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Cantor Didn’t Really Pledge to Back Bibi

Congressman struck with case of foot-in-mouth

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Eric Cantor, opining.(Nicholas Kamm/AFP/Getty Images)

Remember last week when it was widely and clearly reported that soon-to-be House Majority Leader Eric Cantor, Republican of Virginia, had told Prime Minister Netanyahu that the GOP majority would side with him against the Obama administration? And how this was kind of extraordinary in a bad way—not because politicians should march in lockstep with members of the other party, but because there is principled opposition, and then there is telling a foreign leader you will side with him over the leader of your own country?

Well, we can all breathe a sigh of relief: Cantor never actually said that. A spokesperson explained that the highest-ranking Jewish congressperson told the Israeli prime minister that “the new Republican majority will serve as a check on the administration” just, y’know, in a general way, not specifically on Mideast issues—“not in relation to U.S.-Israel relations.” You see, Netanyahu is known for his special curiosity as to domestic U.S. tax policy. (It is interesting that Cantor’s office felt the need to clarify, implying that it agrees that there would be something wrong with Cantor having said that.)

The remaining problem is that Cantor seems to say things concerning Mideast policy that he doesn’t actually mean. Late last month, recall, he pledged to separate Israeli aid from the rest of foreign aid, a universally disliked idea that, fortunately, he didn’t actually want to enact. Maybe the thing to do is discount absolutely everything Cantor says about the Mideast and just wait to hear what his spokespeople say?

Obama Remark Misinterpreted, Cantor Spokesperson Says [JTA]
Candid Cantor [Capital J]
Earlier: Cantor’s Foreign Aid ‘Trial Balloon’ Is Popped’

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More progressive-marxist hit pieces on Jews like Cantor. Not all of us are like you and Soros.

Chumpsky says:


rlgordonma says:

Jon, Chumpsky: Don’t forget to put your comments in all caps, else we may mistake you for a progressive Marx-Soros-ist.

Seriously, when folks such as yourselves understand that, every so often, Israel’s interests and America’s interests are not exactly 100% aligned and that, in the rare case in which they are not, what is best for the USA should be supported by members of Congress. Further, people seen looking out for their own tribal interests rather than the interests of the country in which they were elected to serve, uhhh…tend to make themselves and the tribe look bad.

The piece says that apparently Cantor understands this fact of life a little more now. Pointing this out does not make one a Communist or an international Currency trader. or even an anti-Semite, which is what I take it you were implying. Worse, a leftist anti-Semite, because of course there are no anti-Semites on the Right. Norm Podhoretz said so.

I await condemnation of my leftist anti-Semitism which of course you see in droves. [Feel free to condemn my sarcasm too. That I am used to.]

rlgordonma: Sarcasm I appreciate. “Tribal affiliation” LOL I enjoy humor as well. I agree with you, loyalty is always with America first. We’ll have to disagree on the intent of that article. If Cantor did say that, he shouldn’t have. If he did, smart to walk it back. Not cool to do that to a President, even one that is openly hostile to Israel. But, to suggest Cantor ‘can’t be trusted’ as a loyal supporter of Israel? It is what it is.

rlgordonma says:

Jon: Thanks for the good humor. Ultimately, Cantor seems to do the right thing in the end. As Mr. Tracy says, we simply wait until his spokespeople clarify his remarks.

AbeBird says:

loyalty to America is first in any case…. I prefer cuting off oil prices on Israel’s safe existance…. let’s the Jews kill their boys while we enjoy cheap oil price…. (sarcazm).

AbeBird says:

The question is not ONLY loyalty to America or Israel, but to some moral values that one has to be loyal to. I, for example, don’t care if the oil prices are doubled for some time, leaving Israel to deal with the Iranian’s nuke in “adequate manner

I read your placement time after time and I ethical thought I’d hint have up the ethical work!

Lucan~ A crime which is the crime of many none avenge.

Q. What does a blonde see when she looks into a box of cheerios? A. Donut seeds.


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Cantor Didn’t Really Pledge to Back Bibi

Congressman struck with case of foot-in-mouth

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