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How Does Kristol Do It?

Guy’s on like 80 million boards, which all say the same thing

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William Kristol.(Fox News)

“When intellectuals cannot do anything else,” Dissent founder Irving Howe once quipped, “they start a magazine.” Similarly, when hawkish, predominantly Jewish foreign policy experts who are friends with or indeed are Bill Kristol cannot do anything else, they start a think tank. You can trace this back pretty far—to 1993’s New Citizenship Project (chaired by Kristol), which gave birth to the Project for the New American Century (also chaired by Kristol); he didn’t found the Ethics and Public Policy Center, but he serves on its advisory board, as well as that of Elizabeth Cheney’s Keep America Safe.

Which brings us to March of last year. Then, Kristol co-founded the Foreign Policy Initiative, whose goal is to promote, among other things, “robust support for America’s democratic allies and opposition to rogue regimes that threaten American interests.”

Which brings us to yesterday, when—who else?—Kristol co-founded the Emergency Committee for Israel, which “seeks … to educate the public about the serious challenges to Israel’s security and about what elected officials in this country are doing,” which is to say, it seeks to support a democratic ally and oppose the rogue regimes that threaten it.

It sounds like Kristol is a pretty busy guy! Plus, he’s also a Fox News contributor and the editor of The Weekly Standard (which he also founded, natch), which you know has to take up a few hours each week. The only way he can pull it off, I guess, is there’s probably a little bit of overlap among his various assignations? More than anything else, though, in his overcommitment and obsession with extracurricular activities, this Baby Boomer seems positively Millennial-esque!

Group To Oppose President Obama’s Mideast Policy [Politico]

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David says:

Yeah I guess you can say he’s kind of like your hero, George Soros, self-hating Jew extraordinaire. But unlike Soros, Kristol got integrity and loves this country and loves Israel.

Daniel Klein says:

I think what David so eloquently means Marc, is that you still haven’t come clean about respecting known constitution hater thurgood Marshall.

David says:

Daniel, a simplistic argument for a simplistic mind.

I kind of like how you conveniently forget when your Messiah was against Roberts and Alito. I keep on forgetting that dissent was highest form of patriotism until it expired on Jan 20th 2009. But I guess that is why you are so smart.

No, I mock this post because the poster mocks Kristol in insinuating that Kristol ‘pathetically’ run dozen or so organizations…badly.

But I love how you twist Kristol’s view on Kagan in that he must be some Thurgood Marshall hater.

Daniel Klein says:


I have not a clue about kristol’s views on ms kagan. I thought we wre doing non sequitors! You know, in an article about Billy kristol, you shout George soros, I say thurgood Marshall, you say messiah, I say Aunt Sally.

I’m sorry to hear I misunderstood you. It’s true, I have a simple yiddishe kop (prone to twisting) but I’m glad to hear that you me and mr kristol are all in agreement about justice Marshall! Vos a mensch! Anyone, when three Jews can agree on just one subject cantyere be any doubt that messiah is around the corner?

However, not sure I agree with your reading of Marc’s post. I came away from it fairly impressed. I struggle juggling only two think tanks, but if you can quote where Marc implies these are poorly run, I’d gladly change my mind.

dan klein

Strolling back from war
Hug your Gentile brothers
As you’ve done before
Presidents and premiers perish
Empires rise and fall
But hearts of all compassion
Still might save us all

rlgordonma says:


Can you put something insinuated in quotes? How about something you interpret as being insinuated?

Because if we can, like you do, then maybe you should “go back on your meds.”


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How Does Kristol Do It?

Guy’s on like 80 million boards, which all say the same thing

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