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Daybreak: Israel Begins Deporting Flotilla Activists

And the fallout continues

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• Israel has begun deporting the 600-odd flotilla activists captured on Monday. The country’s interior ministry said that about 400 Turkish nationals were being placed on flights back to Turkey, and a Jordanian news agency reports that another 126, among them citizens of several Muslim countries, had been sent by bus to Jordan. [NYT]

• The flotilla-as-Exodus meme–which, developed by several commentators on Monday, notes the parallels between the British public relations disaster in Mandate Palestine and the Israeli p.r. disaster this week–gains more traction, this time from a former Mossad agent. [Wash Post]

• Israeli Deputy Foreign Minister Danny Ayalon held a conference call yesterday evening with “more than 700 heads of Jewish federations and Jewish community leaders,” according to a press release. Ayalon’s talking points included linking the flotilla to Hamas and other Islamist organizations, and calling for a refocus on Iran. [Israel Ministry of Foreign Affairs]

• But even some staunchly pro-Israel American Jewish leaders are voicing criticisms. “Why did it take so long to get the films [of the ship-board violence] out?” asked Malcolm Hoenlein, executive head of the Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations. “It appears [the soldiers] weren’t prepared for what they found, even though they knew what they were going to find.” [Jerusalem Post]

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Why don’t the Jews call upon religious leaders of all faiths to launch a p.r. campaign of monumental proportions to stand beside Israel in exposing the lies and distortions disseminated by the terrorists? Why are we allowing the world to remain silent while we are being maligned and abused by the terrorists? Why doesn’t Israel widely publicize the many humanitarian contributions they make to the Palestinians?

Dorothy Wachsstock says:

When one sees AMb Peck on Greta and hears his knows the truth of the provacation..this is the first American President that will not support Israel.

Will the Jewish demorat voters now wake up and vote for their own issues instead of a party that is radical and wants to become socialist if not communist like Hugo Chavez?

Will Obama tell the majority of democrats in Congress to overturn term limits for Presidents like he tried to do with the Honduras President?

Gena Shapiro says:


President Obama DOES support Israel – but that does not mean that he can’t be critical of some Israeli government policies. Criticism does NOT automatically mean anti-semitism – and instead of launching into this Glenn Beck b.s. about how radical Democrats are, you may want to study the facts. Many Democrats support Israel – myself included – but we are not communists or socialists, just because our opinions are different from yours.

Dorothy Wachsstock says:


You are part of the Jews that first thought Hitler would be good for the German econmy and worked with him They soon learned where he was going.

Pres. Obama has been mentored by a communist in Hawaii in his ealy years and then in Chicago by Bill Ayers and Rev. Wright.

Need I say more?

If you are informed than you too can hear the creaking door that Obama opened for all of the Sharpton types to call on the radio and write to the papers against our support for Israel

Do not delude yourself..Pres.Obama could disagree with Israel but when he treated P.M. Netanyahu like a piece of garbage out the back door and refused a photo op or for him to come in the front door and is now supporting Hammas but not concerned about nukes for Iran…wake up before it is too late.

Imagine Mayor Bloomberg of New York, sayng that Black Americans cannot live in Queens or Brooklyn.

Well, Pres. Obama says that he has decided Jews can live in their capital of Israel only where he decides they can and he has chosen where Jews can live in Jerusalem.

Please do not delude yourself that he supports Israel. Only republicans have the courage to come out and be outraged at his treatment of Israel an ally of ours.

If the Pres.of Iran would wish to come to the White House, Obama would give him the red carpet treatmant.

Wow, that looks so beneficial! Perhaps you give birth to changed your keynote not too long ago? Mainly because I could have sworn it was not the just the same the previous every so often old-fashioned I was here…unless I am pensive of a distinguishable net site.

Does the name Pavlov ring a bell?

Pretty fat girls annoy me!! I mean you pretty lose the weight and be choong!


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Daybreak: Israel Begins Deporting Flotilla Activists

And the fallout continues

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