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“Who’s Angrier?”

Luzer Twersky responds to his critics

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Luzer Twersky in 2009(Evan Abramson)

Last week Josh Gleason reported for Vox Tablet on Luzer Twersky, a young man who spent the first twenty three years of his life in Satmar communities, only to break away two years ago. We got a lot of feedback on the piece, some praising, some extremely critical.

Mr. Twersky response, which he posted in the comments, is below.

To all of you who have expressed your support for your fellow human being, Thank you. It’s nice to know that there are still people out there who are capable of empathizing with a person whose views they don’t necessarily agree with. Your comments gave me a warm and fuzzy feeling inside. May the feeling you gave me be upon you, and if you believe God exists and likes and rewards those who make other people feel good, then…

To those who decided to enter a “Who’s Angrier?” contest with me, sorry to break it to you, I win.

On a serious note. This piece was recorded over the period of one year beginning in February of 2009 (approximately 6 months after my divorce). During that time I received no financial support from my family – besides the occasional pack of cigarettes from my brother (I love my brother, he’s awesome) – or any of my Hasidic friends. The only support I got at that time was from Footsteps. To this day I haven’t received a single phone call from my parents inquiring about my well-being. It wasn’t until I hit rock bottom when an old Hasidic friend offered his help, which I accepted on the condition that he will not infringe on my lack-of religious practice. I am indebted and extremely thankful to him for that.

Even though I am confident with my skeptic views on religion and superstition, I probably should have better prepared for my journey into the secular world and I urge my fellow struggling Chasidim to contact Footsteps and plan an exit strategy.

I did not throw the baby out with the bathwater. I only threw out the baby, the bathwater was fine.

Breaking Away

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The baby is featured in the photograph above. Poor, poor kid. Tough life he has. It’s unimaginable that anyone else might have any conceivable idea what he’s been through, just unimaginable. At least he hasn’t generalized his experience to an entire group of people, projecting his keyhole-sized image of the world onto a whole host of strangers.

No financial support? I’m gasping.

It seems pretty harsh to condemn someone based on a radio segment and a website comment. Regardless of circumstance it’s a hard road to get to know yourself. This man is young and speaks bluntly (as young people everywhere will do).

To Luzer: I hope some day that you will no longer be angry. I wish you peace and good health.

Luzer, keep that middle finger up!!!!!!!! Fuck da world!!!

Hi Luzer, If I remember correctly I tried giving a helping hand whenever I had the opportunity, maybe not enough, my (better) half at the time was quite a big obstacle. I’m in a similar predicament now and I could identify with your struggles in some extend. Know this, Family you can’t choose but friends you could. Choose your friends wisely, the ones that will laugh and cry with you equally and always be supportive!

I wish you loads of luck in you endeavors, you came thus far, go on just a tad more where the light in the end of the tunnel is shinning bright!

And hey, add some bubble bath to the bathwater, grab the lotions/oils and get yourself a brazilian massage, you deserve it :)


Your good friend!

P.s. For those of you never heard of Footsteps, check out the book “The Hidden Life of Hasidic Rebels”!

who cares says:

You sure r angry but no reason to blame the world, take a good look at yourself and figure out where you went wrong. Good experience comes from good judgement good judgement comes from bad experience!!! Hope things get better for you fast.

Q. Why does the Navy put Marines on board ships? A. Because sheep would be too obvious

I honestly loved reading your post. Thanks! A theme nearby to my nerve cheers, do you acquire a RSS support ?


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“Who’s Angrier?”

Luzer Twersky responds to his critics

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