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Sundown: Why We Hate Her

Plus Iran gets its Seas confused, and more

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Sarah Palin last month.(Ethan Miller/Getty Images)

• Maybe Jews hate Sarah Palin because they’re liberal. Or maybe they hate her because she disseminates op-eds that compare Obama to Hitler. [HuffPo]

• Respected Mossad chief Meir Dagan was reportedly denied a requested year-long extension of his tenure and will step down in three months. [Ynet]

• Hamas says U.S. officials have asked it not to tell people that they are meeting with the group. Which, Hamas adds, they may or may not be doing. Officially. Or unofficially. Or something. [Ynet]

• The Rabbinical Alliance of America warns that confirming Elena Kagan will “homosexualize” America. Not that there’s anything wrong with that. [Jeffrey Goldberg]

• Iran’s plans to send a flotilla to Gaza’s Mediterranean coast via the Caspian Sea were foiled by the revelation that the Caspian Sea is landlocked. [Heeb]

• The Macaroons, a JDub Records Act, will be performing tomorrow in lower Manhattan at Children’s Day. [Children’s Day]

Saw these guys last night. Seeing these guys again tonight. Last night, they played this:

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David says:

“Or maybe they hate her because she disseminates op-eds that compare Obama to Hitler. ”

No, Jews just hate her b/c Jews are liberal. If you were going say that Jews hate her b/c of Obama=Hitler comparison that would be highly nuance since I don’t remember American Jews battling an eye when every liberal under the sun called Bush Hitler.

For that matter, I don’t see liberal Jews boycotting liberal blogs when they compare Israel to Nazi Germany. So let’s drop Obama=Hitler excuse as a reason why Jews hate Palin.

I second what David said. Moreover, the idea of the article was that Hitler came to power using law. He was given legal authority for everything that he did, including becoming dictator. Whether the libs like it or not when a government overreaches and bullies society that is exactly what they are starting to become, Obama included.He even has the anti-semitism part down really well. Oh right, the libs blame everything on Israel, because they wouldnt’ give the Palestinians in Hamastan chocolate. Bad Jews Bad Jews. But maybe you all are happy now that Israel has lifted some more of the blockade without getting anything in return.
BTW I heard there were some idiot Rabbis that started a fast for Gaza. Any of those morons bother to fast for Gilad Shalit?

David says:

To the Tablet Mag Crew,

If you want a sophisticated answer to this question, I wouldn’t go to shallow end of the pool at the Huffington Post. I would check out some real smart commentary on this issue.

I know you guys probably need your vapors before entering this neocon web-zone, but trust me, they actually have smart analysis of what goes on in the world.

Roberta St. Denis says:

As A Christian American older Great grandmother, I love and revere Israel and the Jewish people. My Lord and savior Jesus Christ was born a Jew. and walked this earth living and practicing the Jewish faith..
As a Christian American who loves America and loves the Jewish people as the apple of Gods very eye. I do not understand the animosity leveled at Sarah Palin and those who oppose the policies of Obama. I see everyday the proof from the very words of Obama and those he so proudly surrounds himself with that the anti semitism is strongly a part of their makeup. The more I study the history of our country and compare it to what is happening now I see the infiltration and tearing down of our Principles as set down for us in our Constitution. Obama and his cohorts are standing against the nation of Israel and showing favoritism toward the Arab and Muslim countries in a way that I find astounding. The American people by and large stand FOR ISRAEL. I watch and pray for our country and my children and grandchildren in sorrow for what I see happening. One world government is NOT the will of God. Remember the destruction of the tower of Babel ?? I believe we are fast approaching the last days and Messiah will soon return to set this world right again. I watch and pray and look for HIS coming.

There are many Jews that like Palin.

And there are many Jews that find the comparison of Obama and Hitler not too far off, given Obama’s support of those who hate Israel and hate Jews.

The comparison of Obama and Hitler is also not too far off for his use and abuse of governmental power, just as Hitler abused governmental power and attempted to control all of German society.

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Sundown: Why We Hate Her

Plus Iran gets its Seas confused, and more

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