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The Vulture Was A Spy

And we have the proof!

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A griffon vulture.(Wikipedia)

“Vulture in Saudi Custody Suspected as Mossad Agent” -Arutz Sheva

Tablet Magazine has been given an exclusive look at the last known transmission between a vulture, identification code R65, captured in Saudi Arabia and his handlers, who are bird ecologists at Tel Aviv University. Or so they want you to think.

MOSSAD: “Vulture R65, are you there? Come in, Vulture R65!”

VULTURE R65: “Brawck!”

MOSSAD: “Roger that. Have you entered Saudi airspace?”

VULTURE R65: “Brawck!”

MOSSAD: “Okay, good. We knew we could count on you. Now we are going to tell you your exact mission.”

VULTURE R65: “Brawck!”

MOSSAD: “Right, exactly. Recon. We want you to drop to an altitude of 50 meters. Then—”

VULTURE R65: “Brawck!”

MOSSAD: “Hold on, Vulture R65, we’re not finished. Drop to an altitude of 50 meters and then you’ll want to—”

VULTURE R65: “Brawck!”

MOSSAD: “Dammit Vulture R65, please let us finish. That is an order.”

VULTURE R65: “Brawck!”

MOSSAD: “Thank you.”

VULTURE R65: “Brawck!”

MOSSAD: “So go to 50 meters, spy on this powerful sheikh, then come back home and tell us what you saw. And for heaven’s sake, don’t get caught!”

VULTURE R65: “Brawck!”

MOSSAD: “Do you copy?”

VULTURE R65: “Brawck!”

MOSSAD: “Okay. Good luck, and be safe. The State of Israel is counting on you. Over and out.”

VULTURE R65: “Brawck!”

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Daniel Klein says:

Anyone have movie ideas for the Mossad vulture and shark? Buddy cop? Remake of mr. Mani?

Danny Steinmetz says:

Also funny is: “Israel In Turmoil Over Vulture Spy”

Johnny Mardkhah says:

Vulture R65 is NOT an Israeli. If it was, the Mossad would have given it a fake identification ring from a British university.
Or do you really think that the Israeli intelligence agencies are such amateurs?

Eric Weis says:

This is pathetic. Not only have the Saudis made a mockery of PR, but they have also trashed on their age-old tradition of falconry, originally adopted as a practice to help feed humans. Well, here’s a better idea. Israel should deploy Canada geese over Gaza. Their mission should be to land, breed and leave their droppings everywhere.

owner of Brawck says:

In the name of the Palestian nation, I ask you to look at Brawck’s ring; it has the markings of our NRG financed by a UK University, Department of International Mortgages and subject to Shariah Law. Don’t kill it. If you must cut a wing.

Final debriefing:


VULTURE R65: Brawk, Brawk, Brawk Brawk


MOSSAD: He knew too much.

mossad says:

Brawk, brawk, brawk


Mossad: He was a double agent and we had to get rid of him.


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The Vulture Was A Spy

And we have the proof!

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