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Would-Be Jews

Nominating Garry Trudeau

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Mark Slackmeyer, who is Jewish.(Wikipedia)

JTA Editor-in-Chief Ami Eden asks for a list of “Gentiles who really should be Jewish.” His two picks are Bob Costas and Donald Trump. Costas makes perfect sense—how is he not Jewish? (well, he’s of Greek descent, which is pretty close to the exception that proves the rule)—though frankly I’m glad not to have Trump on Team Tribe.

But since he asks for further suggestions, here’s one: Doonesbury writer Garry Trudeau. Witty, liberal, and zeitgeist-capturing, his field, comics, might be second only to musical theater in terms of creative media dominated by Jews. Alas, however, he is not a Jew. But he should be.

Any more suggestions?

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But Ivanka has married into the tribe.

What makes Trump jewish-y? being loud, rich and obnoxious? what about Costas? being a short, non-athletic, sports broadcaster? Trudeau embodies a marginally less negative cliche. Here’s a real challenge: name Gentiles who embody Jewish values rather than Jewish stereotypes.

How is Joy Behar NOT Jewish?

I’d love to claim George Saunders, for black humor and wit and an appreciation of absurdity that feel Jewish to me.

You might want to have second thoughts about Gary Trudeau:

It would be one thing to just do a riff on moneylenders, but to connect that with a slander of the Old Testament does bear the unmistakable imprint of antisemitism, however mild.

Chana Batya says:

a. Ivanka not only married into the Tribe, she joined.

b. This is an incredibly offensive article. Who should be Jews?? Are you kidding? Can you not see how elitist this is? It’s too offensive to be funny, and yes, I do have a sense of humor. Can we not just rejoice in those who are Jewish and those who are not who contribute to our world in big and small ways??

Chana Batya says:

BTW, my personal choice for “if only he were a Jew” is Barack Obama.

I just assumed Elijah Wood was Jewish but I was wrong. Still shocked.

Henry Kissinger. *rimshot*


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Would-Be Jews

Nominating Garry Trudeau

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