising future discord: Jordan wants large-scale repatriation; while Israel rejects the so-called right of return.

A recent Jordanian sense of urgency on the Palestinian question has even pushed the Hashemite Kingdom away from the American orbit and more in the direction of the Iranian one, Susser reports.

Falling Out

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George One says:

One must not omit a current factor. Whereas the late King Hussein was very experienced, actually witnessed his Grandfather being assasinated because he was secretly negotiating with Israel, had many Jewish friends and was saved from assasination on several occasions by Israel, King Abdullah II has no such precedent and is normally much influenced by his Palestinian wife.

Im so tired of their lame threats, the West offers more than the East. Jordan is Palestine and if they just admitted it they can solve this whole problem over night. They only want to destroy Israel and that is what they have always want. Don’t forget in the end, we must count and defend ourselves, the world does not really care one way or another.

Nothing new here regarding Jordan turning to the east. Bush, warrior who avoided participating as combatant went into Iraq like gangbusters and, like gangbusters, got a lot of people killed. And, stupid as the invasion was, he then turned the Middle East on its head by removing the only credible military force confronting Shiite Iran, Sunni Iraq. In his wondrous wisdom our brilliant commander then decided that Iraq’s Shiite majority had been oppressed long enough and put in place a Shiite regime beholding to Iran. And now, that self-same regime, either under the suasion of, or emerging satellite of the Islamic Republic has unceremoniously ordered the American invaders out! Which leaves America’s erstwhile allies and dependencies in the oil-rich and geographically strategic region scrambling to reach an accommodation with the new American-created regional hegemon, the Islamic Republic of Iran.

In one impetuous and brilliant by his standards moment, no doubt under the Divine Communication he is wont to receive in moments of heightened inspiration, our heroic president lost whatever credibility America had as protector of the oil rich Arab monarchies of the Arabian Peninsula, defender of the Persian Gulf oil shipping lanes.

And then, icing on the cake, GW’s political and diplomatic opposite, President Obama, turns into Bush III, pandering to Ahmadinejad to curry favor in a relatively bloodless withdrawal from Iraq, expanding the other un-winnable Bush war in Afghanistan so leaving the US without a credible reserve to engage the only truly strategic enemy, Iran. Then adding insult to injury backing off each and every deadline Obama made to henceforth and forever desist, so demonstrating weakness in a region that accepts compromise as, well, compromised.

So first Turkey abandons the US for Iran, now Jordan. And despite Wikileaks reports about cutting off the snakes head from the Saudis, they too are reportedly seeking shelter to the east. Good going GW, and Obama!


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Jordan’s Palestinian Question

Today on Tablet

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